8 Ways to Happiness: From Wherever You Are

byMarissa PeiForeword byMichael Bernard Beckwith

December 31, 2020|
8 Ways to Happiness: From Wherever You Are by Marissa Pei


8 Ways to Happiness is for anyone who has stopped to ask themselves, “Am I happy?” or “Why am I not happy?”, and is not willing to spend 10 years in therapy or take a pill with side effects that make them feel even worse than they do now. Furthermore, it is for those who ARE taking medication for their "Dis-Ease” with life and STILL not feeling better. The 8 chapters are focused on common places that human beings get stuck, such as Loneliness, Loss, Hatred, Shame, and Heartbreak, with relatable snapshots and exercises to build new roads into Hope, Love, Faith, and Happiness. Dr. Marissa Pei’s own pain from the past and fear of the future identify with readers and relay a message of hope. She provides those struggling to find happiness with alternative ways of seeing their own reality, as well as a chance to practice balance tools that shovel out the shii-take from their past and return it as fertilizer for new seeds of understanding about the unique, beautiful, wonderful, precious beings we all are.

Title:8 Ways to Happiness: From Wherever You Are
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:December 31, 2020
Publisher:Morgan James Publishing
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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