Affiliate Program Details

What is an Indigo Affiliate?

Our affiliate program allows online businesses and bloggers to earn commissions by referring visitors to the website. Each time a visitor makes a purchase, whether a book, gift, toy or any other of the many products we carry, our affiliate earns a referral fee – up to 5% of the sale price. It’s a quick, easy way to make money on your website. Updated every day with new, bestselling products, is Canada’s ultimate online shopping experience.


An affiliate can be anyone with a website – from large, high-traffic sites to personal blogs or low-traffic web pages. If you have a website, you can earn money by putting an link on your page. When a visitor clicks on that link and purchases something on, you get a commission – up to 5% of all sales referred is yours to keep!

Referral Fees

Earn commissions on all sales you refer! Here’s a list of the commissions you'll earn on each category when you join our affiliate program:









Gift Cards


Commission Junction

Commission Junction (CJ) is the premier third party affiliate network on the web. Indigo has teamed up with CJ to give you the best affiliate program available. With in-depth reporting, account management tools, and advanced links and widgets, you’ll earn top referral fees in no time. After completing the simple application and being accepted into the affiliate program, you can download banners and tools that promote directly from the CJ Account Manager. CJ will administer all payment and sales tracking information.

Maximize Your Earnings

Earning higher commissions is easier when you have context-driven links. Help your sales by including links to products that are mentioned on your website. Tell people why you love a particular item and watch your earnings grow! Also, use our updated seasonal links and latest tools to create compelling links for your customers.

If you're a blogger, why not review the latest book or product you've purchased? You can include pictures, your personal experience and why you love products. Be sure to include your affiliate link in these posts and you'll earn commissions whenever people click through and order.

Getting Started

To start making money now, create an account with CJ by clicking here. From your CJ account, download the links that work best for your website content and insert the HTML code on your website. Once the links are in place, you're ready to start earning commissions.