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A woman sitting on a couch using the Medela breast pump.
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3 Tips for a Smooth Transition After Maternity Leave

Whether you’re returning to work or transitioning to childcare, get into the swing of your new routine with baby.

  1. Try a trial run

    Practice your new morning routine a few times before you start back at work. It will take the pressure off the big day and let you smooth out kinks in advance.

  2. Pack a mom-friendly tote

    Keep a removable bag in your work tote with a lightweight breast pump, extra nursing pads—for unexpected meetings—and plenty of healthy snacks.

  3. Go easy on yourself

    Every mom’s transition is different. Establish what works for you, be patient with yourself, prioritize self-care once a week, and celebrate every small success.

A woman sitting by a desk using the Medela breast pump.