Build the Best Easter Basket
Whether you’re giving a ready-made present or letting the Easter Bunny hide goodies, you’ll want kids to have a well-rounded basket for a truly special day. Here’s how to build one in four simple steps below.

- Great gifts for your Easter basket -

Drag and drop a great assortment of items to your cart and build the perfect basket

Pick your basket

Choose a colourful pouch with a friendly face and comfortable loop that’s soft on hands.

Introduce a new friend

With baby animals and pastels as big themes for Easter, it’s tough not to pick up a super soft plush toy for your little one.


Add an extra special surprise to their day with a new book they can read and share while nibbling on Easter treats. (Plus it will keep them occupied while the adults are preparing brunch).

Sprinkle with sweets

Goodies! Choose a few pieces of colourful candy, all-natural sugar cookies, or quality chocolate for the Easter Bunny to deliver. Let’s face it, you’ll be eating them, too.

– Great gifts to build your Easter basket –