Better Sleep for All

A mother holding a mobile phone with screenshot of the nanit app over a baby crib.
A woman holding a baby over her shoulders beside a baby crib.

With a team of experts behind its innovative baby monitors and breathing wear, Nanit provides parents with a picture-perfect view of baby in their crib, while tracking their sleep patterns, and sharing scientifically sound advice so the whole family can rest easy.

Peace of Mind, All Night Long

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3 Ways to Create a Calming Bedtime Routine for Baby

Help baby wind down at the end of the day with a soothing bedtime routine that encourages good sleep habits.

  1. Prepare a Bath

    A gentle soak in a warm bath can help baby wind down at the end of the day. Bath toys optional.

  2. Read together

    Snuggle up and read a few board books to your little one. Perennial favourites, like Goodnight Moon, make a wonderful nighttime tradition.

  3. Soothe with sounds

    Sing a beloved lullaby, put on a comforting white noise machine, or play peaceful nature sounds directly from your Nanit Plus.

A baby in their crib lying on their stomach.