Dream Seeker: Old Wisdom's Revisited by Harold A. SkaarupDream Seeker: Old Wisdom's Revisited by Harold A. Skaarup

Dream Seeker: Old Wisdom's Revisited

byHarold A. SkaarupForeword byNadeau

Paperback | July 29, 2002

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The Dream Seeker is a collection of stories, dreams, and “readings” which touch on the Light that shines within us. Those who have a strong faith and a loving heart radiate this Light, and one result is others are drawn to it. When you have this light, there should be no questions or answers that you should fear. Many of the answers to the questions in this book may surprise you. Have we been here before? Is it possible we have had past lives? Are there others visiting us? Can our future be understood? Can we be shown the way ahead? You will find responses to these questions, based upon interviews with gifted people who believe that many things are possible. We are all given incredible gifts that seem to have been significantly enhanced with recent changes that have taken place around us. One must always honour such gifts or they will just as quickly be taken away. It is my hope that you will find something that resonates within you in this book, and that you too, will choose to “walk in the Light.”
Harold Skaarup earned his Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art with the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and a Master's Degree in War Studies with the Royal Military College of Canada. He enjoys skydiving, SCUBA diving and white water rafting with his two sons Jonathan and Sean.
Title:Dream Seeker: Old Wisdom's RevisitedFormat:PaperbackDimensions:324 pages, 9 × 6 × 0.73 inPublished:July 29, 2002Publisher:IuniverseLanguage:English

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An Angel’s GownA friend wrote and told me that she had been having a series of thundering headaches. I wrote back a message that I hope offered some comfort and healing. I would like to share some of it with you, with the hope that if you too have a "rough day," perhaps you will think on this message and use it to help tone things down. Imagine walking up one of our narrow canyon trails along a slow flowing stream peppered with numerous small waterfalls. As you cross the first major wooden footbridge, there are several large rocks holding a few broken tree trunks on them in the waters below you. Follow the footpath down under the small bridge, and take a seat on the comfortable driftwood tree set in the rocks like a perfect bench. You are warmed in the sunlight, and you pause to listen to the sound of the bubbling water running over the rocks at your feet. You hear only the quiet sound of the ripple of lightly running water and the peace of mountain stillness in the air. There is a faint echo from the falls further up the canyon. Occasionally there is a light soughing of wind through the sparsely covered evergreen trees hanging for dear life from the sides of the canyon walls. The sky is an intensely deep blue above you as you look up and view it centered over high red granite rocks in the clear mountain air. It is almost as if you can see deep into outer space. There are black and white coloured mocking-birds floating with outrageously long tail-feathers, and high above them a hawk is circling. Small bunches of rainbow coloured fish are playing in the eddying water beneath you, although it is a bit too cool to dip your toes in at this time of the year. High above you is a whispering waterfall site called Dorothy's Falls. Presently it is completely covered with an Angel's gown of white ice cascading down its normal path for about 60', although you can hear the melting ice water coursing behind the gown and underneath it. Picture in yourself in your mind's eye padding across several long and well-made wooden footbridges that pepper the trail leading up to falls. Along the way you have to criss-cross the rippling stream beneath you, stepping carefully along the well-worn tops of natural logs or clumps of stones. It is a peaceful place to wander and explore. Walk with me in your mind’s eye; picture the pine needles gracing the pathway and marvel at the sparkling colours dancing over the stream-washed stones and the well-marked trail as we glide quietly up the zigzag pathway. This is place of discovery that I hope you will visit often. Skirt along the edge of the ruffled sheet of waterfall ice, and look back along the pathway we have traveled. Breathe the cool, clear and refreshing air wafting towards you from the falls, and know how wonderful it is to feel so alive that is difficult to take it all in. I hope this is a place that you will want to dream back to often. Grant the sounds and pictures have taken the pain away. Pause for a moment to take it all in, the sights, the sounds, the colours, the smell of fresh mountain air and the peacefulness of the falls. Now look again, and retrace your steps back down the trail along the pathway on the opposite side of the waters you came up along. When you are almost back to the foot of the trail, you may see a mother and her teenaged daughter sitting together in the place under the first footbridge you passed over. They are holding hands and have their faces lifted up in thankful prayer. The light is on their faces in a wonderful way, and that place where they are sitting is where I would like you to imagine yourself being just now. Grant this image and the sounds of angels singing softly in the still mountain air brings you comfort. May the Lord bring his gentle soothing hands to your head and grant you healing peace and quiet from within.