11th International Conference on High-Energy Accelerators: Geneva, Switzerland, July 7-11, 1980 by Newman11th International Conference on High-Energy Accelerators: Geneva, Switzerland, July 7-11, 1980 by Newman

11th International Conference on High-Energy Accelerators: Geneva, Switzerland, July 7-11, 1980


Paperback | December 4, 2014

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The Conference timetable had to be so arranged as to spread the main topics over several separate sessions. It was therefore decided to publish the material in these Proceedings under nine subject headings, irrespective of session. Within each chapter, which is preceded by a list of the sessions featuring the subject, all papers, invited and contributed, whether presented at the Conference or accepted for publication only, have been arranged in some lo­ gical order. The reports of the four Panel Discussions were edited or summarized by the respective Moderator in consultation with Panel Members. In one instance, shortened versions of the Introductory Papers precede the discussion. Where possible, verbatim accounts of the often lively exchanges have been retained. The customary catalogue of high-energy acceler­ ators has been published separately. The continuing world-wide activities in accelerator research, witl1 its ever larger pro­ jects, are reflected by the numerous contributions accepted for inclusion in these Proceedings, which have reached the limit of what a single volume can manageably contain, while making rapid publication even harder to achieve. All the more reason to extend the gratitude of all con­ cerned to those involved in the chain of production: - To the authors, for their prompt handing-in or timely posting of their papers. Thanks also to their secretaries who followed the guidelines for the presentation of camera-ready copy.
Title:11th International Conference on High-Energy Accelerators: Geneva, Switzerland, July 7-11, 1980Format:PaperbackPublished:December 4, 2014Publisher:Birkhäuser BaselLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Opening Addresses.- Opening Addresses.- Accelerators.- P.E.P..- PETRA.- CESR: The First Year.- Status Report on the Colliding Beam Facility VEPP-4.- Status and Performance of PIA.- The Proton-Proton Colliding Beam Facility Isabelle.- The IHEP Accelerating and Storage Complex (UNK) Status Report.- The Beijing 50 GeV Proton Synchrotron (BPS).- The CERN p - p? Complex.- The Fermilab Saver/Collider and Future Options.- LASL High-Current Proton Storage Ring.- NBS-LASL Racetrack Microtron.- Design Study for a 2-GeV Double-Sided Microtron.- HERA.- TRISTAN-The Japanese Electron-Proton Colliding Beam Project.- Present Status of the LEP Project.- The SLAC Linear Collider.- CHEER (Canadian High Energy Electron Ring).- ELSA, a Proposed Stretcher and Post Accelerator for the Bonn 2.5 GeV Electron Synchrotron.- Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion.- Argonne's Program in Heavy Ion Fusion.- SIS - An Accelerator Facility for Relativistic Heavy Ions.- The Synchrophasotron: An Accelerator of Relativistic Nuclei.- Design and Project Status of the National Synchrotron Light Source; Storage Rings (2.5 GeV, 0.7 GeV) for the Generation of Bright Synchrotron Radiation Sources.- Design and Status of Photon Factory.- High Intensity Accelerators for Kaon Factories.- Accelerator Techniques and Technology.- H? Charge Exchange Injection Systems.- Charge Exchange Injection at the 76 GeV IHEP Proton Synchrotron.- Injection System for the Proton Storage Ring at LASL.- Beam Storage for Increasing Heavy Ion Synchrotron Intensity.- Some Aspects of the Charge Exchange of Uranium Ions in the High-Energy Heavy-Ion Accelerator.- Study of the Betatron Resonances on 0.0386 T Flat Porch (Booster Injection Level) at Serpukhov Proton Synchrotron.- Shaping of Proton Distribution for Raising the Space-Charge of the CERN PS Booster.- Recent Improvements in the Performance of the SPS.- The Low Beta Insertions in the SPS and their Chromaticity Correction.- Doris II, an e+-e? Storage Ring with Mini Beta Sections.- First Results from the PETRA-Polarimeter.- Comparison of Measured Acceptances of Petra with Results from Beam Tracking.- Possible use of the SNS Synchrotron for Feasibility Tests on Aspects of Heavy Ion Fusion Drivers.- Ultraslow Extraction with Good Duty Factor.- Effect of the Nonlinear Field on the Slow Extraction.- The Development of Bright Antiproton Sources and High Energy Density Targeting.- The Antiproton Target Station on the Basis of Lithium Lenses.- Separated Antideuteron Beam at IHEP Accelerator.- A Laser Driven Grating Linac.- Two Years Operational Experience with the Petra Vacuum System.- Reliability of RF Systems for Super-High Energy Accelerators with Spare Generators.- RF Systems and Accelerating Structures for Linear Colliders.- The Radio-Frequency Quadrupole: General Properties and Specific Applications.- Controls and Beam Diagnostics.- The PEP Instrumentation and Control System.- The Isabelle Control System.- Towards Full Automation of Accelerators Through Computer Control.- Experiments on the Automatic Optimization of Injection Conditions at the ITEP Proton Synchrotron.- Accelerator Control Systems without Minicomputers.- Microprocessors in the SNS.- The Computer Control Software for MAMI.- The Continuing Development of the SPS Computer Control System.- A Review of Accelerator Instrumentation.- Proton Beam Profile Monitor using Synchrotron Light.- The Saturne Beam Measurement System for Orbit Corrections and High and Low Intensity Beam Acceleration.- Beam Measurements on Argonne Linac for Collider Injector Design.- Beam Position Measurement for Proton-Antiproton Operation in the SPS.- Linear Betatron Coupling Measurement and Compensation in the ISR.- Transverse Beam Stability Optimization Based on Beam Transfer Function Measurement.- ISR Beam Monitoring System using 'Schottky Noise' and Transfer Function.- A Procedure for Obtaining Transverse Wall Impedance and Working Line from Transfer Function Measurements.- Compensation of the Resistive and Reactive Transverse Wall Impedance in the ISR with a Feedback System.- Panel Discussion : Controls and Beam Diagnostics.- Beam Dynamics.- Bunched-Beam Instabilities.- Diagnostics and Cures for Beam Instabilities.- On the Condition for a Single Bunch High Frequency Fast Blow-Up.- Transverse Instabilities in PETRA.- Single Beam Collective Effects on DCI.- Transient Electromagnetic Fields Excited by Bunches of Charged Particles in Cavities of Arbitrary Shape.- Resonant Impedance of Bellows above Cutoff.- Transverse Modes in Periodic Cylindrical Cavities.- Electromagnetic Fields in an Axial Symmetric Waveguide with Variable Cross Section.- Longitudinal and Transverse Wake Potentials in SLAC.- Transverse Wake Field Effects on Intense Bunches with Application to the SLAC Linear Collider.- The Effect of Transient Beam Loading on Operation of Travelling Wave Cavity Accelerating System in High-Energy Cyclic Accelerators.- On the Beam Interaction with the Accelerating Systems in Cyclic Accelerators.- Beam Dynamics in a Double RF System.- Partial Linearization of the RF Voltage of a Storage Ring to Reduce Bunch Diffusion.- The Influence of RF Noise on the Lifetime of Bunched Proton Beams.- Beam Dynamics Studies on the Stored Proton Beam in the SPS.- Limitations of Bunch Lifetime in a Proton Synchrotron under the Influence of Random RF Voltage Fluctuations.- Synchro-Betatron Resonances.- Effects due to the Discontinuous Replacement of Radiated Energy in an Electron Storage Ring.- Chromatic Corrections for Large Storage Rings.- Simultaneous Correction of Chromaticity and Orbit Dispersion in a Strong Focusing Machine.- Dispersion Correction through Movement of the Closed Orbit.- Chromatically Corrected Mini Beta Interaction Region with Longitudinal Electron Spin.- Adjustment of Emittance Ratio by Coupling Control in Electron-Positron Storage Rings.- Observation of Ion Trapping at Adone.- Scaling of Damping Rings for Colliding Linac Beam Systems.- Beam-Beam Effects.- Two-Beam Behaviour with DCI.- Space Charge Compensation with DCI.- Experiments on the Beam-Beam Limit of Bunched Proton Beams.- Recent Experimental Results on the Beam-Beam Effects in Storage Rings and an Attempt of their Interpretation.- Choice of Bunch Parameters in Single Pass Colliders.- Beam-Beam-Driven Coupling Resonance of Fourth Order.- A Beam-Beam Simulation for the Single-Pass Collider.- Panel Discussion : Beam-Beam Effects.- What is Known about Beam-Beam Effect on Low Energy Machines ?.- Beam-Beam Effect and Luminosity in SPEAR.- Space Charge Effects in PETRA.- Computer Simulation of the Beam-Beam Interaction.- Observations at CESR and Theory of the Beam-Beam Luminosity Limitation.- Theoretical Aspects of the Beam-Beam Interaction.- Beam-Beam Interactions for Bunched and Unbunched Beams.- Discussion.- Beam Cooling.- Kinetic Equations for Stochastic Cooling.- Filterless Fast Momentum Cooling.- Initial Cooling Experiments (ICE) at CERN.- Stochastic Cooling of 200 MeV Protons.- Progress on Beam Cooling at Fermilab.- Studies of the Electron Beam for the Fermilab Electron Cooling Experiment.- The CERN Low Energy Antiproton Ring (LEAR) Project.- High Energy Cooling of Protons and Antiprotons for the SPS Collider.- Superconductivity.- Superconducting Magnets for Accelerators.- The Eight Superconducting Quadrupoles for the ISR High-Luminosity Insertion.- Saclay Superconducting Dipole Models for "U.N.K.".- Testing of Accelerator Dipoles in Pressurized Superfluid Helium.- Summary of the Workshop on RF-Superconductivity at Karlsruhe, July 2-4, 1980.- First Results on a Superconducting RF-Test Cavity for LEP.- Design Studies for a 1500 MHz Superconducting Accelerator Cavity for use in an e+e? Storage Ring.- The Application of Superconducting RF Cavities to Electron Storage Rings.- Minimizing Energy Consumption.- Panel Discussion : Minimizing Energy Consumption of Accelerators and Storage Ring Facilities.- Perspectives.- Perspectives of Future Accelerators and Colliders.- Panel Discussion : Accelerators for the Future Physics.