The Non-judgemental Christian: Five Lessons That Will Revolutionize Your Relationships by John Kuypers

The Non-judgemental Christian: Five Lessons That Will Revolutionize Your Relationships

byJohn Kuypers

Paperback | September 1, 2004

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<_o3a_p>With over 120 scripture quotes, this book shows how non-judgment (Mt 7:1) is a path to knowing God's love for you at its deepest level.  Daily miracles happen when you realize how to stop shutting GOD OUT of your daily decisions and choices.  When you judge, you are playing God yourself.  You leave no room for God's love or His will in your life.

This is a transformational book for Christians who want to be happier and wiser.  The five bible-based lessons in this book are based on one teaching by Jesus, who said, "You judge by human standards; I pass judgment on no one." (Jn 8:15) Of course, it is a teaching and not a command. We are free to judge others or not.  Jesus merely warns us that we will be judged in the same measure that we give to others.

Do you believe it is possible to know God's Will in the face of marital troubles?  Parent-child discord?  Job loss?  Personal attacks and rejection? Tough daily decisions about jobs, money and love? This book will help you handle difficult<_o3a_p> situations that push your buttons, trigger negativity and repeat old habits.  Non-judgment is a path to greater happiness, knowing what God wants for you and trusting in Him in all things. 

This book will be embraced by Christians of all denominations and includes thought-provoking questions that make it an excellent small group study book.

About The Author

About the AuthorJohn Kuypers is the son of Dutch farmers who emigrated to Ontario, Canada in the 1950’s.  The second of five children, John’s early life was profoundly influenced by the incredible demands on his family from his severely mentally handicapped older brother, who passed away into the Lord’s loving hands in 2003.  John was ...

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Customer Reviews of The Non-judgemental Christian: Five Lessons That Will Revolutionize Your Relationships


Extra Content

From the Author

Dear Reader,I have been gratified at the great number of readers who have been heartened by the near-miraculous impact that being non-judgmental about a given person or situation has had on their lives.  Wives who have found ways to love critical and hard-to-please husbands.   Women confessing to long-ago abortions and finding healing and peace late in life.  Spouses in tears acknowledging they have treated one another poorly and repenting of their ways.  Non-judgment removes plank from our eyes so we can truly see the present moment as it really is.  Many fear this.  "Be not afraid," said Jesus.  I hope you will have the courage and self-confidence to embrace this teaching in order to do what you need to do to love your neighbour.   Then you will know the peace that surpasses all knowing, and that's all that is in it for you.  Is there anything else worth having? Wishing you the bottomless love of Jesus,John Kuypers

Read from the Book

ForewordWelcome!  I greet you in the name of God our Father, Jesus His precious Son and the Holy Spirit.  You are about to read a book that invites you to revolutionize your relationships–with love!  Love is what we are all searching for, hoping for and aching for.   Love is why we want to please our mom and impress our dad.  Love is why we get married and have children.  Love is the reason Jesus came to this earth–to show us the Way.When love is missing, we hurt deeply and profoundly.   With nearly one in two marriages ending in divorce, even among Christians, we have learned to abandon each other rather than face the pain.  The result is broken trust, simmering anger and fragile hearts.  Children grow up in one-parent homes, lifesavings are wiped out and dreams are destroyed.  For those who remain committed “till death do us part,” many will endure a lifetime of shared loneliness—married in body but divorced in spirit.Divorce is against Christian teaching.  Marriage without love is a spirit-crushing alternative.  The Lord has called me, a judgmental man, to speak out on one extraordinary solution: “Do not judge.” (Mt 7:1 NIV)  On this foundation, I humbly offer you five lessons that will feed the fire of the love of the Holy Spirit from within yourself.  These lessons are often based on my own real-life experiences because judgments are the intentions that lie buried deeply within a person’s heart, and the only heart I have full access to is my own.  At times, the detail is personal and revealing, which is needed to illustrate the surgically precise nature of transforming our judgmental, sinful nature.  I ask you to respect the fact that the stories that support these five lessons are not about the characters.  They are people I love whom God has used to humble me for His glory.  Judgments feed on each other like a cancer.  Scripture tells us that it is the Christian man who must take the lead to break this vicious cycle.  St. Paul wrote, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy.”  (Eph 5:25:26 NIV) Paul further describes this as “holy and blameless” in Ephesians 5:27.   Blameless means “without judgment.”  For this reason, the lessons are often written from a man’s perspective.  If you are a Christian woman and do the same, then surely you will both be blessed with a joyful marriage, centered children and loving relationships throughout your lives!John KuypersSeptember 2004

Table of Contents

Lesson 1:  You Set Them Free

Lesson 2:  You are Real, Not Nice

Lesson 3:  You are Compassionate, Not Righteous

Lesson 4:  You are Wise, Not Smart

Lesson 5:  You are Purposeful, Not Successful

Editorial Reviews

 Pastors enthusiastically endorse this book :"Truly, THE NON JUDGMENTAL-CHRISTIAN has made my list of top ten life-changing books of my Christian life." Anglican Pastor Ron Horst"Last week, two of my church members gave me your book "The Non-Judgmental Christian" and I must confess I had a hard time putting it down. You ideas are so simple yet profound and life changing." Pentecostal Reverend Michael Versluis"This book offers experienced, proven advice on building satisfying personal relationships.  John Kuypers draws on the Bible in a refreshing way.  I highly recommend his book!"  Christian Reformed Pastor Arie Van Eek Wonderful book for Growing in Grace, Dec 30 2004Reviewer: Jimmy Mack (Saint John, NB) This book is about what it means to BE a Christian (sanctification). Kuypers uses a lot of personal anecdotes but the book transcends its original self-help purpose. Kuypers starts out wanting to help us improve our relationships, but what he achieves, beyond that, is a transparent exploration of his own journey toward a Christian self. He admits to not achieving perfection, but through the 5 Lessons he explores what it means to think like Christ and how maturing as a child of Christ means evolving a non-judgmental mindset that affects every aspect of your life. This includes your personal goal-setting and your interactions with others. It's impossible for the author to cover every aspect of Christian life in one book (that's what the Bible is for) and as a very personal text, he doesn't fully explore the idea of vocation. Yet, this overview of the Non-Judgmental Christian mindset delves deeply into ways of thinking and interacting that could positively change the way people experience you. For me, the best part of the book is the exploration of the non-judgmental Jesus: how He was neither a "hammer," a "doormat" nor a "rescuer" of people. Kuypers explains that other people are what God wants them to be (He is sovereign) and that we aren't supposed to try to change others to suit our idea of what they should be -- even with the best of intentions.I can't imagine a single Christian, especially Christian men, who will not be affected by this powerful book. Don't miss it. Challenging Preconceptions Through Self-Examination, Dec 8 2004Reviewer: Wade Van Bostelen (Hamilton, ON)In this easy to read format, John outlines the ways that people create barriers that hurt each other and themselves. Baring his soul through sharing his own experiences, John's book serves as a study guide specifically designed for men to help improve their relationships with their spouses. This book also serves a secondary purpose for all who read it - men and women alike - to examine themselves to see what they are doing to damage their relationships. This is well worth the read!