Start & Run an Internet Research Business by Gerhard W. KautzStart & Run an Internet Research Business by Gerhard W. Kautz

Start & Run an Internet Research Business

byGerhard W. Kautz

Perfect | December 1, 2008

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Information research has shifted from something people did in libraries to something people do mostly on the Internet. But companies often don’t have the time or internal resources available to sift through the sheer volume of information on the Internet. Now, you can seek out information on behalf of clients, who will pay you for your research! Help large and small companies alike answer questions about industry trends, market conditions, mergers, competition, and other developments. There is very little money required to begin this type of business, as all you need to get started is a computer and Internet access! The best part is that you can work for yourself, on a full-time or part-time basis, out of your own home. Start & Run an Internet Research Business will show you how.
Gerhard Kautz has over 18 years' experience in international marketing. Since 1998, he has been a consultant to various companies in over 40 countries, providing them with information research services. He is the author of Exporting to Canada and Exporting from Canada, also published by Self-Counsel Press.
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Table of Contents

Introduction xi1 The Internet Research Business and You 11. The Internet Research Business 12. How Companies Find Essential Information 22.1 Manufacturing industry information research needs 32.2 Service industry information research needs 32.2a Investment firms 42.2b Information technology companies 42.2c Lawyers 42.2d Engineering and architecture firms 42.2e Business and trade organizations 42.2f Individuals needing information 42.3 Government information research needs 43. Your Internet Research Business 52 Choosing Your Specialization 71. Why You Have to Specialize 72. Assess Your Skill Set 82.1 Computer skill 82.2 Communication skills 82.3 Investigative skills 82.4 Personal skill assessment 83. Assess Your Experience 93.1 Work Experience 93.2 Hobby and sports experience 10CONTENTSiv Start & run an internet research business3.3 Educational experience 114. Overall Personal Assessment 115. Select Your Specialization 116. Changing Your Specialization 133 Your Business Model 151. What Is a Business Model? 152. The Business Opportunity 163. What Is Your Market? 164. Your Marketing Procedure 175. Your Sales Procedure 186. Your Project Work Procedure 187. Your Delivered Products 184 Your Company Structure 211. Why You Need a Company 212. Incorporated Company 223. Partnership 234. Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) 245. Sole Proprietorship 246. Recommended Company Structure 255 Pricing 271. Price Quotations 272. Overhead Cost Factors 283. Salary Expectations 304. Billable Time, Company Time, and Personal Time 305. Markup Factors 315.1 Specialization 315.2 Competition 325.3 Client understanding of personnel costs 325.4 Profit 326. Overall Pricing Approach 326 Marketing 351. Why You Must Market 352. Define Potential Clients 35Contents v3. Identify and Select Potential Clients 364. Assess Marketing Methods 374.1 Slogan 374.2 Business cards 374.3 Word of mouth 374.4 Networking 374.5 Business organizations 374.6 Website 374.7 Trade show participation 384.8 Trade show milking 384.9 Media advertising 384.10 Telephone soliciting 384.11 Direct-postal-mail advertising 384.12 Direct-email advertising 385. Marketing Time Line 396. The Marketing Plan 407 Marketing Material 411. Why You Need Marketing Material 412. Business Cards 413. Business Stationery 424. Website 434.1 Domain name 434.2 Web host 434.3 Website design 444.4 Content 454.5 Keywords 454.6 Search engine listing 455. Brochures 456. Marketing Letters 466.1 Brochure introductory letters 466.2 All-inclusive marketing letters 477. Client Response Form 488. Unsolicited Email 48vi Start & run an internet research business8 Getting the Contract 551. Types of Contracts 551.1 Contract for a specific project 551.2 General service contract 561.3 Retainer contract 562. Contents of Contracts 563. Contract Agreements 573.1 Verbal tasking 573.2 Letter contract 573.3 Purchase order 573.4 Detailed contract 584. Help the Client Close the Deal 584.1 Send the client the letter contract 584.2 Help the client draft the purchase order 584.3 Help the client draft a detailed contract 585. Written Proposal 586. Interfacing with Clients 599 Project Estimating 631. Work Breakdown Structure 632. Time Estimating 653. Labor Costs 674. Additional Costs 675. Contingency Allowance 676. Buy-in Considerations 687. Price and Delivery Quotes 6810 Time Management 711. Why You Must Manage Your Time 712. Establish Your Work Area and Work Routine 723. Project Management 744. Gathering and Storing Information 755. Multitasking 756. Recording Websites 76Contents vii11 Doing the Work 771. Verify the Client’s Needs 772. Beginning the Information Search 783. Internet Search Engines 794. Free Internet Information Sites 805. Charging Internet Information Sites 806. Misinformation, Disinformation, and Half-Truths 817. Other Information Sources 828. Drafting the Report 8312 The Business Plan 851. Why You Need a Business Plan 852. Business Opportunity 863. Deliverables 874. Company Structure 885. Potential Clients 886. Competition 897. Market Share of Clients 908. Marketing Procedure 919. Sales Procedure 9110. Project Work Procedure 9111. Working Team 9212. Projected Revenue 9213. Projected Expenses 9313.1 Personnel 9313.2 Website 9313.3 Marketing and sales costs 9313.4 Delivery cost 9313.5 Office overhead costs 9414. Profit/loss analysis 9415. Financing 9516. Future Expansion 9517. Action Time Line 96viii Start & run an internet research business13 Administration 971. The Need for Administration 972. Keeping Time Records 983. Billing the Clients 994. Collecting Payments 1015. File System 1036. Keeping Cost Records 1057. Business Accounting 1058. Tax 1068.1 Income Tax 1068.2 Other taxes 10614 Expanding Your Company 1091. Why You Should Expand 1092. Problems Associated with Expansion 1093. Phases of Expansion 1104. Subcontract Employees 1115. Office Facilities 1126. Hired Employees 1137. Company Organization 1148. Exiting the Company 115AppendixesA Business Plan for Military Budget Opportunity Service 117B Letter Contract 125C General Service Contract 127D Proposal 129E Website Request for Proposal 131F Special Task Contract 133G Retainer Contract 135H Sample Contract 137I Subcontractor Letter Contract 139 - 20110714