500 Fantasy Writing Prompts

June 1, 2020|
500 Fantasy Writing Prompts


Writer's Block? Not Anymore… Discover 500 Inspiring Fantasy Writing Prompts To Beat Writer's Block Today.

Blocked. Frustrated. Out of Ideas…

This short-but-jam-packed writing prompt book by author Erica Blumenthal is just the firepower you need to get you through the frustrating and debilitating obstacle of writer's block.

500 Fantasy Writing Prompts, offers inspiration for all fantasy writers - no matter where you may be in your career. These prompts will catapult your ideas for fairies, witches, goblins, and more to fantastical realms you've never journeyed to before.

Inside, you'll discover 5 lists of 100 stimulating writing prompts covering the current big fantasy sub-genres of: Epic Fantasy, Myth & Legend and Fairy Tale Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, "General" Fantasy, and a big list of original Fantasy Title prompts.

In each section, you will receive 50 writing prompts and 50 story starters, all designed to give you a starting point with either a character, setting, or conflict in mind, helping you to build the perfect story from one or more of these essential elements.

In this book you will receive:

  • 500 muse-worthy writing prompts
  • Story starters to get your blasting through any writing block
  • The confidence to start writing a story, since you already have a starting point...
  • Ideas for multiple stories, or even just your first story!
  • Ideas for a short story collection or a novel series (I know I did!)

If you love fun and inspiring writing prompts, then you'll love Erica Blumenthal's motivational fantasy writing prompts book.

Buy 500 Fantasy Writing Prompts to beat writer's block and ignite your writing fire today!

Title:500 Fantasy Writing Prompts
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:June 1, 2020
Publisher:​Erica Blumenthal
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781393531944

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