FAQ for Book Vendors

What are the requirements to transact with Indigo?

Indigo only establishes commercial relationships with publisher and/or distributors of books. If your organization is a publisher, you must have a distributor that is able to manage the physical logistics of selling books to Indigo. In order to establish a relationship with you as a vendor to Indigo, you will be required to:

  • Meet Indigo’s commercial terms, available upon request by contacting NewPublisher@indigo.ca
  • Acknowledge agreement to Indigo’s Vendor Manual for Books.
  • Be EDI compliant (please refer to the FAQ for EDI section for further detail)
  • Have a distribution arrangement that is able to provide an inventory position file to enable the sale of your book(s) through Indigo’s online channel at chapters.indigo.ca

If you believe that your organization is able to meet Indigo’s requirements to become a Book vendor, please contact NewPublisher@indigo.ca for further discussion.

How do I register for an ISBN number?

To register for a an ISBN number : please go to The Canadian ISBN Service System (CISS) www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/ciss-ssci/index-e.html

What are your book binding requirements?

We require your printed editions to be bound professionally. The bindings do not have to be expensive but they must be sturdy.

If you have any questions/or concerns, these should be addressed with your publisher. If a product recall is required, any communications should be sent to Indigo via your publisher.

Do you deal with Overseas Vendors?

Yes- opportunities from overseas vendors are assessed in the same manner that we assess vendors from North America.

What is Indigo’s Vendor Manual?

Please refer to Indigo’s Vendor Manual for Books. This is a document that details Indigo’s supply chain requirements. It also includes Indigo’s list of cost recovery fees that are applied in the event your organization does not meet our supply chain expectations.