People's Power by Hugo BonjeanPeople's Power by Hugo Bonjean

People's Power

byHugo Bonjean

Paperback | March 1, 2011

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"My father was a good man, despite the murders people know his for." That's what David Green's Daughter, Tessa, tells us. But can a killer have a good heart?

This tale is told through the eyes of those who knew the later David Green, a murder to most, inspiring soul and sustainable farmer to others. In this story you will bear witness to a man's torment in choosing between the love or darkness in his heart, and the love or darkness in the world.

In a time when paper contracts and money are valued over dying hearts, A People's Power will lead you on an emotional journey into the depths of your own soul. You will come to realize not only your complicity in the world we've created, but also your power to change it.

Hugo Bonjean was born in Antwerp, Belgium.  As a critical thinker with a strong sense for humanitarian issues and justice, he decided to study Social and Political Sciences at the University of Louvain.  However, when he realized that a world revolving around money could only become sustainable through understanding and adjusting its d...
Title:People's PowerFormat:PaperbackDimensions:296 pages, 9 × 6 × 0.75 inPublished:March 1, 2011Publisher:Eagle VisionLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from Awesome story and a true inspiration - Hugo, I have just finished reading "A People's Power" and want to share my feelings with you. This book moved me like no other book I have ever read. Your first two books were also an amazing education and a life changing experience for me personally and I was anxiously awaiting your third book. A People's Power was far beyond my expectations and touched the inner depths of my soul. I will share this book with friends and give as future gifts to my family ( some are educators) in hopes that it will be an eye opener for all. Please continue the beautiful work you are doing in bringing all the global injustices to light. Your gift is a blessing to the earth and it's people.
Date published: 2012-02-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from As his other writings, this is an exeptional timly and informative read I think that a lot more people have to become aware about how our food chain has been tampered with. Hugo Bonjean describes it in one particular case like no one else can. With his fiction he has done excellent research to bring across a very timly topic and makes the reader aware that GMO foods are not substantially the same, even though some corporations may state that claim. But the book goes deeper, showing the farmers life and how they try to survive in a world where food has become a comodity. A must read for those that like to make a change.
Date published: 2012-01-15

Editorial Reviews

PRAISE FOR A PEOPLE’S POWER“A riveting novel! I was on the edge of my seat till the very end. A People’s Power is a masterfulstory that unveils the root causes of social and environmental injustice. It will challenge everybelief you have. Let it inspire and empower you!”– Maude Barlow, Chair & founder, Council of Canadians and bestselling author of Blue Covenant. "A People’s Power tells the story of our times when corporate power and corporate greed havebecome threats to life and freedom. A must read for anyone who cares about the earth, people andabout real democracy."– Dr. Vandana Shiva, physicist, activist and bestselling author. “Hugo Bonjean’s A People’s Power is a work of fiction that reaches deep into the soul and revealstruths about the nature and cause of the gap between human possibility and reality far beyond thereach of nonfiction. This is not a story to be sampled or skimmed. It must be experienced page bypage from beginning to end. I do not recall any book that so moved me.”– David Korten, board chair, YES! Magazine and bestselling author of Agenda for a New Economy and When Corporations Rule the World. “A People’s Power is a story of corporate power and abuse, and the strength of the human spirit to riseabove it. As a person who has fought a corporation for nine years all the way to the Supreme Courtfor justice, freedom of speech and especially freedom for farmers, reading this story was veryemotional. Besides being a captivating read, this book provides the reader with an awareness of theongoing tragedies in farming communities the world over.”– Percy Schmeiser, of the documentary film Percy Schmeiser: David versus Monsanto, Right Livelihood Laureate, and farmer. "A People's Power is a novel that winds its way through the very real events, institutions, andtragedies that make reining in corporate power and greed the most urgent priority of the 21stCentury. After 20 years on the front lines in the war against corporate abuses I haven't read a storythat cuts to the essence of the issues so well while touching the heart so profoundly. Read it and letit be your call to action. Together, we are A People's Power!"– Michael Marx, Executive Director, Corporate Ethics International. “A spellbinding story of one man’s quest for environmental justice while grappling with the forcesof corporate greed—A People’s Power raises powerful questions for our collective future.”– Diane Dreher, Prof. of English, Santa Clara University, California and bestselling author of TheTao of Inner Peace and Your Personal Renaissance. “A People's Power personalizes the saga of the corporate takeover of our food supply chain, slowlyunfolding its effect on one family’s destiny. Through tears of joy and grief, through chills ofabhorrence and awe, I emerged from this all too real story feeling it vindicates the viewpoints,otherwise oftentimes categorized as overly idealistic or utopian, of hard-scrabble farmers andranchers like my neighbors and myself on the edge of the prairie around Bear Butte where it ispartly set. Similar to the protagonist, we refuse to accept that we are damned if we do and damnedif we don’t, just because our independent businesses are part of the primary sector. Every highschool teacher should assign this book.”– Talli Nauman, organic grower, contributing editor Native Sun News, Black Hills, South Dakota. "A People's Power is a captivating book of a man's deep contemplation of life, compassion and justice.The story weaves together the struggles surrounding land reform, food security, eco-justice and a corporate world depriving a common man his peace of mind. A People's Power is timely, for it bringsout the need for the world to redefine its relationship to the sacredness of Mother Earth."– Tom B.K. Goldtooth, (Dakota), Executive Director, Indigenous Environmental Network, and co-producer of the award winning documentary film, Drumbeat for Mother Earth. “A People’s Power spoke to me in many ways, as a mother, farmer and farm leader. I avidly followedDavid Green on his journey of discovering what is truly essential in life and how sometimes our only choices are our reactions to the events beyond our control. It echoes my life. As a family, we have sought alternatives to the current dysfunctional system and have formed relationships with other farmers and eaters to rebuild a more localized food system. We have come to the same conclusion as David Green – love, community and a close and caring relationship with the natural world around us will nurture us in ways that money cannot measure.”– Joan Brady, Women’s President, National Farmers Union. “A People's Power is a gripping novel that explores the deep alienation and contradictions inherent in our global, capitalist, agricultural food system by recounting the dramatic dislocation of a struggling farming family confronted by these destructive forces. Bonjean presents us with a thoroughly researched, deep reflection on the need for vibrant and healthy communities with ‘good, clean, and fair food.’ His themes are central to the philosophy and preoccupations of the modern Slow Food movement and I would urge everyone to read this book!”– Dr. Sinclair Philip, executive member Slow Food Canada, recipient of the Nation's Table Awardfrom the Governor General of Canada, Co-owner of Sooke Harbour House. “A People’s Power sheds truth on the realities of agriculture in North America today with such simple clarity. I am a farmer and was stunned to read some of the exact conversations my husband and I have had. The despair and futility echo our own situation as farmers who were swept up in corporate bullying of ‘go big or go home.’ Corporate greed has stripped us of our livelihood. I’m grateful for Bonjean’s gift of storytelling as it helped me to understand our farm situation a little better.”– Roxanna Martens; former pork producer. “The plot and characters of A People’s Power reach the heart of many generations on many levels. For anyone who has taken up a cause for the community, this story will reconfirm the reason you cared.”– Frances Dover, Community leader and columnist. “A People’s Power is an important and timely contribution to the evolving consciousness of humanity search to design economic institutions that can function sustainably within natural laws and respect the magnificence of Mother Earth.”– Alvin Manitopyes, First Nations Elder, Plains Cree/ Saulteaux Nations “As a mother I identified with the characters in A People’s Power. It touched my soul and took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride, from anger to laughter to heartfelt sadness. But through my tears it inspired and empowered me to act and create a better world for my child. A brilliant story!”– Melaine Sax, mother and fan. “A People’s Power lays bare the powerful forces that control the global economy while offering a vision of an alternative ‘economy of love.’ It demonstrates the amazing ability of the human spirit to overcome adversity, and to respond to the power of evil with the power of love. It stirred within me a compassion for the victims of an unjust economic system and reinforced the desperate need to work for social justice and defense of the earth.”– Kurt Struckmeyer, writer and theologian, Mustard Seed School of Theology. “A People’s Power is a novel so real that everyone will find some part of their story in it. The various dimensions of a person’s life, the ups and downs, life and death are so powerfully illustrated in this story that it undoubtedly will touch the reader’s heart. Once you start reading you will not want to leave this vivid story until you finish.”– Syed B. Soharwardy, Imam. “This tale weaves a complex tapestry of relationships in a journey that explores a plethora of strategies to redress the consequences of power and seek change. Those who have been part of the struggle related to corporate agriculture will recognize the paths taken and all will see points to ponder. The surprise ending lies in the balance between violence and love.”– Lorette Picciano, Executive Director, Rural Coalition/Coalición Rural. "As a reader not prone to the fiction genre, I found this to be a riveting novel. A People's Power is a spectacular read with well-rounded characters and a depth of story that engaged my intellectual side while capturing my heart. It was impossible to put the book down. Highly recommended!"– Marcie Van De Vorst, assistant manager, Chapters Polo Festival, Winnipeg. “Hugo Bonjean writes from that place deep within that is the source of all people’s power. In thought provoking fiction he calls humanity to examine the truth and consequences of our choices.Is there hope for a society that does not hold corporations responsible in the same way it does individuals? This book is a must read for anyone on the path to a more meaningful existence!”– Duane Guina, Executive Director Earthcare Connections. “As the scientific evidence against the safety of GM food grows, A People’s Power goes straight to theheart of the issue, focusing on the negative effect that ‘toxic rescue’ agriculture is having, not only on our food supply, but on individuals and communities everywhere.”– Tony Marshall, organic farmer, Highwood Crossing, and recipient of Alberta’s Innovation InAgriculture Award. “Thought provoking and inspirational, A People’s Power will give you ‘food for thought’ on current practices not only in agriculture and agribusiness but on the choices we make every day that influence our families, communities and our health.”– Kevin Bresee, farmer. “A heart-wrenching, yet hopeful tale, so beautifully told, that inspires us to wake up, to feel, to question our own complicity in an economic system that is a threat to life on Earth. Let this be a rallying cry that ignites our passion to protect what we love and empowers us to build a new economy that restores and serves all that we truly treasure. ”– Judy Wicks, co-founder, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) “A novel; a totally absorbing story that challenges the morality of the driving forces behind today's local and world economies. This is a story that will revolutionize our thinking, question our values and lead us to act in ways more appropriate for a sustainable future.”– Marilyn Milavsky, social artist and community leader. “A People’s Power is a contemporary David and Goliath tale of a man searching for his place in thefree market that may not be so free. Besides being a compelling read, the last few pages are certainly worth traveling the journey with David Green and his family.”– Dylan Sinclair, Social Studies teacher. “Wow. Hugo Bonjean’s new book A People's Power took me on an emotional rollercoaster and I enjoyed the environmental, social and economic discussions woven into the story . . . and the ending is unforgettable. It is really making me think and re-think.”– Randal Arsenault, Environmental Science Instructor, Lethbridge College. “This novel is a story that links in a sophisticated and emotional way all the social, political and economic aspects of our society that are at the core of our disintegrating world. You will realize your power to transform the status quo by being the change you want to see.”– Jamal Ali for The Post, a Publication of the Parkland Institute, University of Alberta. “The raw emotions of the events in this story brought me literally to tears. However, it didn’t leave me burdened but rather refreshed, rejuvenated and empowered. Once you read this book, living alife of purpose and connection will no longer be a distant ideal but a reality achievable with the perseverance of your spirit.”– Calvin Evans, student, Masters of Science in Business Administration Candidate. “A People’s Power is a profound, provocative piece of fiction which illustrates, from various perspectives, the complicated organization of today’s system which leads one to ‘play the game’ of life and ignore the actions that ripple across humanity.”– Carien Vandenberg, Applied Research Technician, School of Innovation, Olds College.