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    Order Processing

    EDI Transaction Processing
    EDI transaction processing may include, but is not limited to, EDI of product information, purchase orders, purchase order acknowledgements, advanced shipping notices, invoicing, cancellations and returns. Vendor agrees that all EDI transactions will be processed in accordance with Indigo's current EDI terms and conditions in effect from time to time. Indigo will provide Vendor with prior notice of any changes to its EDI transaction processing policies and procedures.

    The following are Indigo's EDI document quality standards and associated compliance targets. Failure to meet these targets may result in Indigo deducting a penalty fee of .5% of last month’s invoices. Exceptions will be granted for titles with errors and no material sales against them.

    POA documents provided without processing errors. Target > 98%
    POA documents provided without quality errors. Target > 98%
    ASN documents provided without processing errors. Target > 98%
    ASN documents sent on time. Target > 98%
    Invoice documents provided without processing errors. Target > 98%

    Non-EDI Transaction Processing
    For those Vendors in which Indigo has agreed, in its discretion, to purchase from who do not utilize EDI transaction processing methods, the following are the order processing procedures required to be followed by all such Vendors. Such order processing procedures may be changed by Indigo at any time at its discretion upon notice to Vendor.

    Indigo will communicate to Vendor its order for products by confirmed facsimile transmission on Indigo’s standard purchase order (PO) form.

    Upon receipt of the PO, Vendor will contact Indigo to confirm receipt of the P.O.

    Vendor will process the order according to the P.O. instructions.

    Indigo will notify Vendor by confirmed facsimile or email transmission of any order cancellations within twenty-four hours of the shipment date indicated on the PO. Vendor will confirm to Indigo all cancellations by confirmed facsimile or email transmission to Indigo.

    Backorders, Partial Shipments:
    Vendor will immediately notify Indigo of any backorders or partial shipments by confirmed facsimile or email transmission.

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