111 Reasons Why You Should Never Get a Job by Dario Mortari

111 Reasons Why You Should Never Get a Job

byDario Mortari

Kobo ebook | September 13, 2013

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WARNING: in case you’ll be reading this book you’ll run the risk to resign immediately... DON’T DO IT!!!
I decided to write this book not to deny the validity of reasons to getting a job. There are surely good reasons to working for an establishment and earning a paycheck. And IF YOUR JOB IS AWESOME or you have a good job with a few solvable issues, THAN STAY PUT and DO NOT READ FURTHER!!!
People who are for the “job” side always use safety and a peace of mind as reasons why you should look for or remain at a job. But will your mind be really in peace after discovering that you get paid far less than you create? And wouldn’t you get depressed by knowing that crisis and lots of other things might be used as excuses to fire people. Just three words are enough to kick you out even without a reasonable motivation: “you are fired!”
Remember that happiness and security do not necessarily come from having a permanent job and a regular income. In this economy, financial security is a myth - even if you have a job.
Maybe you’re unemployed and you find yourself feeling guilty just because somehow you’re enjoying your unemployment. Or maybe you’ve never grown up and the child inside you keeps screaming “I want to play, I want to play!” And this too makes you feel guilty. You know what! You’re on the right way because even if you have been taught you have to suffer and to sacrifice that is not what the universe has planned for You. Life should just be a Great Game from its beginning to its end so the best thing you can do now is to let the guilt go and take the time you need to reflect on what you really want.
It is highly probable that one of the greatest fears you’ll confront is that you may not have any real value to offer others. Maybe by being Mr. “9” to “5” and getting paid by the hour is the best you can do. Maybe you just aren’t worth that much. That line of thinking is all just part of your conditioning. It’s absolute nonsense. As you begin to dump such brainwashing, you’ll soon recognize that you have the ability to provide enormous value to others and that people will gladly pay you for it. There’s only one thing that prevents you from seeing this truth and that is fear.
If you work through your feelings instead of repressing them, you’ll soon emerge on the doorstep of courage. And when that happens, you’ll have the will to actually do something about your situation and start living like the powerful human being you were meant to be.
It is possible to build systems that generate income 24/7, especially passive income. This can include starting a business, building a web site, becoming an investor, or generating royalty income from creative work. The system delivers the ongoing value to people and generates income from it, and once it’s in motion, it runs continuously whether you tend to it or not. From that moment on, the bulk of your time can be invested in increasing your income (by refining your system or spawning new ones) instead of merely maintaining your income.
Remember as well that according to the “New Science”, Quantum Physics, our life is full of possibilities and our true role is to co-create our own reality. Don’t worry, the means to do it are already within us.
One last thing… I have to apologize to my readers because One hundred and eleven is not the exact numbers of listed reasons why you should never get a job. As you are soon going to see the complete list actually consists of 144 entries. I used the number “111” just because as I wrote in another book it is a special number strictly related to one’s own destiny (666 and The Divine Triplets, 000 – 111 – 222 – 333 – 444 – 555 – 666 – 777 – 888 – 999, Mighty & Swift Messengers from the UNIVERSE for a daily SYNCHRONISTIC EXPERIENCE – It will be published in September 2013). Would it be that by reading this book something in your destiny is going to change? I don’t know! Check it yourself and have a nice read!

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