Fleet 2: FLEETS book 2 by Bernard Harold Curgenven

Fleet 2: FLEETS book 2

byBernard Harold Curgenven

Kobo ebook | December 21, 2016

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Part 1: Before the fleet escaped Earth, BMA was launched as a decoy ship. The idea was to distract the enemy, but things didn’t quite go as planned. It seemed the Demons pursued the fleet instead, and BMA lost track of the fleet from one dimension to the next. BMA’s crew devoted their lives to finding the fleet and rescuing human survivors. Only after the captain was succeeded by Dranreb, did they receive the lost distress call from the fleet’s only surviving ship, and Dranreb’s team immediately investigated. What they found was shocking, to say the least! The broken distress call originated on a planet where the fleet had settled, and the planet was annihilated by the Demon race. Once again the Demons had spared nobody and left nothing to salvage. Nothing but scientific research and a ship’s log had survived! BMA soon faced a new space anomaly. The Ghost was the superior predecessor to the Demon, and equally as greedy for power. Ghosts harvested a mind controlling drug, beyond any element known to humanity. Soon BMA was under attack and humanity risked extinction.

Part 2: This episode takes us back in time, to a period before the great war with the Demon race. There was a period of peace amongst the six nations of the Earth. The planet was threatened by the ever increasing smog that drowned the sunlight and altered the natural global temperature control. The governments of each continent launched similar space programs to overcome this threat, and soon the established space stations aided in relaying sunbeams for the control of light and heat on Earth. All was well, until one project failed, having a devastating effect on the relative continent. Disaster struck in multitude and soon spread. The continent was in turmoil after giving birth to a new nation of destroyers, known as Moron. Moron swept across the continent, destroying everything in its path, until there was no sign of civilization. The rest of the world was overcrowded and desperate. There was thus a call for a world government and a combined army, before settlers could be sent to the desolate land.

Part 3: When the number of terminally ill patients exceed the capacity of local hospitals and clinics, alternative treatment is necessary. When specialists are charged with misdemeanors, they are sentenced to community service. Thus the purpose of the space clinic is to accommodate such people. The huge space clinic is equipped with the most advanced technology, and finding volunteers to test this technology is a breeze amongst a community with little to lose. What can possibly go wrong?! Space is littered with unforeseen anomalies that are more than capable of affecting modern technology, destroying everything in their path, or altering life as we know it.

Part 4: Hout lived on the ocean bed, in the city of Dredgedale. The city had been in existence 180 years, according to his history books. Dredgedale was once built on the floating continent and sunk, after which it was merged with the existing fort. Hout decided to spend his rest days reading, and therefore borrowed an ereader from the library. The electronic device contained the entire collection of books written by the legendary author and theorist, who once lived in the fort during the atomic war. Dementia was the cause of Hout’s nightmares, and the author’s stories added fuel to the fire. Hout’s nightmares increased rapidly, immediately after reading the books. Upon returning the ereader to the library, Hout made a remarkable geographical discovery concerning the city and its vicinity. The author’s predictions had all come true. All but one! There was one book that remained unread. The immortal writer had one more book to write!

Title:Fleet 2: FLEETS book 2Format:Kobo ebookPublished:December 21, 2016Publisher:Bernard Harold CurgenvenLanguage:English

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