Big Bobby Boom: and the marble Mayhem by Gregg Arthur Seeley

Big Bobby Boom: and the marble Mayhem

byGregg Arthur Seeley

Paperback | June 1, 2009

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Being an undersized kid can really stink. No one knows this better than Elliot Blue, who finds himself thrust into a new school in a new town where he already has been made a target by the self-proclaimed school bully, Big Bobby Boolacheck ‘Big Bobby Boom!’ and his two hench-boys Booker and Biff Muldoon. Elliot’s life is destined to be made miserable . . ..

Lucky for Elliot, a cousin from the big city is coming to live with them for a while. Soon enough, the perfect town of Bunsel, which had been ruled by the Boolacheck family for generations would experience something never before encountered, an eleven year old, streetwise, super prankster, by the name of Jimmy ‘the Slick’ Blue.

In BIG BOBBY BOOM! AND THE MARBLE MAYHEM!, Author Gregg Seeley introduces us to a pair of unlikely heroes, Jimmy and Elliot Blue.

"No way man! Not us! We’re heroes!" Jimmy exclaimed, sarcastically. "We stopped a bank robbery and rescued the town from another of those boring parades, the same one that this town has to watch over and over every year featuring the Boolachecks. They should be thanking us."

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Title:Big Bobby Boom: and the marble MayhemFormat:PaperbackDimensions:136 pages, 8.5 × 5.6 × 0.37 inPublished:June 1, 2009Publisher:Moose Hide BooksLanguage:English

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ISBN - 10:1894650751

ISBN - 13:9781894650755

Appropriate for ages: 9 - 12

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Lori Anderson / The Store5 StarsThis is such a fun book! This book is a hilarious choice. While the story is a fantastical journey of epic proportions, the dialogue will ring true to the book's intended target market.Who doesn’t want to win against the bully, save the day, and look cool while doing it? There are the bullies you love to laugh at, Big Bobby Boom and his sidekicks Booker and Biff.The book starts off with a bang and keeps up a rapid pace all the way to the ending, no slow starts or dead bits here.Debbie Smart / Book Reviewer - Stories for Children Magazine5 starsReaders will enjoy the antics of Elliott and Jimmy as they become infamous pranksters who go head to head with Big Bobby Boom, crashing his birthday party, planning a bit of hi-jinx in the hockey rink and spicing up lunchtime with hot pepper pie.Big Bobby Boom! and the Marble Mayhem, written by Gregg Seeley is geared for reluctant and inquisitive readers, as well as being a fun read for anyone who has ever been bullied.Rhonda Carver / Official Apex Reviews4.5 StarsPlayful, witty, and disarmingly amusing, Big Bobby Boom! and the Marble Mayhem is a delightful read. Author Gregg Seeley's charming novella chronicling the omnipresent challenges of life as a pre-teen. Equally comical and heartwarming, Big Bobby Boom! and the Marble Mayhem is a welcome addition to the world of young adult fiction. A promising debut from an exciting new literary talent.Gloria Nickerson / The Daily GleanerWhile this book takes a light-hearted tone, the message will still strike a chord amongst readers that can identify with the various forms of bullying portrayed by both Bobby senior and junior.This book also cleverly illustrates how unacceptable behaviour is passed down within families, often allowing for unchecked behaviour to spread as the victims of bullying often respond by bullying others.Former Fredericton High School student, Gregg Seeley has written a humorous junior novel about bullying with a focus on the strength of friendship and family.Big Bobby Boom and the Marble MayhemGregg SeeleyWelcome to the town of Bunsel. This is one town I would never want to visit. This is a town that is run by one family the Bunsels. The mayor of the town treats everyone as his servant and his children and family are allowed to create havoc, disorder and mayhem wherever that want and whenever they choose. I thought we lived in a democratic society. I guess someone forgot to tell that to Mayor Boolacheck who declared himself not only King of the roads but dictator of the town too. This brings me to my review of The Big Bobby Boom and the Marble Mayhem by author Gregg Seeley.There are many kids that go to school and are frightened, hurt, insulted and bullied by other kids that play on their vulnerability. Author, Gregg Seeley in this humorous, clever account of a town and its founders that needed to be taught a big lesson, brings to light this serious issue that many children have to deal with on a daily basis. Big Bobby Boom, his two goon cousins go around bullying, playing practical jokes and harassing anyone and everyone just for the sport of torturing them. Elliot Blue the son of the new sheriff, fears his first day of school and the awful treatment he knows he cannot avoid. But, not to worry Elliot. Someone is about to come to your rescue and the town of Bunsel, the Boolacheck family and more will never be the same. You see, sometimes it takes another kid to put the bullies in their place. But, will the Boolacheck boys ever learn that what they are doing is wrong? How can they when their parents, the Mayor and their entire family endorse and encourage their behavior and feel because everyone in town works for them, they have to follow their rules.Imagine being told when you are to be at an event and that your children are required to play hockey, baseball and other sports just to be pawns and puppets falling prey to the whims and pranks of these other boysBut, fear not, Elliot Blue you are no longer alone. Enter, cousin Jimmy the Slick the king of real practical jokes who would make sure that the town of Bunsel not only knew he had arrived, but would never mess with him or you again.Throughout the novel we learn that the grownups in this town are just as much to blame as the youngsters. This is an example of how much this town could use Nanny 911 to help teach them proper parenting skills. Imagine the Mayor and his wife throwing a party for their son that every child in the town is required to attend and allowing their son and their cousins to do mean things to the other kids and watch without trying to stop them. With parents that encourage this behavior and town of grownups who fear for their jobs and more, whom can these children learn from?  Certainly not the adults.Author Gregg Seeley created the character of Jimmy the Slick, who is so resourceful, so clever and often comes up with ingenious plans to teach the Boolacheck boys lessons he hopes they will never forget. But, do they you will have to decide for yourself. From putting super glue on the baseball bats that cause not only Bobby’s hands but others to become permanently glued, to the slime he puts in their swimming pool during a birthday party, the author creates situations that are so funny and hilarious you actually route for Jimmy and Elliot.But, when Jimmy and Elliot are banned from the town parade, Jimmy decides to teach not only the Mayor and his sons a lesson, but hopefully the entire town too. Every family works for the Mayor except the new Sheriff who stands up to him and does not back down.  Even the Mayor and his sons never act alone. Ever notice that bullies need backup when they strike. Wonder what would happen if they got Bobby alone!With an ending so hilarious and so funny you will not believe what 10,000 marbles and a cow suit can do to stop a parade and much more. Just what happens and how do Jimmy and Elliot become the town heroes as a result of their stunt to unleash these marbles on the town during the parade. Just what happens to Jimmy and Elliot as a result of their stunt you won’t belief, nor will you belief the ending?A definite must read for all kids that have ever been the victim of a bully. As someone that went through what Elliot did, I can totally identify with him and think that this book should be in all schools for teachers to use as model as part of their of their character education curriculum. Guidance counselors and librarians could use this as a way of helping kids understand how to deal with bullies.Fran Lewis: reviewer and author of the Bertha Series of Books and Memories are PreciousI give this book: Five StarsBig Bobby Boom and the Marble MayhemGregg SeeleyGregg Seeley has written a wonderful tale of taking on the town bully and making it a fun trip along the way.  This book is for anyone who has ever been picked on and then spent time imagining the “if only I had done this” scenario. Written with colorful detail and dialogue, this book is a fun read for the kid in all of us.Nanci ArvizuHost at Page Readers on Blog Talk RadioBig Bobby Boom and the Marble MayhemGregg SeeleyHow timely can a topic be when it has been all over the media for the past couple of months? Children are harming children in our schools and on the streets. We all know the term for this, It is bullying. It is not to be said that bullying only occurs among children in our schools, but is also rampant in the workplace.The schools have taken up the gauntlet and offer workshops for teachers, children and parents and companies have experienced numerous harassment suits but do not legally address bullying. Bullying has become deadly and life threatening with no solution in sight.Gregg Seeley has addressed bullying among the junior high set contrasted with adult bullying which becomes a role model for the town youth. The setting is a fictitious town  which has come under the rule of an adult bully who owns and runs the town and its inhabitants. His child has become a carbon copy of him, terrorizing everyone in his path at the local school.  Bobby Boolacheck is his name, and his main goal in life is to make Elliot and Jimmy "the slick" Blue miserable.It is frightening to see the extent Bobby will go to in the name of retaining his power over these two boys. Any attempts that Elliot and his cousin Jimmy make to thwart Bobby's power is met with brute force by Bobby and his accomplices. As is typical with most children who are being bullied, they try to handle it themselves without adult intervention. Even when adults become aware of these situations, they many times opts to allow their children to deal with it on their own. It is a thin line to know when this is a child's issue and when it requires intervention by authority.Mr. Seeley sets up his characters so that the reader realizes that between the adult bully and the child bullies, no one in the town has a chance. We are drawn into this story, frustrated with the outcome of every bullying encounter, shouting where are the followers of the victims, Where are the stand-up adults who will take charge.Elliot and Jimmy take retaliation into their own hands with the desired results. Adult intervention finally happens as we see Elliot's father intervene for his son and his nephew. However, they must be punished for what they did. I do not want to give away the surprise ending, but their mis-deed actually makes Elliot and Jimmy heroes. They are assiigned a clean-up task and it is then that they realize they did have followers that have shown up to help with the monumental task.Big Bobby Boom! and the Marble Mayhem is a chapter book written for Junior High school age children. Even though it is about boys, I can see the junior high girls also relating to this issue.Reviewed by Eileen HanleyBookpleasures.comSpotlight on Canadian authors : Review of Big Bobby Boom! and the Marble MayhemRenee Miller CanadaBooks ExaminerEntertaining and educational, Big Bobby Boom! will appeal to many kids. Being an undersized kid can really stink. No one knows this better than Elliot Blue who finds himself thrust into a new school in a new town where he has already been made a target by the self-proclaimed school bully, Big Bobby Boolacheck ‘Big Bobby Boom!’ " From the cover of Big Bobby Boom! And the Marble Mayhem by Gregg Seeley  Gregg Seeley’s debut book, Big Bobby Boom! And the Marble Mayhem (published by Moose Hide Books)is deceiving. When I first bought the book, I expected a very “boy” tale filled with silliness and not much more, which is fine, reading should be fun and kids need escapism as much as we do. Seeley surprised me, weaving a very important message into the insanity that ensues for Elliot Blue in this story as well as creating a story and characters that appeal to both genders. Bullying affects far too many kids these days and it’s escalating rapidly. One only needs to turn on the news for a few minutes any day of the week to see the tragic result of modern bullying. So how does Big Bobby Boom! differ from other books on the subject of bullying? First, it’s a fun story intended to capture a child’s imagination. It’s also subtle, the message doesn’t talk down to, or preach at kids. Seeley sends a message of understanding and coping without violence which is very important and it's also entertaining, a crucial ingredient in getting kids to read. Bobby Boolacheck is a horrible kid. I cringed at his vocabulary, spoiled attitude and overall meanness, but layered beneath the bratty veneer is a child struggling to understand social interaction. He’s learned bullying from his father, who learned it from his father. Does this make Bobby a bad kid? Not necessarily. This story makes the reader consider not only the victim’s point of view, but the bully’s. As a mother of a child who was viciously bullied for three years, I have a tough time with empathy for anyone who tries to use force, physical or emotional, to get their way. But I did feel for the bully in this story. I felt sorry for Bobby and wanted to throttle his parents. Preventing bullying begins at home, and that’s what Big Bobby Boom! (in my opinion) is telling us. As for kid appeal, I had two eleven year olds, a boy and a girl, and a seven year old (girl) read the story and all three enjoyed it. The seven year old giggled quite frequently and the older kids, while they enjoyed the story, found the characters themselves more enjoyable than the plot. They also liked that the book wasn't long, but still challenging enough for older kids. So, in my opinion, the novel is a success. This is a book I think would fit very well in school libraries and at home. Parents and kids, I encourage you to check out Big Bobby Boom! And the Marble Mayhem. My kids are eagerly awaiting the next adventure in this series.BIG BOBBY BOOMMarch 6, 2011 By Nicki Eve Big Bobby Bloom by Gregg Seeley published by Moosehide books is a book about bullying.  Being an undersized, oversized or different kid can bring on taunts and ridicule and beatings from bullies.  In this case, one reads from the cover of Big Bobby Bloom, “Being an undersized kid can really stink.  No one knows better than Elliot Blue who finds himself thrust into a new school in a new town where he has already been made a target by the self-proclaimed school bully, Big Bobby Boolacheck ‘Big Bobby Bloom!”This book is deceiving in it’s delivery.  It is not a typical boy tale filled with silliness and lack of substance.  Even though it is veiled in a cloud of lightness, it is a book offering a serious message.  I bought this book to gain insight into what makes a bully and what it means for the victims.  I wanted to know how the message of bullying was handled in writing for children to help me sort out the inane from the substance in the research for the writing of my book.Seeley weaves a critical message into the insanity that ensues for the victim. He creates a story that appeals to both girls and boys.  Bullying is escalating rapidly these days and far too many children are affected by it.  Today’s bullying is taking it’s toll on more and more targeted kids which in some cases have led to suicide of the victims.Big Bobby Bloom differs from other books on bullying by engaging the child’s imagination and making it a fun story for the reader.  Just like a great story, the author does not talk down to the reader.  He weaves a subtle message of understanding and coping without violence in an entertaining prose, which are crucial ingredients to infusing a message that kids will embrace.  He makes his story believable by making his victim and bully multidimensional.  He leads the reader to discovering that not only is Bobby Boolacheck a horrible kid with bad vocabulary and overall meanness, but a kid who himself does not fit in the social network of kid interaction.  We learn that Bobby’s bullying has been passed down from one generation to the next making Bobby a victim himself.  So Greg Seeley writes not only the victim’s point of view, but the bully’s as well.The novel’s success is buoyed by the favorable comments of kids who have read it.  Some laughed out loud at the antics of the characters in the story. Some found the characters more enjoyable than the plot.  Others enjoyed the fact that the book wasn’t long and complicated, yet still intriguing enough to challenge them.Greg Seeley has a winner here, in my opinion…a book fit for school libraries and at home.  Perhaps if more authors write about this topic, it might help break the cycle of bullying one reader at a time.  Let’s all hope we see more of this type of writing.