9 Shadows by Norse Warlock

9 Shadows

byNorse Warlock

Kobo ebook | February 27, 2013

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The 9 Shadows is a perfect marriage of Pagan Magick and the ancient traditions of the Nordic Kin Folk. Walk the path of the white light with Gallan James, The Norse Warlock, as he unveils the magick of these early New World Settlers. This is a personal guide and interpretation of many different types of early pagan magick, including the old world Viking Traditions of Asatru and the Norse Runes. Simplified lay versions of numerous spells, rituals and invocations are offered in ways that can be applied easily by the beginner or the master practitioner. Heighten your magickal powers today. Commune with kinsfolk or practice in solitude finding a path to the light, the mother and the father. Become more in tune to the seasons and the natural life cycles of the realm you create. Use the 9 Shadows for spiritual exploration and finding a direction of magical intent that will lead you to a fuller life today. Align with the universal consciousness and the ebb and flow of the metaphysical energies that surround us all. Become a Norse Warrior or Goddess as you learn the old ways and beliefs of the earliest workers of pagan magick. Learn the Norse Runes, the Alchemical Symbols and the many different energies of the earth mined crystals. Ritualize your magickal intent and invoke the spirits that will bring you good luck and good fortune for years to come. Learn how to work with the Norse Gods and the Spirits of Light that kept the old world in balance and harmony. Enjoy my Legacy Story and be sure to follow my future endeavors each month of the Asatru Calendar. My Legacy Many years ago…. the ice broke and my family found their way across the water in a small vessel. They settled miles beyond the nearest village and lived in near solitude for years. My sister and brother were born before me. I was born in December at the onset of the nine year winter. Each year the ice broke later and later. My family nearly starved. My father attempted to lengthen the fishing season by navigating the dangerous waters. In November of the ninth year, he never returned from the sea. We knew the ice and water had claimed him. Nearly a month passed before my mother and elder brother prepared to move the family to live in the nearest village. The four of us set out in the morning, by noon the weather changed and the temperature dropped. As the ice storm began, I could see the fear in my mother's eyes. Within an hour, we had lost our way. We huddled under a tree hoping the storm would pass. The three held me in the center to stay warm. The next day, I woke to the sun to find my mother, sister and brother frozen to death. I sat for an hour or more crying in the snow before a large man on a huge horse appeared. He dismounted and picked me up. He carried me to them and told me to say goodbye. I cried as he put me on the horse. He told me I would be special, but said nothing more as we rode all day and into the night. I fell asleep as darkness became blackness. I awoke still on the horse, pounding down a hillside toward a small house in the center of a green field. There was no snow or ice to be seen. For that, if nothing more, I was happy. Damen spoke softly when I woke that morning on the horse. He said I would be known as Gallan, The Norse Warlock, and would apprentice with him until I was ready to be on my own. I would spend the next twelve years with Damen, most of the time in that small house..............................more inside! Thank You and Sincere Blessings, Gallan
Title:9 ShadowsFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:February 27, 2013Publisher:Norse WarlockLanguage:English

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