Indigo Affiliate Program - FAQ

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate can be anyone with a website, blog, or social media page. If you have a website or social media page, you can earn money by putting an link on your page. When a visitor clicks on that link and purchases books, toys, gifts or more, a percentage of that sale is yours to keep – up to 5%!

What are referral fees?

A referral fee is a commission paid to your account after a visitor visits your site, clicks on an link and makes a purchase. The more people click through and order, the more money you earn! See the rate structure in our Program Details for more info.

How does Indigo track my sales?

Once a link is downloaded from Commission Junction (CJ) through your account, it’s tagged with your special account information. All sales made through clicks on that link will be credited to your account and reported in the CJ Account Manager. You can check your site activity in your CJ account, to which you will have access after creating an account.

Where can I get help?

We are happy to help you with any questions or problems you may have. In fact, we encourage you to do so! Our team is available at

Do you have a data feed available?

Yes, we have a product data feed available to those affiliates who would like to feature large quantities of products.

Can I link to a specific product?

Yes, you can easily link to specific products.

Here's how:

  • From your Commission Junction (CJ) Account Manager,click on "Indigo Re-direct" in the text link section. This will open an HTML generator.
  • Go to the website and search for the product.
  • When you find the correct product landing page,copy the URL from the browser and paste it into the HTML generator. CJ will generate a URL with that specific product landing page which includes your account information.
  • Copy this link into your website, blog, or social media page and you're ready to go!