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The Metro Dogs Of Moscow

|January 15, 2013

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JR (short for Jack Russell) is an embassy dog. His human, George, works in embassies around the world and so they both travel. A lot . Now George is working at the Canadian Embassy in Moscow. While George loves the globetrotting life, he doesn’t think JR…
How To Curse In Hieroglyphics: Book 1 The Wiggins Weird Sequence

|October 15, 2013

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Meet Cheryl and Tweed, two 12-year-old girls who are identical twins (just not with each other!), cousins, and best pals. After a mysterious “incident” involving a plane trip when they were very young left both girls orphaned and twin-less, they are…
Bones Never Lie: How Forensics Helps Solve History's Mysteries

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How did King Tut really die? The mystery of the young pharaoh’s death is only one of the puzzles that modern science has helped solve. Thanks to forensics—the science of examining physical evidence—we now know that King Tut died of malaria.…
Me and Mr. Bell

|September 17, 2013


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Alexander Graham Bell, Baddeck’s most illustrious resident, and one of the world’s greatest inventors, is also famous for the greatness of his compassion. It’s 1908, and ten-year-old Eddie MacDonald shares the friendly inventor’s passion…