Take Back Childhood

A smiling child holding two round toys over his eyes.
A little girl holding a hat up over her head and setting it on a stuffed giraffe.

Melissa and Doug make children's toys that spark imagination and inspire open-ended play. Trusted by more than 60 million parents around the world, their pretend play toys encourage kids to discover their passions, purpose, and new possibilities.

3 Ways to Encourage Creative Play

Create a positive environment for little ones that fosters free, unstructured play.

  1. Make time for free play

    Avoid overscheduling and leave free time on your calendar for spontaneous moments of fun.

  2. Let kids lead

    Listen to your child's interests and let their personal passions guide playtime.

  3. Prioritize family time

    As a family, limit your screen time and make an effort to enjoy activities together like nature walks and crafting.

Two little boys laying on the floor playing with a puzzle.