50 Shades of Grey Decoded: ERA by Dr. Rick Mckinney

50 Shades of Grey Decoded: ERA

byDr. Rick Mckinney

Kobo ebook | December 1, 2012

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50 Shades of Grey Decoded

The best selling sexually explicit novel "50 Shades of Grey" is decoded and analyzed by a professional psychologist, uncovering a deeper meaning of political mystery and intrigue. The explicit sexual activity is designed to draw millions of female readers into the book’s plot. The plot which seems obvious to the readers of 50 Shades is the entrapment into sexual bondage (BDSM) of a very innocent young and beautiful recently graduated college student, Anastasia Steele (the protagonist), by the young, rich and very handsome antagonist Christian Grey. However, the novel has a deeper meaning which is encapsulated in metaphors though out the book beginning with the real meaning of the title "50 Shades of Grey". The author attempts to connect the title to Christian Grey by suggesting that the title originated in Christian’s statement to Anastasia that he was ‘messed up 50 different ways’.  However this was done to throw the reader off the  track of the real meaning of the title, which she also repeatedly does in other parts of the book.  The title really refers to 50 religious men who were members of a church organization, which was historically, intensely and politically involved in initiating female bondage in America which was to become the an acceptable model for all females, everywhere.  A decoding of the author pen name reveals additional clues as to who this group is, what their methods are and their strategies to accomplish their goal of all women being held in sexual and religious bondage. 

When both the names of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are decoded, the plot thickens and the real story line and plot is furthered exposed.  There are clues in every chapter beginning with the first chapter and in the fourth chapter the author sets up the reader through the ‘gift of expensive books Christian sent to Anastasia, with a note of "warning of danger to ladies who should already know ‘what to guard against, because they read novels” …such as 50 Shades of Grey" (chapter 4, page 159). This scene was the first major metaphoric clue that this book was about much more than just explicit sex between Ana and Christian, but involved ‘all women being trapped into sexual bondage’. (The words warning and danger are used 18 times through out the book). How could this possibly happen to all women? Dr. Mack’s research and analysis explains these metaphors and the dangers to which the warnings allude.

Numerous single clue words taken from historical documents are used by the author and when they are decoded flush out the plot even further, bringing more mystery, suspense and intrigue about ‘the warning of danger to  women being entrapped into sexual bondage’. To further illustrate the message of this novel the author utilizes three naughty words over 300 times (Crap, Shxt and Fuxk) attaching the adjective ‘Holy’ to each of them to emphasize the religious connection to this evil plot to ‘trick women into sexual bondage’.  Dr. Mack presents evidence that “Religious related entrapment of women into sexual bondage” is the core message of “50 Shades of Grey.

Who really wrote this book, and to whom was it originally directed? Why does it have such a university appeal to women internationally (25 million readers)? Who is behind the real message of the warning of danger to all women, and how credible is this threat?  These questions are answered by the intensive research and investigation of Dr. Benjamin S. Mack, a psychologist who specializes in personality profiles, having profiled hundreds of criminals, arrestees and others, for forensic and criminal justice agencies including the Federal Public Defenders Office (State level).   The findings and conclusions are startling and fascinating, yet factual and extremely well thought out.  The 'danger to women is REAL', even to the author and those who support her, which is the reason behind the codes and metaphors in 50 Shades of Grey.  Dr. Mack documents these dangers.  Yet despite the danger, their cause is urgent and even worth their suffering if they can save women (beginning in America) from the plans and plots of international BONDAGE from the Christian Greys in this world.  Will she and her supporters succeed? Will their warning, given through Fifty Shades of Grey, be heeded? Is there a counter plan to save women from this bondage? Dr. Mack reveals the answers to these and other questions in his decoded interpretations found in 50 Shades of Grey Decoded.

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