The Quotable Doctor Who: Quotes about Dr Who - Volume One by Colin M JarmanThe Quotable Doctor Who: Quotes about Dr Who - Volume One by Colin M Jarman

The Quotable Doctor Who: Quotes about Dr Who - Volume One

EditorColin M Jarman

Paperback | November 10, 2010

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THE QUOTABLE DOCTOR WHO - Dr Who Quotes: Volume One is a fully comprehensive collection of 2000 thematic quotations about the world's longest-running sci-fi television show Doctor Who ... and the time-traveling Time Lord himself, The Doctor.


This deeply-researched and well-presented compendium covers all eleven TV incarnations of the Doctor since 1963 - both character and actor - William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant & Matt Smith, as well as other Film and TV Doctors: Peter Cushing & William Hurndall.


The Quotable Doctor Who includes comments and quotes about all The Doctor's regular companions (from Sarah Jane Smith to Rose Tyler to Amy Pond) as well as 'one-off' companions plus Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT.


There are also special sections on the TARDIS, the Sonic Screwdriver, Regeneration, Science Fiction, Behind the Sofa, Special Effects, Music, Fashion, Sex, Technobabble, Female Doctors, the three Doctor Who movies and the TV spin-offs such as K-9 & Company, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.


Further sections include comparing Doctor Who to Star Trek, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes and other Film / TV shows and fictional characters.


Future Volumes in The Quotable Doctor Who series include:

Volume Two: Monsters, Enemies & Other Characters - to be published Spring 2011

Volume Three: Complete Episode Guide for Classic Who (1963-89) - to be published Fall 2011

Volume Four: Complete Episode Guide for the New Series (2005-11) - to be published Fall 2011

Title:The Quotable Doctor Who: Quotes about Dr Who - Volume OneFormat:PaperbackDimensions:250 pages, 6.69 × 9.61 × 0.55 inPublished:November 10, 2010Publisher:Blue Eyed BooksLanguage:English

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Sample quotations from The Quotable Doctor Who - Volume One ...  "I love this show as much as ever. I can still catch a Jon Pertwee repeat on UK Gold and be happy as a Zygon."Russell T. Davies in The Guardian (2005)  "I hadn't understood the beauty of sci-fi before Doctor Who came into my world." Billie Piper (2006)  "Doctor Who named 'most successful SF series' by Guinness Book of Records: Suck it Star Trek!"Margaret Lyons in Entertainment Weekly (2009)  "Doctor Who is not a name, but a question to which we're still learning the answer." on "Doctor Who and Christmas go together like marmite and cheese. Or marmite and jam. Or whatever the hell English people eat marmite with. The point is, they go together well." Teresa Jusino on (2007)  "Despite the new Doctor Who being shot in Wales, partially financed by Canada, and licensed in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and much the rest of the world, Doctor Who is simply British." Shawn Shimpach, Television in Transition (2010)  On being asked if his consumption of jelly babies rotted his teeth - "Thankfully my teeth regenerate like The Doctor."Tom Baker - 4th Doctor  "Doctor Who is always brought back to Earth. It's not about fighting aliens on the planet Zog. It's about real people."Christopher Eccleston - 9th Doctor (2005)  "It's the same show! And the story continues. I'm playing the same man William Hartnell was playing. I just have a slightly different wig."David Tennant - 1oth Doctor (2009)  "The Tenth Doctor's first action in defence of the Earth was to pick up a sword. The Eleventh doesn't look like he could even lift a sword."Stuart Ian Burns on (2010) "The Doctor is James Bond but cooler. Bond gets a boat, the Doctor gets a time machine."Matt Smith - 11th Doctor (2010) "The Doctor's true name is unknown, although his nickname at school was Theta Sigma, which is presumably Gallifreyan for 'speccy git.' "Robert Colvile in The Daily Telegraph (2010)  "The TARDIS may have been impressively roomy but it would still only be a changing room for Superman." Steve Tomkins in Third Way (2006)  "The 'timey-wimey' get out explanation - the Sonic Screwdriver of words."'Camera Obscura' on (2009)