The Baby Sleeps Tonight: Your Infant Sleeping Through the Night by 9 Weeks (Yes, Really!) by Shari MezrahThe Baby Sleeps Tonight: Your Infant Sleeping Through the Night by 9 Weeks (Yes, Really!) by Shari Mezrah

The Baby Sleeps Tonight: Your Infant Sleeping Through the Night by 9 Weeks (Yes, Really!)

byShari Mezrah

Paperback | April 1, 2010

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The Baby Sleeps Tonight offers a concise, pocket-sized guide packed with simple effective solutions that rely on a proven model of sleeping success. Sleep schedule specialist Shari Mezrah outlines quick and specific instructions to teach anyone, no matter how sleep deprived, how to create order and happiness in their household by getting baby to sleep through the night by nine weeks. The secret to the plan is the practical and progressive schedule that the authordeveloped and has been teaching for over 10 years, and the easy to understand schedules, checklists, and helpful tips aimed at every stage of development for the first year and beyond. Planning for predictable happiness using The Baby Sleeps Tonight system helps new parents regain control over their lives, guiding them through the thorny problem of sleep schedules all the way from prebirth through the toddler years and ensuring that baby-and the whole family-sleeps tonight.
Shari Mezrah, The Sleep Mom," is a sleep schedule specialist and mother of two who developed the innovative The Baby Sleeps Tonight program in 1999, and published her first book, The Baby Sleeps Tonight: Your Infant Sleeping Through the Night by 9 Weeks (Yes, Really!) in April 2010 (Sourcebooks). Through her Tampa, Florida-based consul...
Title:The Baby Sleeps Tonight: Your Infant Sleeping Through the Night by 9 Weeks (Yes, Really!)Format:PaperbackDimensions:240 pages, 6.98 × 5.12 × 0.68 inPublished:April 1, 2010Publisher:SourcebooksLanguage:English

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Life today is so complicated-it can be a struggle to create balance under the best of circumstances. When you add a new baby to the mix, it's no wonder many new moms become overstressed by the mind-numbing madness. That's where The Baby Sleeps Tonight comes in. Packed into this pocket-sized book is a practical, progressive, and customizable approach to creating order and predictable happiness in your household-and to get baby (and the whole family!) sleeping through the night by nine weeks. This proven formula for success includes a schedule for feedings, naps, and wake-times. You'll see that by extending the day, you can create the night. It's your first step toward becoming empowered on the wonderful journey we call parenthood. How The Baby Sleeps Tonight Plan Was Born I was overwhelmed after I gave birth to my son Maxwell. I'd read all the books out there and practically memorized the plans, the ideologies, the processes; yet, no one, no book, prepared me for parenthood-and the nights I spent awake. There were so many books out there and so many opinions. Whose ideas were the best? Not only was I trying to figure out how to get my son to sleep, I was also trying to calculate how to efficiently feed him in a way that adequately dealt with my milk-filled breasts, manage relationships with my family members, deal with the stress, and handle the pain in my body. And what about my spouse who was trying to work and find time to be a new parent? I needed to take control. I needed a plan. I knew the key to the problem was getting my child's days and nights on track, so I started there and created a plan that incorporated scheduled efficient feedings, scheduled naps, and scheduled wake-times. I structured the plan so that it was easy enough for even the most sleep-deprived mom-someone like me!-to understand and implement. The result: a plan that has worked for countless families. I found myself with a confident, well-adjusted child, a child who knows he's loved, who knows when the next meal is coming, and who was sleeping eight hours straight by the ninth week of life. And this can be your child too. Helping families is my life's passion. I'm now a sleep schedule specialist who has achieved an astonishing 100 percent success rate with families who have followed my innovative system. Over the years, I've had the privilege of sharing my successful plan with families all over the world, from single parents to families with multiples. The Baby Sleeps Tonight Plan offers a proven system for taking back control of your life, your sleep, and your happiness. I've always been solution-oriented, and through much time and effort I've found a way around the potential pitfalls of parenthood, a strategic way to manage time so that you can enjoy the freedoms of life. The special gift that this plan provides to parents is hope and encouragement when they need it the most. We only live one lifetime, and my mission is to help you make the most out of the time that you have with your family. While my practice, BabyTIME, is located in Tampa, Florida, I regularly reach out to desperate families all over the globe through the use of my website and zealous referrals. The Baby Sleeps Tonight Plan is highly respected by physicians, psychologists, and, most importantly, clients, and now it's my honor to share it with you. Unlike other baby sleep books, The Baby Sleeps Tonight steps back a bit from the cradle. It's my belief that baby sleep cannot be separated from the other needs in a baby's life. And I've found that the best, most effective way of meeting those needs is to keep one step ahead of them. Predictable Happiness Defined Predict-verb To state, tell about, or make known in advance, especially on the basis of special knowledge. Happiness-noun Good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy. I coined the term "predictable happiness," which by definition is the ability to know what will happen next and feel good about it. The Baby Sleeps Tonight Plan is based on this concept. Why be reactionary when you can be empowered? Incorporating the plan into your family's life will lessen the degree of anticipatory anxiety you'll experience as a parent. Through a three-pronged approach of scheduled feedings, naps, and wake-times, the plan will create balance and predictable happiness in your life, while enabling everyone in the house to avoid sleep deprivation and regain their clarity and peace of mind. This is about sleep, isn't it? If I'm talking about all of baby's needs, is this really a book about sleep? Yes. We cannot overestimate the importance of sleep. Sleep is a necessary and vital biological function, and it's essential to a person's physical and emotional well-being. Studies have shown that without enough sleep, a person's ability to perform even simple tasks declines dramatically. For children, deep sleep coincides with the release of growth hormones, necessary for growing children. Yet, The Baby Sleeps Tonight is much bigger than simply helping your child sleep through the night. What you have in your hands is a plan to help you gain control over parenting itself. Sleep is the first major hurdle to tackle, but once that's accomplished you can take the plan's positive effects even further. The Baby Sleeps Tonight Plan will outline exact times for you, including scheduled feedings, designated naps, and sleeping through the night. You'll learn to meet your child's needs ahead of time by creating order in the household and laying the foundation for a healthy sleep environment and a happy life.

Table of Contents

Foreword xi
Acknowledgments xv
Author's Note xvii
Introduction xix
Chapter 1: The Expectant Parents' Empowerment Guide 1
Chapter 2: Welcome Home, Baby!-The First Few Weeks 27
Chapter 3: Feeding Frenzy41
Chapter 4: Weeks One through Three-Beginning The Baby Sleeps Tonight Plan 61
Chapter 5: Weeks Four through Six-Creating the Night 79
Chapter 6: Weeks Seven and Eight-The Road to Easy Street 87
Chapter 7: Weeks Nine Onward-Predictable Happiness and Beyond 101
Chapter 8: Transitions-One to Grow On115
Chapter 9: Growing Up-Fifteen Months to Two Years Old 135
Chapter 10: When You're Not in Charge of Baby's Schedule 157
Chapter 11: Troubleshooting-Your
Questions Answered 173
Conclusion 193
Appendix A: The Baby Sleeps Tonight Plan At-a-Glance 197
Appendix B: Sources 203
About the Author 209