• IndigoGreen

    Sustainability Mission & Strategic Goals

    Sustainability Mission
    We realize that all of our actions have an impact on the environment.

    Through leadership and commitment, we will engage, educate, and motivate our employees, partners and communities to work together towards building a sustainable environment and a healthy future.

    Strategic Goals to Achieve Sustainability
    Indigo has identified the following goals to achieve company sustainability:
    1. Reduce Indigo's operational impacts on the environment by improving performance in the areas of energy conservation and waste management.
    2. Improve the sustainability of our products including product design and packaging.
    3. Work collaboratively with our partners to strengthen our sustainability commitments.

    Corporate Sustainability Policy
    As the largest retailer of books in Canada, Indigo recognizes that our operations have an impact on the environment and that we have a responsibility to our employees, customers, investors, and the communities where we do business, to reduce these impacts where possible.

    Through our company wide IndigoGreen program, Indigo is committed to, conserving energy, reducing waste, and improving the sustainability of our products.

    Indigo will achieve results by:
    • Driving improved performance in products and services and measuring performance in the areas of energy conservation and waste management.
    • Complying with local, provincial and federal environmental laws and stewardship programs.
    • Integrating the principles of the IndigoGreen program into all areas of the business and to consider these principles when making business decisions.
    • Working with our employees to refine processes to further reduce environmental impacts.
    • Working with local and national literacy and charitable organizations through donations of unsold products.

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