For The Sender: Four Letters. Twelve Songs. One Story. Includes CD by Alex WoodardFor The Sender: Four Letters. Twelve Songs. One Story. Includes CD by Alex Woodard

For The Sender: Four Letters. Twelve Songs. One Story. Includes CD

byAlex Woodard

Hardcover | September 18, 2012

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Sometimes a letter is like a prayer; it's more for the sender than the receiver. Singer-songwriter Alex Woodard was letting go of his best friend, a Labrador named Kona, and most of his dreams when he received a letter that would change the course of his life. What began as a song about that letter evolved into a book and album package about real-life letters, featuring Grammy-winning artists and a live show that has sol d out every performance and inspired thousands in its first few months. Join the Hay House author and award-winning songwriter as he takes you on a moving journey of release, redemption, and realization through the letters, songs, and story of FOR THE SENDER. Proceeds generated by the songs from each letter go to a cause of the sender's choice. CD INCLUDED
When he’s not surfing in a little beach town north of San Diego, Alex lives with a big dog and a bigger horse in the mountains of Idaho. For further info, visit or
Title:For The Sender: Four Letters. Twelve Songs. One Story. Includes CDFormat:HardcoverDimensions:136 pages, 7.88 × 5.63 × 0.63 inPublished:September 18, 2012Publisher:Hay HouseLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from A creative and spiritual journey What the book is about: Singer and songwriter Alex Woodard finds himself at a crossroads in his life. The loss of his beloved Labrador, Kona, as well as confusion about his own personal direction and his unfulfilled career ambitions send him into a prolonged state of introspection. But this is far from a solitary journey. It is a creative and collaborative adventure, shared with friends and strangers, and guided by written letters that serendipitously appear in his life. The first letter is from Emily, who writes in response to Alex’s request for letters to inspire songs for his upcoming album. She doesn’t want a song, she just wants to thank him for his music, and tell him how it has helped her cope with the death of her great love. Alex decides he does want to write a song for her, and he shares it with other musicians who meet at regular “family dinners” in the neighborhood. Inspired, they begin to help him create and share his gift for Emily. This is only the beginning. More letters appear, more songs are inspired, and Alex connects with more musicians and songwriters. They help him unravel and express the emotional connections he has with the stories of the letter writers. He notices that their questions, struggles, and revelations parallel his own. In the end there are 12 songs, many new friends, and a calming peace and acceptance for Alex. My thoughts about For the Sender: I can’t say that I have ever had a reading experience quite like the one I had with For the Sender. This book was a quiet and peaceful read. Its profound philosophies just melted into me, I never had to stop and think hard, or struggle to understand them. Through descriptive prose, honestly expressed emotions, and poetic lyrics it felt more like the book was being sung to me, like a gentle lullaby. There are so many spiritual books about self-discovery that encourage you to focus on yourself first and foremost, without discussing the importance of reaching out to others. Alex’s truths are revealed through his active connection with the letter writers and his fellow musicians, his willingness to share his talents with them unconditionally, and receive their love and talents in return. His community supports him, challenges him, and enlightens him in a way he never would have experienced going solo. His writing delicately highlights the magic of these connections - the planets aligning /right place at the right time miracles that never fail to leave me awestruck. As I read about Alex’s chance meeting with Jack Tempchin, writer of the Eagles’ “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and how Jack quickly agreed to collaborate on a song with Alex, I get goosebumps. We have all had the thrill of experiencing the perfect-ness of a creative collaboration at least once in our lives. But I have rarely seen it written about the way that Alex Woodard presents it in For the Sender. He takes us step by step through the practical motions of each song project, while sharing the deep life lessons revealed in the process. After sharing this journey with him, we are able to listen to several of the final song recordings on a CD that accompanies the book, and feel the same sense of joy and completeness that the music brought to others. For the Sender is a book about the amazing healing and transformational power of togetherness. It gifts us with deep lessons about our natural state of being - we are always at our best when connected with others. In its beauty and simplicity, it presents a path for growth and understanding that is familiar and intuitive – something we once knew, but somehow forgot. My favorite quotes from For the Sender: “Under my breath I tell myself to stay out of the way, to trust the process. Lately I’m finding that sometimes what I want isn’t really what I need and the right things seem to happen if I’m patient.” “All these songs I’ve had a hand in, about someone else’s story and rarely sung in my voice, and I’m happier than ever. It’s my same dream of making a moment in someone’s life better with a song, but it looks different now. I laugh as I realize I call myself a songwriter, but I haven’t written a song about myself in months.” I received the advanced copy of this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
Date published: 2012-08-25
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Touching the center of your soul A good book resonates with your heart. Good music resonates with your soul. So what happens when a talented songwriter pens a memoir? You’re taken one step closer to understanding life. That may sound a little over the top, but the pure emotion that flows from Alex Woodard’s For the Sender can hardly be contained within its small size. The short book and accompanying CD tap into rich veins of creativity, sorrow, pride, despair, and most of all, love. Woodard’s songwriting background brings a richness to his writing that allows us the honor of feeling our way through the story of his life, reveling in his accomplishments and crying with his tragedies. In fact, it only took me 14 pages into the book before I finally had to give in and get a box of Kleenex. Woodard’s life story and the letters of inspiration he used to write the book are both emotionally wrenching and life giving at the same time. The song lyrics he includes aren’t just poetic, they’re cathartic, helping move the reader through the sometimes-painful memories each song unearths. Since the universe is always on our side, it’s easy for me to see why this particular book made its way to me at this time in my life. Within the first few pages, I was hooked into Woodard’s storyline, feeling my own life mirrored in his discontent of dreaming for a better life for himself. While I’m not an aspiring songwriter or musician, I think he adequately captures the denseness of living a life that isn’t quite fulfilling. For the Sender is more than Woodard’s life story. It’s a story of how he came to accept and understand his life by reframing the stories of others through songwriting. Those stories come in the form of four letters he received over a period of several years and the 12 songs that were written from each letter’s inspiration. In all, the letters and songs connect us to Woodard’s life and our own stories, which are as natural as the world can be. The four letters Woodard received became inspiration for Woodard and some of his musician friends, pushing their creativity to capture the feelings and emotions emanating from the letters’ authors. The letters came from four women, sharing their intensely personal stories. Woven throughout the storylines of each letter is Woodard’s reflection on his own life. We see his anguish over the loss of his best friend—a black Labrador named Kona—who died in his lap. His companion was a benchmark for Woodard and his dreams and her death helped clarify where his life was headed. Until he received the first letter from Emily, he had concentrated solely on writing about himself, using songwriting as a form of self-expression and emotional release. The letters helped Woodard see life through a different filter: that of other people. He realized he could express the raw emotions of others through his songwriting and in the process, solidified his own thoughts and feelings on life and spirituality. Woodard’s reflection on the letters and his own struggles with life help him understand the shared experiences of everyone on Earth. He understands that the letters are written more for the sender’s benefit than for the receiver. Yet the ideas, emotions, hopes and dreams of the letters are so universal that they can be appreciated by anyone. Reading For the Sender, I felt privileged to peek into the creative process of Woodard and his friends. Like alchemists, the songwriters sifted through the words of each letter and distilled the bare essence of the sender’s souls. What remains is pure, clear insight into the human condition and a soothing tonic for understanding the world in a new way. From a self-development perspective, I enjoyed watching Woodard’s growth through the songwriting process and ultimately his own changing consciousness. His understanding of conscious creation comes through as he breaks down his own self-defeating thought processes and begins to understand his role in creating his life. Ultimately, he realizes that life is best experienced when he drops expectations, when he stops trying to control every detail of his life. That’s a hard concept to process, let alone experience, but he gets there one day while surfing in the Pacific. For the Sender does tug on the heartstrings in a most blatant manner. I attribute this to Woodard’s poetic writing style that eliminates extraneous details in order to focus on the things that matter most to him and the women who penned the letters that inspired his songs. It’s a quick and easy read but is one that is sure to stir your own deep emotions and leave you feeling hopeful for the future. FTC Disclosure notice I received this advanced copy of the book for free from Hay House Publishing for review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the product.
Date published: 2012-07-15

Editorial Reviews

"Alex Woodard's For The Sender radiates with love and is a beautiful tribute to the resilience of the human spirit."- Deepak Chopra, MD, spiritual leader and #1 New York Times bestselling author"From the moment I started reading For the Sender, I couldn't stop. On a coast-to-coast flight, I finished it in one sitting, pausing only to hide my tears. Gorgeous writing and a touching story combines to make this read something special - a word-of-mouth worthy book."- Cheryl Richardson, life coach and New York Times best selling author"This is a beautifully written book with a powerful message; I read it in one sitting and absolutely loved it."- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, renowned spiritual teacher and #1 New York Times best-selling author"For The Sender is a 'can't put it down' great read that is accompanied by a wonderful soundtrack. An engaging story and concert together. Doesn't get any better than that!"- Christiane Northrup, MD, pioneer in women's health and New York Times best-selling author."A good book resonates with your heart. Good music resonates with your soul. So what happens when a talented songwriter pens a memoir? You’re taken one step closer to understanding life. The pure emotion that flows from Alex Woodard’s For the Sender can hardly be contained within its small size. The short book and accompanying CD tap into rich veins of creativity, sorrow, pride, despair, and most of all, love."- Chris Henning, Honor Your Spirit blogger"Woodard discusses the hidden elements of his soul with candid appraisal; his memoir is poetry in prose. His talent as a storyteller is apparent in his writing as well as his music. For anyone intrigued by the inner workings of the artistic mind, Woodard’s autobiography will afford a prolonged glimpse, tempered by a jarring dose of realism."- Julia Ann Charpentier, ForeWord Review"I recommend getting this book ¾ the actual book, not the ebook. Hold it in your hands and open up the pages, revealing the delicate treasures inside. It sounds like I'm overstating, but For the Sender is not just a story, it's an experience."- Mary Lavers, Cozy Little Book Journal blogger"This is an organic tapestry of words and music, melancholy and hope, giving and receiving. It began with letters. The letters triggered emotions which drew creative talent to themselves in order to achieve expression. Under the mid-wifery of singer/songwriter Woodard, it became a chain of voices, back and forth, turning loss into healing and passion into compassion. (You can read the details at Beautifully designed and lovingly presented, this will be a special gift for any one who’s heart has been opened by love."- Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight