Go Team!: Take Your Team To The Next Level by Ken BlanchardGo Team!: Take Your Team To The Next Level by Ken Blanchard

Go Team!: Take Your Team To The Next Level

byKen Blanchard, Alan Randolph, Peter Grazier

Paperback | June 10, 2007

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All of us in the today's workforce are called upon more and more to work effectively in teams. But do you know how to build a team that truly takes advantage of the knowledge, experience, and motivation of its members? Most of us don't, and we quickly become frustrated, give up, and opt to go it alone—not a good solution in today's business environment. Fortunately, there is a better way. Here, expert authors Ken Blanchard, Alan Randolph, and Peter Grazier outline a 3-step process that will help you transform any kind of team into a Next-Level Team—one that uses all team members' ideas and motivation more effectively, makes better use of team members’ and team leaders’ time, and generates benefits for individual team members, the team, and the organization. Designed as a working guide filled with detailed instructions for people who want to build high performing teams, Go Team! will lead you, step by step, to great results. Through discussions, case examples, and questions to consider, you and your teammates will learn how to share information to build high levels of trust and responsibility; set clear boundaries to create the freedom for team members to act responsibly; and develop self-managing skills to make good team decisions. With Go Team! as a guide, you’ll find that working in a team can be fun, satisfying, and highly productive.
Ken Blanchard is founder and chief spiritual officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies. He is the author or coauthor of numerous bestselling books, including The One Minute Manager, The Secret, Full Steam Ahead!, Whale Done!, and Managing By Values. Alan Randolph is a consulting partner with the Ken Blanchard Companies and a professor at...
Title:Go Team!: Take Your Team To The Next LevelFormat:PaperbackDimensions:168 pages, 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.47 inPublished:June 10, 2007Publisher:Berrett-koehlerLanguage:English

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INTRODUCTION MOVING TEAMWORK TO THE NEXT LEVEL People in organizations today are increasingly being called upon to work in teams. This is because the work of organizations has become amazingly complex and changes occur constantly. More and more, companies around the world are using teams to deal with this dynamic world of work. Unfortunately, too few people really understand how to build a team that puts into action the knowledge, experience, and motivation of its people. We do not have to look very far to see numerous examples of failed team efforts—be they in sports, business, or government. Therefore, it is no surprise that people often give up on the idea of teams and try to go it alone. We do not believe that is an effective solution for today’s workplace. Go Team! is our game plan for building better teams— Next Level Teams. What are Next Level Teams, and what benefits do they bring to the table? First, the benefits: Next Level Teams Use all team members’ ideas and motivation Make better use of the team members’ and team leader’s time 2 Increase productivity and satisfaction for you, your team, and the organization Second, what are Next Level Teams? They are teams that can Use information sharing to build high levels of trust and responsibility Use clear boundaries to create the freedom to act responsibly Use self-managing skills to make team decisions and get great results Once the picture of a Next Level Team is clear, you and your team members can assess how you operate now. Then you can begin the process of becoming a Next Level Team that gets great results. Those of you who are fans of Ken Blanchard books will notice that Go Team! is a departure from Ken’s easy-reading business parables. This book is intended to be a working guide filled with detailed instructions for people who want to build high performing teams. Go Team! will take you through three steps to great results: Step 1 Begin learning Next Level skills Step 2 Accelerate the change Step 3 Master the skills Each step is designed to guide your team to the Next Level. As you, your team members, and your leader move through the book together, responsibility will shift naturally from your leader to your team. You will learn how to use your ideas more effectively, make excellent team decisions, and feel the pride of having contributed in new and more meaningful ways. 3 Your leader will also appreciate your team’s move to the Next Level because he or she will have new opportunities to help the team. What leader hasn’t been frustrated by a lack of time to plan work, think ahead, receive training, coach team members, or investigate new equipment that may be needed in the future? As your group moves to become a Next Level Team, you will enhance creativity, increase satisfaction, develop a sense of group pride, and achieve outstanding results. You will suddenly find your team soaring above the ordinary. Learn what Next Level Teams are and what they can do. Then use this book as a resource and take three steps with your team to get great results. Enjoy the journey—and get ready to soar!

Table of Contents

Introduction: Moving Teamwork to the Next Level

ONE Understanding Next Level Teams: A Picture of Your Future

Step 1–begin learning next level skills
TWO Use Information to Build Responsibility
THREE Clarify Boundaries to Create Focused Action
FOUR Act Like a Team to Promote Shared Involvement

Step 2–accelerate the change
FIVE Share More Information to Enhance Trust
SIX Widen the Boundaries to Promote Greater Freedom for Action
SEVEN Make Team Decisions to Create a Sense of Power

Step 3–master the skills
EIGHT Use Information to Drive Great Results
NINE Replace Boundaries with Vision and Values
TEN Be a Next Level Team and Get Great Results
ELEVEN Congratulations: Your Team Has Made It to the Next Level
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Editorial Reviews

“Shows how to take your team to the next level in a detailed three-step process that improves information sharing, sets boundaries, and ultimately frees everyone to more comfortably use their self-management skills.”
The Globe and Mail

“Regardless of where you work and the type of team you belong to, this book will help you ‘soar above the ordinary.’”
Business Times