Start Earning Commisions

How to Start Earning Referral Fees from

To link to, you must first enrol in the Commission Junction program. After signing up:

  1. Log in to the member area of Commission Junction (
  2. Click on "Get Links".
  3. Click on "By Relationship" and Indigo will be waiting for you in the Approved section.
  4. Click "View Links" next to Indigo to get a list of the links that are available.
  5. Click "Get HTML" to access the HTML code you’ll need to insert (copy and paste) into your web design program or email.

Choosing the right promotions, banners and links is critical to successfully engaging your visitors. Not all websites can use the same branded graphics, so we've created a wide variety of links to best fit your needs, available through the Commission Junction Account Manager. We encourage you to review all the available link types before choosing the right ones for your website. If you have specific promotional banner requests, please contact us at

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