What is an Indigo Gift Card?

An Indigo Gift Card works like a electronic gift cards and can be used instead of cash for purchases made:

How do I buy an Indigo Gift Card?

Indigo Gift Cards can be purchased online, or at any Indigo, Chapters or Coles retail store across Canada.

What amounts are Indigo Gift Cards available in?

Gift Cards are sold online at values of $25, $50, and $100.

Gift Cards purchased in store have no set amount, but start at $2.00 and can go up to $500.00. Best of all, you can "top them up" by adding more funds to the card - which means you can use it again and again.

How do I use my Indigo Gift Card to pay for an online order?

You can redeem your gift card while in your cart placing your order or you can redeem your gift card into your Online Account before making a purchase for full details on redeeming a gift card click here.

Where do I find my Indigo Gift Card number?

You'll find your number on the back of your Indigo gift card, just below the barcode.  The number will start with 60, and gift cards purchased from third parties will have 11 digits in front of the 60 (these need to be omitted when entering the card number).  When prompted to enter your Indigo gift card number online, enter all the digits, without any spaces or dashes.

What is a PIN and why do I need it?

Your Indigo Gift Card PIN (personal identification number) is just like a bank card PIN. It's a unique number assigned to each card - it's an added security measure to help ensure you (and only you!) have access to the funds on your card when making purchases online.

Where do I find my PIN?

You can find your Indigo Gift Card PIN in one of two places:

Can I change my PIN?

No. For your protection, each Indigo Gift Card is assigned a unique PIN at the time it's issued and cannot be changed.

What if I lost or never received a PIN?

Don't worry - you don't actually need your PIN when you're buying something at one of our retail locations. If you want to use your Indigo Gift Card online and don't have a PIN, simply take your Indigo Gift Card to any one of our many retail locations and ask the cashier to transfer the balance from your current gift card to a new gift card and you'll get a new PIN.

What if I lose my Indigo Gift Card?

Unfortunately, we can't trace or re-issue Indigo Gift Cards and they're non-refundable. Please protect them like cash.

Can I see how much is left on my Indigo Gift Card online?

Yes. Simply sign-in to your online account by clicking "Your Account" at the top right corner of any page (if you don't already have an online account, you'll need to create a new account). Once you're signed-in, click "Gift Card Transfer/Deposit", then "Check the Balance on a Gift Card". Next, enter your gift card number and PIN, then click "Check Balance".

Can I transfer funds from my online account back to my Indigo Gift Card?

Yes. Just sign-in to your online account, click "Gift Card Transfer/Deposit", and enter your Gift Card number and PIN in the top section.  Then, in the "Transfer between a Gift Card and your Online Account" section, click "Transfer from: Online Account to Gift Card".  Next, enter the amount you want to transfer (minimum $1.00). You can transfer up to the limit of gift card noted on the gift card.

If I cancel an online order or return it, how do I get my refund?,/h5>

f your order is cancelled or returned and you paid for your order using your online account balance, we will credit the funds back to your online account balance.

Can I use a coupon or Electronic Gift Certificates along with my Indigo Giftcards all at the same time?

Yes. You can use virtually any combination of the above to pay for your order and save. Just remember, coupons have no cash value and can't be used to buy electronic gift certificates, irewards memberships or Used and Rare Items.

Do I need a credit card when making a purchase with my Indigo Gift Card?

Only if the order total exceeds the amount you've transferred from your Indigo Gift Card to your online account balance.

What's the difference between Indigo Gift Cards and Electronic Gift Cards?

Indigo Electronic Gift Cards offer greater flexibility, because you can use them both in-store and online and at our Kobo ebooks website. Electronic Gift Cards work exactly the same as Chapter Indigo Gift Cards and are really handy to send as a last-minute gift, because they're bought online and sent by email almost instantly or on the date you specify.

Can I use my Indigo Giftcard at an in-store kiosk?

Yes. You can use your Indigo Gift Card as payment for a kiosk or store order.