Vendor Information

  1. Discounts
    Each vendor must contact Rob Spence, Director Supply Chain Vendor Performance to finalize discount terms by "ship-to" location.
  2. Online shipments
    Indigo will receive an additional 2% of discount on retail price in the form of a rebate for online sales. Indigo will provide online sales figures on a monthly basis to vendor for rebate credit. Rebate is received in exchange for online shipments being non-returnable.
  3. Co-op participation
    Please be advised that effective January 1st, 2011, Indigo is implementing a new co-op program. The tenets of the program are as follows:
    1. Co-op will be charged for all titles sold chain wide based on POS reports, including online for all books shipped from our new DC.
    2. The co-op fee is set at 5% of cost of goods sold of each book.
    3. All titles with orders of more the 800 units for our LF stores will receive table placement

    This change is brought about after extensive market tests in several key stores. The test involved Indigo selectively monitoring the sales success of a range of titles based on placement. When the titles did not continue to perform, they were replaced by other titles that did (priority given to same publisher). The net effect was better sales in those stores that were part of the test. We will continue to work closely with the publishers to make sure that all new authors and titles needing special attention/promotions receive front of store placement.

    The benefit to our vendors is that rather than having co-op paid on a per titles basis for a set period of time, even when the title doesn't sell, this approach allows Indigo to use placement to enhance marketing efforts and promote sales based on individual store successes. This is more interactive and effective for all parties.

    The 5% will be invoiced monthly based on the previous month’s sales at POS. If you have any questions regarding how this new coop process will be billed, please contact Michelle Weston at
  4. Price Protection
    Vendor will provide Indigo Master Data all product price changes. Vendor will pay to Indigo price protection credits in the amount equal to the difference between the original invoice price paid or payable by Indigo for the products and the reduced price on the products which remain in Indigo’s inventory at the close of business on the date of the price changes. Price protection credits will be paid by Vendor to Indigo in the form of debit notes from the current invoices.

    The Vendor warrants and represents the pricing, discounts, rebates and allowances provided ("pricing") in this Agreement are as favourable as those granted by the Vendor to other purchasers of similar quantities of the products as those purchased by Indigo. In the event that the Vendor offers any more favourable pricing to any such other purchasers, the Vendor agrees that such pricing will also be extended to Indigo and this Agreement shall be deemed to be amended to reflect such pricing.
  5. Invoicing and Payment Options
    Indigo will process for payment and pay Vendor's invoices within 90 days of the end of the month in which Indigo’s accounting department receives an accurate invoice from Vendor. Receipt of timely payment is dependent upon invoice accuracy and required invoice format; All invoices for each title purchased must include the accurate retail price, discounted price, the quantity of each book title purchased, the extended product price and total invoice amount including a breakdown of taxes and other amounts owing all rounded to the nearest two decimal places. The original invoice must match the original Indigo Purchase Order. Any inaccurate or missing information on an invoice will cause unspecified delays in the processing of such invoice by Indigo and, therefore, in the Vendor receiving payment. Indigo reserves the right to deduct for returns, non-compliance penalties, co-op payments and short shipments as required, which will be applied to the next available cheque payable to the vendor. An invoice must be included by the Vendor with each shipment of product, except for electronic enabled vendors, and must be addressed as follows:

    Indigo Books & Music Inc.
    Attention: Accounts Payable
    100 Alfred Kuehne Blvd., Building #55
    ON L6T 4K4