• 5 Holiday Cocktail Tips from

    BarChef's Frankie Solarik

    To celebrate the release of his new book The Bar Chef: A Modern
    Approach to Cocktails
    , we asked Solarik to help you ace the holiday cocktail.

    5 Holiday Cocktail Tips from BarChef's Frankie Solarik

    1. Options for All: Always make sure to have a well-versed selection of liqueurs, spirits and infusions or bitters as well as a solid selection of non-alcoholic options.

    2. Spice is Nice: Richer and deeper flavours are beautiful during the colder months and holidays so freshly ground cinnamon and other spices make a world of difference on the aroma therefore taste and flavour of cocktails you are making at home.

    3. Cocktail Composition: Challenge the conventional thought as to what's possible with a cocktail. I always generally begin with one central motivation either to contrast a particular component or pair a flavor; they are composed as a harmonious blend almost like a bar of music.
    The Bar Chef: A Modern Approach to Cocktails

    4. Explore and Experiment: In my personal opinion in celebrating the "Golden Age" of cocktails that would be now, never before has there been such an amazing selection of artisanal spirits to work with as base components for cocktails at home, and with books like this one making quality cocktails at home has never been easier.

    5. Create a Signature Cocktail: The cocktail I would recommend would be the "Marsala Flip" found in the book, has the essence of egg nog but the addition of the Marsala brings on such an interesting element of dates, caramelized fruit, leather and oak.

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