Riding Temptation by Jaci BurtonRiding Temptation by Jaci Burton

Riding Temptation

byJaci Burton

Paperback | October 7, 2008

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He’s a biker working undercover for the Feds. She joined the Wild Riders for reasons of her own. Together, they’re burning up the asphalt and tearing headlong into danger and passion…

Ever since runaway Jessie Matthews teamed up with the gang of special ops bikers, the guys of the Wild Riders have thought of her as their kid sister. Except for Diaz Delgado. Over the past few years he’s been watching the budding of a ripe young woman. Jessie’s glad somebody finally sees her for who she is—and she’s thrilled it’s Diaz. His dark good looks and killer body have tempted her since day one.

Diaz’s unbrotherly urges have been hard to fight but the last thing he’d want to do is hurt Jessie and break up the gang. But when they both go undercover to infiltrate a group of killer survivalists, he knows it’ll be hard to keep his distance—especially when the mission takes a risky turn. Now Diaz has no choice but to open himself up to the one woman who may be strong enough to take him on.
Jaci Burton is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author who lives in Oklahoma with her husband and dogs. She has three grown children who are all scattered around the country having lives of their own. A lover of sports, Jaci can often tell what season it is by what sport is being played. She watches entirely too much televisi...
Title:Riding TemptationFormat:PaperbackDimensions:320 pages, 8.25 × 5.5 × 0.85 inPublished:October 7, 2008Publisher:Penguin Publishing GroupLanguage:English

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Rated 3 out of 5 by from Riding Temptation (Wild Riders #2) by Jaci Burton I liked this story more than what I thought I would. Bar that one little indiscretion I already spoke off, it was a joy to read. The book focused a lot on their relationship. You got to see the characters grow into themselves and their new feelings for one another. I loved how Jessie had such complete faith in Diaz and never doubted that, and to see Diaz learn to trust his feelings and himself. The actual story line its self is fast paced and smoothly written.
Date published: 2017-09-28
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Those Wild Riders certainly know how to show a girl a good time now don't they?, RIDING TEMPTATION is the second instalment from the erotic Wild Riders series and while I didn't enjoy it as much as RIDING WILD (book #1) once I was able to suspend belief with the somewhat cheesy storyline and just go along for the (ahem) ride this was a pretty good read. Jaci Burton's writing is easy, fast paced, fun, ultra steamy and holly jeez can she ever write a smoking hot love scene, encompassing just about every naughty little fantasy you've ever had. Tie that together with a team of hunky, bad boy bikers and how could you not enjoy this? Even the fact that our heroine is a virgin which I find not only over used as a plot device but unrealistic didn't bother me here because it's explained in a way that actually makes sense. As did the fact that once her virgin label was removed she was really, really into it. So like I said the storyline was neither here nor there for me, in fact all the biker gang initiation stuff was pretty silly, but the love scenes and romance make up for it. And in all honesty if hadn't spent a summer (years ago) riding around on a Harley with a guy named Fang I may have enjoyed this a whole lot more. Those were the days... Jessie Mathew came to live at the Wild Riders compound at the age of 15, rescued off the streets by their leader, a former military general now operating the Wild Riders as an elite gang of special-ops bikers. This band of former thieves and felons work alongside the government but just outside of the law and Jessie has literally grown up amongst them, leaving all of the riders to think of her as their kid sister. Now 23, Jessie's ready for her first undercover assignment. When teamed up with Diaz Delgado she couldn't be happier; he's the quiet one, the one who's always kept his distance and the one she's always wanted. Diaz meanwhile is having un-brotherly urges, finding it near impossible to keep his distance from the sweet and oh so sexy Jessie. To make matters worse they're about to infiltrate the Devil's Skulls, a bike gang suspected of gunrunning. In order to do this though they'll first have to get initiated in and (for whatever reason) initiation into the Skulls involves having a public sex session in front of the other full patch gang members. When Jessie lays her heart on the line and admits that she doesn't want her first time to be in public or to a random gang member, all bets are off for Diaz. Of course he'll take care of her `little problem' but how will he keep their hearts out of the deal? Burton has also given him one of those common tortured hero issues to deal with as well. It seems he's just not good enough for her, what with all the dark secrets and rage he's got locked inside. So while the mission keeps them together he'll enjoy the (ahem) ride but once its over, for her own sake he's going to walk away even though she'll hate him for it and his heart will break it's a price he's willing to pay. Ride on...
Date published: 2011-06-25
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Better than the first! This was the second book in the series. It was much better than the first only because the lead female character was much more likable.
Date published: 2010-07-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Better then the first! I had this book read within one day. It is exciting and suspenseful. On the team of Wild Riders the only women is looked upon as a sister by all, except one. Placed on a mission together passion sparks. There is never a dull moment in this book…already one the third one “Riding Instincts” and can’t wait to finish.
Date published: 2010-01-19
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Really enjoyed Jessie & Diaz's story... I really enjoyed this addition to the series. All the wild riders see Jessie as their little sister, except Diaz and he spends the better part of the book convincing himself that he shouldn't be with her, but it makes for some steamy writing when he caves under the sexual tension. It's a nice change in romance novels when the female character renders the male character completely helpless. Jessie and Diaz have great chemistry and overall, this was a great read. Language: Moderate to Explicit (leaning more toward Explicit) Love Scenes: 5+ Romance/Heat Factor Between Two Main Characters: Pretty hot Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Date published: 2009-12-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Thrilling, Wicked and Delightful This is a story of friends who become lovers, which is my favorite theme in a romance novel. Jessie Matthew was a 15-year-old street kid when she was caught by Mac Canfield (the hero of Riding Wild) as she was about to hotwire and steal a car. Mac rescues her from the street and takes her to “Wild Rider” headquarters where she is brought under the wing of General Grange Lee, made to get an education, and groomed to become an agent. Jessie is basically considered a sister to the rest of the guys, Spence, AJ, Paxton, Rick and Diaz who are all introduced in “Riding Wild”. They all have criminal youth backgrounds and were chosen by General Lee because of their unique talents. Jessie is now 23 years old and aching for her first assignment. She is well trained, a seasoned biker, and she is a virgin and half in love with Diaz Delgado. Diaz is my favorite of the Wild Rider men. He is pensive, tends to be a loaner, extremely intelligent, drop dead gorgeous, and he has a tortured soul that needs the love of a good woman. (lol) Like the rest of the agents, he is totally committed to his career and the current mission whatever that may be. The agent’s mission in this story is to infiltrate a biker gang, “The Devil’s Skulls”, because of information linking the gang to a group of gunrunning survivalists. Diaz is team leader working with Spence and Jessie, who is given her first assignment. Diaz has watched Jessie grow into a beautiful, independent woman who can hold her own training with the guys and is passionate about riding her motorcycle. He has more that brotherly feelings toward her but refuses to act or acknowledge them because of personal issues, and she is ‘Jessie’ and has always been protected by the guys on the team. He therefore avoids her like a plague. Jessie has been harboring feelings for Diaz for a long time and wants to be his lover. She also wants to prove herself worthy as a Wild Rider. Over the course of the mission she uses every feminine wile in the book to seduce Diaz until he can no longer resist 'temptation'. The sensual encounters between these two lovers are at times raw and wicked but also tender and beautiful. Diaz is very experienced sexually and Jessie is an extremely willing participant. Jaci Buton has a gift for writing and weaving beautiful erotic love scenes into her romance stories, and this story is no exception. I will say there are sequences involving an orgy, voyeurism and exhibitionism in this novel. However, no matter what the situation, Jaci Burton penned even some of the kinkier sex in such a way that it never offends or lacks tenderness. The action subplot is exciting and suspenseful. Ms. Burton delves into the ‘code’ that bikers live by and how riding is a passion, a way of life really. She also makes readers aware that bikers come from all walks of life. She dispels the belief that all bikers that join gangs are ‘criminals’. There is however the underlying investigation of the survivalists gunrunners that is tense and thrilling. This book is full of some exciting, action sequences and the agents find themselves involved in near death experiences on more than one occasion. The road to Jessie and Diaz's HEA is a rocky one, as he refuses to acknowledge his feelings or commit to a relationship. This hero really pushes our heroine to the edge, but I found the conclusion to their love story very gratifying. "Riding Temptation", also give readers a more insight into Spence, who is the hero of "Riding On Instinct". Spence is quite the ladies man, he prides himself on loving them and leaving them! (lol) Well, I guess time will tell.
Date published: 2009-03-13
Rated 3 out of 5 by from yummy Not bad for the second book in the Wild Riders series. It was good entertainment for a weekend read. A little sex; a little plot line with more emphasis on the sex and its emotions. As long as you don't rely heavily on the storyline, that is, government agents on assignment, the overall book was a good read. Not so steamy but enough to tease. I'm looking forward to the next book, Riding on Instinct, due out about Spring 2009.
Date published: 2008-12-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Another Great Read! Jaci Burton continues her awesome Wild Riders series about biker government agents with Riding Temptation. this is the story of Jessie, the wild child that is like a sister to the Wild Riders, and Diaz, a guy who carries around a lot of baggage from his abusive childhood. Jessie and Diaz are very attracted to each other, but don't want to act on their feelings for various reasons. When they are assigned to work together infiltrating a biker gang suspected of selling arms, they have no choice but to act on their attraction in order to pull off their cover as lovers. Riding Temptation is a hot, steamy and suspenseful read. Not only is it well worth the cover price for a trade paperback, but you will find yourself waiting impatiently for the next story in the series, due out in spring 09.
Date published: 2008-09-10