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      Robot Turtles

      by ThinkFun

      Robot Turtles has a sneaky way of teaching kids (as young as pre-schoolers!) the basics of programming. Inspired by the Logo programming language, kids "write program" with their cards. Players dictate the movements of their Robot Turtle tokens on a game board by playing Code Cards: Forward, Left and Right. When a player's Robot Turtle reaches a jewel they win! If they make a mistake, they can use a Bug Card to undo a move. While kids get to be the programmers and have all the control, grown-ups act as the computer, following commands and making all sorts of goofy noises along the way. And because Robot Turtles is played offline, it allows for some good old-fashioned family game time. Robot Turtles is the most-backed board game in Kickstarter history. Invented by Dan Shapiro and seen on NPR, Bloomberg, Make: Magazine, Boing boing, TechCrunch, Reddit, Geekmom, Geekdad and more.

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