1917: A Tale of Two Nations, #4

May 27, 2021|
1917: A Tale of Two Nations, #4 by Melina Druga


Canada wins decisive victory

Canadian troops easily take their objective at the Battle of Vimy Ridge, a battle later called Canada's coming-of-age.

In 1916, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson ran for re-election pledging to kept the nation out the war, but submarine warfare increases, and Wilson decides to enter the conflict.

Part four in the A Tale of Two Nations: Canada, U.S. and WW1 series. The series explores journalism history by examining how newspapers reported on the war, painting a picture of the war as our ancestors knew it.

Melina Druga is a freelance journalist and the author of nine nonfiction books and several novels.

Title:1917: A Tale of Two Nations, #4
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 27, 2021
Publisher:​Sun Up Press
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781393472483

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