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    Greening Our Operations

    Reducing Operational Impacts on the Environment
    Indigo continues to examine how it does business and identify ways to improve our operational impacts on the environment. Many areas of our business have adopted new ways of doing things. While we recognize that there is much to be done, we wanted to share some of our successes with you.

    Waste Management
    Waste management is a challenge for Indigo given that we are legally obligated in the majority of our lease arrangements to adhere to the waste management practices of our landlords. Unfortunately, this limits some of what we can do. Indigo does have control of the waste management practices at 66 store locations. At these stores recycling programs are in place with an average waste diversion rate of 64%.
    Gift Card Program
    Indigo continues to reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill via gift cards. With the introduction of gift cards made from recycled materials, Indigo is one of the largest users of recycled plastics in Canada for the production of plastic cards. Additionally, Indigo collects used gifts cards from its customers at Point-of-Sale and ensures that these too are properly recycled.

    Paper Consumption & Purchasing
    Indigo has taken steps to improve its paper practices and have increased the use of FSC certified paper in our marketing and other printed materials. In fact, Indigo has been using FSC certified paper in many of its marketing pieces since 2006.

    Indigo also implemented a number of paper reduction initiatives including using 100% recycled photocopier paper, ensuring double sided printing, and eliminating fax machines in favor of desk-top faxing. The Worldwatch Institute says the average U.S. office worker goes through 12,000 sheets of paper a year. Requiring employees to use both sides of the paper at the printer helps reduce overall paper use.

    Energy Efficiency
    Energy efficiency is a key component to reducing environmental impacts and operating costs. Indigo has a comprehensive energy management program where energy use is closely monitored allowing for the targeted identification of opportunities to implement conservation strategies including the use of energy efficient technology.
    Distribution Centre
    Indigo recognizes the value of ensuring energy efficient practices at its Distribution and Support Centres. To minimize consumption, Indigo recently installed energy efficient commercial T5 lighting and aisle occupancy sensors that will reduce energy use by more than 1.3 million kWh annually.

    Product Donation Program
    In late 2009, Indigo developed its Product Donation Program where unsold products are donated to organizations in need. This program not only improves our waste management practices by keeping these products out of landfill, which is a main focus for Indigo, it also ensures that they find a good home while helping those in need. Since the program began, Indigo has donated more than 80,000 books and notebooks worth approximately $200,000.

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