Exporting From Canada by Gerhard W. KautzExporting From Canada by Gerhard W. Kautz

Exporting From Canada

byGerhard W. Kautz

Perfect | July 1, 2001

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A world of international markets opens up for your small- or medium-sized business when you begin to export your product. To succeed in your exporting venture, you will need to know what, where, and how to export.This book provides Canadian exporters and would-be exporters with easy-to-follow information and advice on the strategies and issues involved in doing business outside the country.Topics covered include: * Possible markets * Product redesign * Costs and financial issues * Export business arrangements * Resources and government funding * Paperwork and documentation * NAFTA-related issues * Agents and product promotionExporting from Canada is also a complete resource directory, including reference guides, Internet sites, and business contacts that will help you develop an unbeatable entry strategy. Practical pointers on visiting foreign countries will make your business trips run smoothly and effectively.The Canadian population is comparatively small. With Exporting from Canada, you can make your target markets significantly larger, and your product more successful. - 20101109
Gerhard Kautz is the president of GWEM Systems Limited, a Canada-based international marketing company that has done business in more than 40 countries. GWEM also established the Canadian Market Development Services, which assists foreign companies doing business in Canada. Working with foreign companies, including many US companies, ...
Title:Exporting From CanadaFormat:PerfectPublished:July 1, 2001Publisher:Self-Counsel PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION xi1 TO EXPORT OR NOT TO EXPORT 11. Why Export? 12. Which Products Can You Export? 23. Evaluate Your Company’s Track Record 34. Rethink Product Applications 45. Identify Possible Export Markets 46. Gain Management Commitment 57. Additional Information 52 COSTS OF EXPORTING 61. Marketing and Promotion Costs 62. Cost of Product Redesign 73. Cost of New Labelling and Packaging 84. Agent Commissions 95. Cost of Getting Paid 106. Transportation Costs 107. Importation Costs 108. Installation Costs 113 LEGAL ISSUES 131. Export Restrictions 132. Import Restrictions 153. Local Regulations 154. International Trade Agreements 175. Intellectual Property Protection 176. Additional Information 184 EXPORT BUSINESS ARRANGEMENTS 211. Selling Direct 212. Local Marketing Agents 223. Local Distributors 234. International Distributors 245. Local Branch Offices 246. Contractor/Subcontractor Arrangement 257. Joint Venture Companies 258. Strategic Partnering 269. Trading Houses 2710. Consolidators 2811. Additional Information 295 FINANCIAL ISSUES 301. Establishing a Price for Your Product 302. Pricing Strategy 32vi Exporting from Canada3. Methods of Foreign Payment 334. Letters of Credit 355. Financing Your Customer 376. Factoring 387. Reducing the Risk of Foreign-Exchange 388. Reducing Risk of Non-Payment 399. Canadian Export Development Corporation 4110. Additional Information 426 GOVERNMENT AND OTHER ASSISTANCE 431. Federal Government Assistance 432. Internet Contacts for Other Government Departments 453. Program for Export Market Development 474. Provincial Government Assistance 505. Trading Houses 536. Banks 537. Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade 538. International Business Groups 539. Additional Information 547 MARKET STUDY 571. What Is a Market Study? 572. International User Benefits 583. International Buyer Segmentation 594. Competition 615. Country Segmentation 636. Market Potential 647. Additional Information 658 MARKET-ENTRY PLANNING 681. Initial Market-Entry Activity 682. Marketing Plan and Schedule 703. Marketing Costs 724. Cost and Schedule Planning 73Contents vii5. Market-Entry Decision and Commitment 736. Additional Information 749 MAKING YOUR FIRST COUNTRY VISIT 751. Plan Ahead 752. What to Take 773. Travel Documents 804. Travel Arrangements 815. Appointments 816. Personal Safety 827. Additional Information 8410 RETAINING AN AGENT 851. Why You Need an Agent 852. Types of Agents 883. Issues to Consider 924. Identifying Potential Agents 945. The Agent Selection Process 956. The Agent Contract 987. The Agent Relationship 1008. Additional Information 10111 PROMOTING YOUR PRODUCT 1021. International Promotion 1032. Developing an International Brochure 1033. Advertising 1044. Trade Shows 1055. Government-Supported Trade Shows 1076. Government-Sponsored Trade Missions 1087. Canadian Embassy Marketing Support 1088. Customer Briefings and Seminars 1099. Concept Proposals 11110. After-Sales Service 11111. Additional Information 113viii Exporting from Canada12 EXPORT SALES CONTRACTS AND DOCUMENTATION 1141. Export Sales Contracts 1142. General Contract Provisions 1153. Documentation 1174. Commercial Documents 1195. Transportation Documents 1206. Official Documents 12113 NORTH AMERICAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENT 1251. Background 1252. Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System 1273. Tariff Reduction Schedules 1284. Rules of Origin 1285. Business Travel 1306. Business Visitors 1327. Professionals 1338. Intra-Company Transferees 1349. Traders and Investors 13510. Settling Trade Disputes 13611. Doing Business in the United States 13612. Doing Business in Mexico 13813. Additional Information 13914 EXPORTING PROBLEMS 1411. Agent Issues 1412. Competing Agents 1423. Government Corruption 1434. Sucker Bids 1435. Industrial Espionage 1446. Customer Issues 14415 SHIPPING YOUR SALES 1461. Freight Forwarders and Brokers 1462. Customs Brokers 148Contents ix3. Documentation Required 1484. Special NAFTA Requirements and Documentation 1495. Additional Information 150APPENDIXESA. NAFTA Qualifying Professions 151B. Federal Government Export Assistance Offices 155C. Provincial Government Export Assistance Offices 160D. Trade and Industry Organizations 164E. The Carnet 168GLOSSARY 171CHECKLISTS1. Legal Issues Checklist 202. Country-Visit Checklist 783. Trade Show Checklist 112SAMPLES1. Canada Customs Export Declaration Form (B-13) 1222. Certificate of Origin 131TABLES1. Business Arrangement Options 292. Agent Selection Timetable 703. Trade Show Timetable 704. Brochure Timetable 715. Travel Arrangement Timetable 716. Budgetary Market Entry Costs 727. Typical Market Entry Schedule and Cost ($) 738. Canadian Embassy Trade Services 1109. Incoterms 118WORKSHEETS1. Country Evaluation Worksheet 662. Agent Type Worksheet 933. Agent Questionnaire Worksheet 96 - 20110713