20th-century Poetry And Poetics by Gary Geddes20th-century Poetry And Poetics by Gary Geddes

20th-century Poetry And Poetics

EditorGary Geddes

Paperback | February 17, 2006

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20th-Century Poetry and Poetics provides in-depth selections from the work of each poet and, where possible, places the poems in the significant context of the poets' own views on poetics. In addition there are useful biographies and comments on the poets in the form of headnotes that appearat the beginning of each poet's work. The final section includes an extensive poetics section, where 30 poets talk, in various forms, about writing and reading poetry.
Gary Geddes is a poet, anthologist, and retired professor of English and Creative Writing, Concordia University.
Title:20th-century Poetry And PoeticsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:1118 pages, 9 × 6 × 1.5 inPublished:February 17, 2006Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

* denotes new selectionPrefacePOETRYWilliam Butler Yeats When You Are Old Who Goes with Fergus? The Folly of Being Comforted The Wild Swans at Coole The Fisherman Easter 1916 The Second Coming A Prayer for my Daughter Sailing to Byzantium Leda and the Swan Among School Children For Anne Gregory Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop Long-Legged Fly The Circus Animals' Desertion PoliticsEzra Pound Portrait d'une Femme The Garden Commission Dance Figure In a Station of the Metro Alba L'Art, 1910 The Tea Shop The River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter from Hugh Selwyn Mauberley: E.P. Ode pour l'election de son sepulchre Mr Nixon Canto I Canto XIIIWilliam Carlos Williams Aux Imagistes Danse Russe This is Just to Say To Waken an Old Lady Tract Spring and All The Red Wheelbarrow Nantucket The Yachts The Dance The Rewaking To a Dog Injured in the StreetRobert Frost Mending Wall After Apple-Picking Birches Fire and Ice Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Acquainted with the Night Departmental Desert Places Neither Out Far Nor In Deep Design Provide, Provide One Step Backward Taken Directive*D.H. Lawrence *Love on the Farm *Piano *Gloire de Dijon *Song of A Man Who Has Come Through *Letter from Town: The Almond Tree *Snake *Hummingbird *The Elephant Is Slow to Mate *Andraitz--Pomegranate Flowers *The Argonauts *Whales Weep Not *Bavarian Gentians *The Ship of Death*H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) *Sea Rose *Garden *Pear Tree *Oread *Fragment 113 *Helen *Let Zeus Record *from Sigil XV *from The Walls Do Not Fall 4 *from Tribute to the Angels 29 *from Flowering of the Rod 10T.S. Eliot The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Preludes The Hollow Men Journey of the Magi Burnt NortonWilfred Owen Strange Meeting Greater Love Arms and the Boy Anthem for Doomed Youth Dulce Et Decorum Est*Marianne Moore *Critics and Connoisseurs *You Say You Said *Poetry *The Steeple Jack *Half Deity *The Pangolin *What Are Years *In Distrust of Merits *Nevertheless *The Mind Is an Enchanting Thing *The SycamoreE.E. Cummings Chansons Innocentes my sweet old etcetera i sing of Olaf somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond anyone lived in a pretty how town my father moved through dooms of love love is more thicker than forget dying is fine)but Death i thank God for most this amazingWallace Stevens The Emperor of Ice Cream Sunday Morning The Idea of Order at Key West The Man on the Dump The Motive for Metaphor Credences of Summer The Poem that Took the Place of a MountainW.H. Auden As I Walked Out One Evening Lullaby Musee des Beaux Arts In Memory of W.B. Yeats The Unknown Citizen The Shield of AchillesDylan Thomas The force that through the green fuse drives the flower If I were tickled by the rub of love And death shall have no dominion A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London Do not go gentle into that good night In my craft or sullen art Fern HillA.M. Klein Heirloom Autobiographical Political Meeting Lone Bather Portrait of the Poet as LandscapeTheodore Roethke Prayer Big Wind Dolor Praise to the End! The Waking I Knew a Woman The Far Field In a Dark TimeEarle Birney Vancouver Lights Anglosaxon Street From the Hazel Bough David Bushed A Walk in Kyoto The Bear on the Delhi Road Haiku for a Young WaitressAl Purdy The Cariboo Horses *Wilderness Gothic *At the Quinte Hotel Eskimo Graveyard Arctic Rhododendrons Lament for the Dorsets Poem *Papyrus *Naked with Summer in Your MouthRobert Lowell The Holy Innocents Christmas in Black Rock After the Surprising Conversions The Quaker Graveyard in Nantucket Memories of West Street and Lepke Skunk Hour For the Union Dead Mr Edwards and the SpiderPhilip Larkin Lines on a Young Lady's Photograph Album Wants Church Going Toads Poetry of Departures If, My Darling Faith HealingIrbing Layton The Birth of Tragedy Look, the Lambs Are All Around Us! The Cold Green Element The Bull Calf Sacrament by the Water Whatever Else Poetry Is Freedom Berry Picking Keine Lazarovitch 1870-1959 A Tall Man Executes a JigElizabeth Bishop The Map The Imaginary Iceberg At the Fishhouses Cape Breton Arrival at Santos Questions of Travel Squatter's Children 12 O'Clock News SantaremP.K. Page Young Girls T-Bar The Stenographers The Landlady Stories of Snow Photos of a Salt Mine The Permanent Tourists The Glass Air Deaf Mute in the Pear Tree *Planet EarthDenise Levertov A Map of the Western Part of the County of Essex in England Come into Animal Presence The Ache of Marriage Hypocrite Women Second Didactic Poem An Interim He-Who-Came-Forth 'The Poem Rising By Its Own Weight' She and the Muse Brother IvyCharles Olson The Kingfishers As the Dead Prey upon Us Maximus, to HimselfJohn Berryman The Dispossessed A Professor's Songfrom 77 Dream SongsAdrienne Rich At a Bach Concert Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law The Burning of Paper Instead of Children Diving into the Wreck The Phenomenology of Anger Frame North American TimeRobert Creeley Je vois dans le hasard tous les biens que j'espere After Lorca The Awakening The Rain The Pool 'I Keep to myself such measures' For My Mother: Genevieve Jules Creeley Self Portrait Bresson's Movies Echoes EpicLawrence Ferlinghetti In Goya's greatest scenes we seem to see Constantly risking absurdity and death Junkman's Obbligato Modern Poetry is Prose (But It Is Saying Plenty) *History of the AirplaneAllen Ginsberg Howl (I and II) A Supermarket in California AmericaPhyllis Webb A Tall Tale Love Story To Friends Who Have Also Considered Suicide Poetcis Against the Angel of Death Occasions of Desire For Fyodor Treblinka Gas Chamber Prison Reportfrom Water and Light: Ghazals and Anti GhazalsJohn Ashbery The Orioles Our Youth Forties Flick A Man of Words And Ut Pictura Poesis Is Her Name The Absence of a Noble Presence On the Empress's Mind The Old ComplexGary Snyder Piute Creek Riprap Journeys (section six) Song of the Taste Kai, Today Front Lines *Falling from a Height, Holding HandsTed Hughes The Though-Fox Invitation to the Dance Six Young Men Hawk Roostingfrom Crow A Childish Prank Crow's First Lesson A Disaster Dehorning *Perfect Light *The TableMargaret Avison *Snow The World Still Needs To Professor X, Year Y The Swimmer's Moment Voluptuaries and Others Pace Black-White Under Green: May 18, 1965 July Man In a Season of Unemployment *Rising DustSylvia Plath Two Views of a Cadaver Room The Colossus Black Rook in Rainy Weather Blue Moles The Disquieting Muses Lady Lazarus Tulips Ariel Daddy Two Campers in Cloud CountryLeonard Cohen Elegy Story You have the lovers As the mist leaves no scar Now of Sleeping The Genius Style The Music Crept by Us Disguises How to Speak PoetryGwendolyn MacEwen Poems in Braille Manzini: Escape Artist Poem Improvised Around a First Line The Red Bird You Wait For The Discovery Dark Pines Under Water Memoirs of a Mad Cook The Child Dancingfrom The T.E. Lawrence Poems Apologies Nitroglycerine Tulips Deraa Ghazala's Foal Tall Tales Notes from the Dead Land The Transparent Womb The Loneliness of the Long Distance Poet You Can Study It If You WantEavan Boland Ode to Suburbia Anorexic Mastectomy Mise Eire The Black Lace Fan My Mother Gave Me Lava Cameo Time and Violence *QuarantineRobert Bly Driving Toward the Lac Qui Parle River Counting Small-Boned Bodies Driving Through Minnesota During the Hanoi Bombings The Dead Seal Finding the Father Fifty Males Sitting Together Snowbanks North of the House In Rainy September Winter Poem What We Provide The Horse of Desire The MushroomDerek Walcott *Parang A Far Cry from Africa Orient and Immortal Wheat Islands The Castaway A Map of Europe Crusoe's Island North and South Early Pompeian XVPhilip Levine For Fran Coming Home, Detroit, 1968 Late Moon Starlight Lost and Found Let Me Begin Again The Fox The Voice A Theory of Prosody What Work Is The Simple Truth *The MercyMargaret Atwood It Is Dangerous to Read Newspapers Progressive Insanities of a Pioneer Backdrop Addresses Cowboy Death of a Young Son by Drowning You Take My Hand Marrying the Hangman Notes Towards a Poem That Can Never Be Written Morning in the Burned House *Sor Juana Works in the GardenGalway Kinnell First Song The Bear Under the Maud Moon After Making Love We Hear Footsteps *That Silent Evening *The CellistPatrick Lane Ten Miles in from Horsefly Elephants Passing Into Storm Mountain Oysters Stigmata Albino Pheasants There is a Time *Ghazal Fathers and Sons *The Ward Cat *The Garden TempleSeamus Heaney Digging Death of a Naturalist Mid-Term Break Personal Helicon Requiem for the Croppies Bogland Summer Home Bog Queen From the Frontier of Writing *MintMichael Ondaatje Elizabethfrom Billy the Kid Letters and Other Worlds White Dwarfs Bearhug Red Accordion - an immigrant song A Gentleman Compares his Virtue to a Jade *Last InkBP Nichol Bluesfrom 'The Captain Poetry Poems' What is Can Lit Allegory #6 Landscape:I The Mouth continental tranceDaphne Marlatt Alcazar, Cecil, Belmont, New Fountain, names Imagine: a town A by-channel; a small backwater Listen healing The difference three makes: a narrative Seeing it go up in smoke *(is love enough?)Louise Gluck For My Mother Epithalamium Dedication to Hunger Mock Orange Legend Horse Brown Circle Trillium End of Winter Retreating Light *Unwritten Law *Moonbeam*Michael Longley *Galapagos *Wounds *Irish Poetry *Carrigskeewaun *Love Poem *Wreaths *The Linen Industry *Detour *Laertes *The Ice-Cream Man *CeasefireGary Geddes Sandra Lee Scheuer Jimmy's Place Human Rights Commissionfrom Hong Kong *What Does A House Want? *Homework *Reading Akio Chida's TranslationsRobert Hass Song Meditation at Lagunitas A Story About the Body Human Wishes Natural Theology My Mother's NipplesDon McKay The Great Blue Heron Fridge Nocturne Adagio for a Fallen Sparrow Esthetique du Chien The Poem, to be Slow as Evening Listen at the Edge Waking at the Mouth of the Willow River *Big Alberta Clouds *Stray *Song for the Song of the Wood Thrush *Nocturnal Migrants *Camber *QuickCarol Ann Duffy Standing Female Nude War Photographer A Healthy Meal Model Village Psychopath Warming Her Pearls Prayer *History *The Light GathererRobert Kroetsch Seed Catalogue*Billy Collins *Advice to Writers *Questions about Angels *The Death of Allegory *First Reader *Osso Buco *Dancing Toward Bethlehem *Pinup *Man in Space *Taking Off Emily Dickinson's Clothes *The Night House *Sonnet *The Iron Bridge *Ave Atque ValeLorna Crozier Forms of Innocence The Child Who Walks Backwardsfrom The Sex Lives of Vegetables Onions Peas Fathers, Uncles, Old Friends of the Family Living Day By Day Inventing the Hawk *Packing for the Future: Instructions *What I Gave You, Truly *Sands from the Gobi DesertRoo Borson Abundance Talk Waterfront Flowers A Sad Device The Garden Beauty Intermittent Rain Snowlight on the Northwood Path City Lights Rubber Boots *Dismembered Villanelle *Hello Desire *Seven Variations on the Word Silk*Heather McHugh *In Praise of Pain *Tendencies *Fable *Reservation *Blue Streak *Breath *I Knew I'd Sing *The Oven Loves the TV Set *What He Thought *Fast *Coming *Ghazal of the Better Unbegun *A Dearth in the Dreamboat DepartmentErin Moure empire, york street Post-Modern Literature Divergences Being Carpenter Tropic Line Toxicity Miss Chatelaine Betty Gorgeous *Ephedra, or 'Smoke of the Villages' *XXI If I could chew the whole earthSharon Olds Indictment of Senior Officers First Night Station Fishing Off Nova Scotia The Death of Marilyn Monroe Miscarriage The Connoisseuse of Slugs Summer Solstice, New York City Still Life The Green Shirt The Glass The Lifting The Swimmer I Wanted to Be There When My Father Died *First Thanksgiving *First WeeksSharon Thesen Discourse The Landlord's Tiger Lilies Women Like Me Elegy, the Fertility Specialist September, Turning, the Long Road Down to Love Animals *Afternoon with Liver *Hey, I Think That's Me *Oh Hello, Count, How Are You, Do Come In *Nameless Dread *Summer TwilightBronwen Wallace The Woman In This Poem All That Uneasy Spring A Simple Poem for Virginia Woolf Common Magic Thinking With the Heart ParticularsRita Dove Nigger Song: An Odyssey The Secret Garden The House Slave Adolescence II Boccaccio: The Plague Yearsfrom Thomas and Beulah The Event Variation on Pain The Stroke Thomas at the Wheel Taking in Wash Daystar The Great Palaces of Versailles Pastoral After Reading Mickey in the Night Kitchen for the Third Time Before Bed*Anne Carson *The Glass EssayTim Lilburn Names of God Pumpkins Touching An Elephant In A Dark Room In the Hills, Watching Learning a Deeper Courtesy of the Eye Discipline of Secrecy How To Be Here? *Quiet, Quiet *Boom Boom Boom*Jan Zwicky *Your Body *Open Strings *Bill Evans: 'Here's That Rainy Day' *The Geology of Norway *Passing Sangudo *Prairie *Theories of Personal Identity *String Practice *History *Glenn Gould: Bach's Italian Concerto*Carolyn Forche *Early Night *Kalaloch *The Colonel *Expatriate *Elegy *The Garden Shukkei-en *Blue Hour *Prayer*Don Paterson *Prologue *A Private Bottling *Imperial *To the Great Zero *St Brides: Sea-Mail *Waking with Russell *The Thread *The Sea at Brighton *The White LiePOETICSMargaret Atwood ConversationsW.H. Audenfrom The Poet and the Cityfrom The Virgin and the DynamoRobert Bly Looking for Dragon SmokeEvan Boland The Politics of EroticismRobert Creeley A Sense of MeasureLorna Crozierfrom 'Who's Listening?'E.E. Cummings Three StatementsT.S. Eliot Tradition and the Individual Talentfrom The Music of Poetryfrom Hamlet and his ProblemsRobert Frost The Figure a Poem MakesAllen Ginsberg Notes for Howl and Other PoemsSeamus Heaney Feelings into WordsTed Hughes On PoetryDenise Levertov Some Notes on Organic Form (1965)Philip Levine The Poet in New York in DetroitRobert Lowellfrom An InterviewDon McKay Some Remarks on Poetry and Poetic Attention *QuickDaphne Marlatt musing with mothertongueBP Nichol Some thots on THE MARTYROLOGY BOOK VI 'After Reading the Chronology' Narrative in Language: The Long PoemCharles Olson Projective VerseSylvia Plath An InterviewEzra Pound A RetrospectAl Purdy An InterviewAdrienne Rich Excerpts from What Is Found There: Notebooks on Poetry and PoliticsTheodore Roethkefrom Some Remarks on Rhythmfrom Open LetterGary Snyder Poetry and the Primitive Some Yips and Barks in the DarkWallace Stevensfrom AdagiaDylan Thomas Notes on the Art of PoetryPhyllis Webb On the Line Letter from Gary Geddes to Phyllis WebbWilliam Carlos Williams A New Measure On Measure - Statement for Cid CormanWilliam Butler Yeatsfrom Magicfrom The Symbolism of Poetryfrom A General Introduction to My Work