Storm Glass by Maria V. SnyderStorm Glass by Maria V. Snyder

Storm Glass

byMaria V. Snyder

Paperback | April 28, 2009

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As a glassmaker and a magician-in-training, Opal Cowen understands trial by fire. Now it's time to test her mettle. Someone has sabotaged the Stormdancer clan's glass orbs, killing their most powerful magicians. The Stormdancers—particularly the mysterious and mercurial Kade—require Opal's unique talents to prevent it happening again. But when the mission goes awry, Opal must tap in to a new kind of magic as stunningly potent as it is frightening. And the further she delves into the intrigue behind the glass and magic, the more distorted things appear. With lives hanging in the balance—including her own—Opal must control powers she hadn't known she possessedpowers that might lead to disaster beyond anything she's ever known.

Maria V. Snyder was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Meteorology at Pennsylvania State University in 1988, before deciding to become a novelist in 1995. Snyder graduated with a Master's degree in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in 2007. The first two books in...
Title:Storm GlassFormat:PaperbackProduct dimensions:448 pages, 8 × 5.13 × 1.33 inShipping dimensions:8 × 5.13 × 1.33 inPublished:April 28, 2009Publisher:Mira BooksLanguage:English

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Rated 4 out of 5 by from Decent spinoff! Was happy to see her writing again! Was not bad for a spinoff series as well. Still keeps you engaged and you want to know what is going to happen!
Date published: 2017-11-23
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Good character-driven sci-fi/fantasy story I've been reading Snyder's other series - which is loosely connected to this one - so I decided to give this a try, and I really enjoyed this first book. Opal is a glassmaker and magician in training, but her magic seems limited and she has no friends, so she has very little confidence in her own abilities. Unfortunately, someone is sabotaging the storm-catching orbs used by the Stormdancer Clan. The Council Magicians believe Opal may be able to figure out the problem and send her on a mission. With her goes Kade, a member of the Stormdancers who Opal is attracted to, and Opal's Magician mentor. The simple mission quickly becomes complicated by sabotage, intrigue, treachery and mysterious expansions of Opal's powers. This is a science-fiction story, so there are creative places, people and abilities that make up a good portion of the book, however, Maria Snyder writes wonderful, interesting, engaging characters and makes them so likeable that you want to root for them. The character-development is what really made this story for me. I will definitely pick up the next book in the series. A very good read.
Date published: 2011-03-25
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantasy At It's Best After reading tons and tons of books about werewolves and shifters and vampires and fairies, how would it feel to read a fantastical book where only magic resides? A pure fantasy with no huge monsters, no crazy moon phases and no bubbling cauldrons? Apparently, it would feel like a very nice change of pace – especially when that book is written by Maria V. Snyder and when it takes place in her wonderfully crafted world. My love for Maria’s books goes way back. (Okay, I know I’ve only been reading novels for fun for 17 or so months… just be quiet! I mean way back to the beginning of my reading addiction). It started when I decided that I was a little too grown up to only read YA titles anymore, but I was still a little embarrassed hesitant to dive into full on grown up paranormal romance material. I did my research and discovered Maria’s ‘Study’ series. I fell in love with Poison Study. To this day, it’s still one of my all-time favorite books. I loved everything about it. The story, the world, the adventure and of course Yelena, Valek (Mmm Valek!…) and the many other wonderful characters. When I was finished reading the ‘Study’ series, I didn’t have to worry too much about going through Maria V. Snyder withdrawal because her ‘Glass’ series was already under way. “Storm Glass” is the first book in Maria’s newest trilogy set in the lands of Ixia and Sitia. It takes place five years after “Fire Study” and follows the adventures and misadventures of Opal Cowan, the glass magician who helped Yelena trap the bad guys into glass her figurines. Even though her magic is unique and has helped better the lives of pretty much everyone in Sitia, Opal is not a confident person. She is studying magic at the keep where she feels alone and isolated, even though she is surrounded by students. Opal is very well written. You feel her plight to fit in – her struggle to find and understand herself and where she stands in her world. I am really glad that Maria has decided to incorporate characters from her ‘Study’ series into “Storm Glass”. The mix of old and new will delight fans of her ‘Study’ series, but not overly confuse readers newly introduced to Maria’s books. Yelena and her brother Leif make an appearance. I loved their sibling banter in this book. Very funny. Leif is great at bringing a smile to your face even as you are reading about something as dire as the use of blood magic or the possible demise of the Sitian government. Master Magician Zitora Cowan is Opal’s travel escort and school mentor. Opal feels comfortable and trusting of Zitora and comes to value her friendship as well as her guidance. Their interactions on the page are delightful. The new characters we meet are plenty. Each compelling in their own way, but a few do tend to stand out. Ulrick, a fellow glass maker and potential glass magician. Devlen, a swordsman and all-around suspicious character. And Kade, the most powerful Stormdancer. Opal meets Kade when she is asked to accompany Zitora on a mission to try and discover the reason behind why the Stormdancer’s glass orbes are breaking, subsequently killing the magicians. Kade is a lovely character. A brooding hero that Opal feels an attraction towards. He tries to convince Opal of her worth. He tells her that she should be proud of who she is and of all that she has accomplished. Opal is reluctant. That is when you think Kade is charming and you think he’d be a good match for our heroine. But once the Stormdancer’s issue is resolved, Kade and Opal part ways and you are left thinking “Say what?!” Many happening make you think “Say what?!” in this book. The suspense in this story is not the kind that makes you want to throw the book across the room and bang your head against the wall. It’s the kind that makes you wonder how on earth the author came up with that idea and makes you wish you could read faster to find out how it will all come to pass. “Storm Glass” is an entertaining and exciting adventure story. You truly don’t ever know where the story is headed which makes it a fun read. The new characters are great and the revisiting characters put a smile to your face. You won’t get totally disoriented if you don’t read Maria’s ‘Study’ series first, but you will get more out of the story if you do. I recommend that you do. I’m looking forward to reading the next chapter of Opal’s adventure; because the ending will definitely make you grateful that “Sea Glass” is already in stores and that you don’t have to wait to find out what’s next.
Date published: 2010-08-24
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Time for a new hero in Sitia I was a little skeptical of reading this book at first because although Storm Glass takes place in the same world as Snyder's "Study" series, this book is centered around one of the minor characters; Opal. Having loved almost the entire main cast of the Study series, I was skeptical that little Opal could make for as good of a story as Yelena had. Luckily, my worry was very much misplaced. I was actually rather disappointed that Yelena, Valek and most of the main previous main cast had only minor, cameo appearances (since I REALLY loved them), but still, Storm Glass was a great read regardless. Opal, was still the same scared, unconfident girl that she was previously, only now we get a LOT more insight in her inner turmoils and get to see her FINALLY develop into a strong leading character. The plot was original and just as entertaining as Snyder's other works and definitely is definitely worth following. Can't wait to read the next installment, Sea Glass.
Date published: 2009-11-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fabulous Storm glass is a spinoff of her Study serie, in this new serie we follow Opal: an apprentice at the Keep and a "Glass Magician" as the Sitians say it. It's not necessary to have read the Study serie but I recommend you to do it:one because you'll be missing something awesome and second because you can more enjoy Storm Glass this way. Like with her other books Maria V. Snyder made a fabulous novel full of romance, suspence, action mysteries and with a lot of drama, it never stop! A real page turner who is different from other young adult book.
Date published: 2009-08-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Taking Readers By Storm We get a taste of Opal's life in "Fire Study" but now Maria Snyder captures hearts with a whole new heroine. Her fiery novels take us back into the country of Sitia to a girl coming of age and her struggles to find herself. Her emotions and love life as wild as the darkest storms. Opal is a girl known only by her connections, the death of her sister and her friendship with Yelena. She feels as if she doesn't belong and she fights only to feel accepted and make a name for herself, with her minimal magic skills. However she finds helping the strangest people can show you things about yourself you never once imagined and maybe, it takes getting lost to realize where home really is. Opal's heart and her experiences and faith will either save her or kill her or both. This is one book you can never escape from. It takes you by storm and locks your heart deep inside, and you have no choice but to dive head first back into Maria Snyder's world. It will captivate minds and hearts and leave readers dying for more.
Date published: 2009-07-31
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Very good continuation Writing a series is hard work, especially if you're going to do it through alternating characters, and from first person perspective. Very few authors can do it convincingly. Admittedly, when I started reading Storm Glass, since I had read the previous three novels right before, it was easy to picture Opal as Yelena. However, as the story goes on, Snyder starts to differentiate the two characters, and soon all I could hear was Opal. which was wonderful. The story itself is very well-written, somewhat painful, and very face-paced. The book leaves alot left over for future books, including unanswered questions and unresolved conflicts. I look forward to reading more of Opal's story.
Date published: 2009-07-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great spinoff! I really enjoyed the characters in "Storm Glass" and Maria Snyder has really redeemed herself after the more dismal "Fire Study", the third in her series. "Storm Glass" focuses on Opal, one of the minor figures in "Fire Study" and her abilities to capture magic in blown glass. I'm very anxious for her next book "Sea Glass" to be published - which romantic interest is Opal going to pick?? I'm rooting for Kade, the mysterious stormdancer! :-)
Date published: 2009-07-02
Rated 4 out of 5 by from pretty good spinoff It's the start of a spin off series. Set in the same universe as poison study, magic study, fire study, etc. The main character is Opal Cowen. Turns out that opal as a magical affinity for glass. She's able to insert magic into glass objects and magicians are able to use them for long distance communication. This makes Opal a valuable commodity to the Sitian council. But Opal is disappointed in being a one trick wonder. When the storm dancers call on the council for help Opal seems to be the perfect candidate to aid them. The Storm dancers are magician's who channel the power of the thunderstorms into glass balls. They then use the those glass balls to power their clans industries. For some reason the glass balls are failing and taking the storm dancers with them. The Sitian council doesn't know whether this is a glass problem, or a magic problem, or a magic glass problem. So they send Opal who just happens to have earned the nickname "The glass magician" I could go on but then i'd probably give away the story. I wouldn't want to spoil a book you MUST read. :)
Date published: 2009-06-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing ! I love Maria V Synder's writing. The Study Series was awesome one of my favorites. I couldn't wait to start this new series I loved it, I found Opal interesting when she was mentioned in Fire Study I never thought she would be the main character in the Glass Series and I was so happy to have the book based on her. I find it so wonderful that Maria writes all her characters with different magic gifts it keeps the books interesting. I loved the re-occuring characters Yelena , Janco, Leif and a few others . Kade was a wonderful addition I cannot wait to read Sea Glass !! For anyone who hasn't read any of Maria's books if you like fanasty novels and stories about magic, mystery and love you need to get reading you will not be disappointed. Study Series = Poison Study, Magic Study, Fire Study (Some characters from this series re occuring in the Glass series) Glass Series = Storm Glass, Sea Glass, ???
Date published: 2009-05-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A Must Read! Return to the world we all loved in Poison Study, Magic Study and Fire Study. We met Opal in Fire Study, discover how life is going for her at school and see what kind of trouble she gets herself into. Yelena has a small role in the novel. I read the book in 2 sittings and loved every minute of it. I was shocked to discover in the acknowledgements that Maria was kind enough to mention me and some other book commandos. I am proud to be one of them and look forward to introducing Maria's wonderful writing to as many people as I can. I loved the book before I saw that and now I love it even more!
Date published: 2009-05-15

Read from the Book

The hot air pressed against my face as I entered the glass factory. The heat and the smell of burning coal surrounded me in a comforting embrace. I paused to breathe in the thick air. The roar of the kilns sounded as sweet as my mother's voice."Opal!" Aydan yelled above the noise. "Are you going to stand there all day? We have work to do." He gestured with a thin gnarled hand.I hurried to join him. Working in the heat had turned his gray hair into a frizzy mop. Dirt streaked his hands. He grimaced in pain when he sat at his workbench, rubbing his lower back with a fist."You've been shoveling coal again," I admonished. He tried to look innocent, but before he could lie, I asked, "What happened to your apprentice?""Ran off once he figured out how hard it is to turn fire into ice." Aydan grunted."Well, I'm here now.""You're late.""Sorry, I had a test." I sighed. Another frustrating, fruitless endeavor. Not only had I failed to light the fire, but I knocked over the candles, spilling hot wax all over my classmate Pazia's clothes and burning her skin. Her expensive silk tunic was ruined. She sneered in disdain when I offered to replace her shirt. Nothing new. Pazia's hostility spanned my entire four years at the Keep. Why would I expect my last year to be any different?After starting my fifth year of lessons at the Magician's Keep, I had hoped to be able to do more with my magic. Pazia's abilities had grown so much since we sat next to each other during our very first session that the Master Magicians considered allowing her to take the Master-level test.I'd learned about Sitia's history, politics, how to fight and about the uses for magic, but my ability to tap into the power source remained elusive. Doubts flared and the nagging feeling of being limited to one magical skill churned in my chest. And it didn't help my confidence when I overheard my fellow students calling me the One-Trick Wonder."Jealousy," Aydan had said when I told him about my nickname. "You saved Sitia."I thought of the day-over four years ago-when I helped Liaison Yelena capture those evil souls. She had done all the work, I was merely a conduit. I tried to downplay my involvement, but Aydan remained stubborn."You're a hero and those children can't stand it."Remembering his words made me smile. Calling fifteen to twenty-year-olds children was typical for Aydan, a proud curmudgeon.He tapped my arm with a blowpipe. "Stop daydreaming and gather me a slug."I grabbed the hollow rod and opened the oven. Intense light burst from the furnace as if a piece of the sun was trapped inside. I spun the end of the rod in the molten glass and twisted it up and out, removing a taffylike ball before my eyebrows and eyelashes could be singed off again.The cherry-red slug on the end of the iron pulsed as if alive. Aydan blew through the pipe then covered the hole. A small bubble appeared in the molten glass. Resting the pipe on the metal arms of his gaffer's bench, Aydan rolled the pipe back and forth, shaping the glass.I helped him as he created an intricate vase with a twist at the bottom so the piece actually rested on its side yet could still hold water. In his hands, turning glass into art appeared to be an easy task. I loved the unique properties of molten glass which could be molded into such wonderful objects. We worked for hours, but the time flew.When he finished his artwork, Aydan stood on creaky legs and said the words that were the reason I came to help him after my Keep classes. "Your turn."He exchanged places with me and grabbed a hollow pipe. While he gathered a slug, I made sure all the metal tools lying on the bench were in their proper places. All I needed was my annoying younger brother telling me to hurry, and my patient older sister helping me to complete the feeling of being in my family's glass factory.Sitting at the bench was home-familiar and comfortable. Here and here alone, I was in control. The possibilities endless and no one could tell me otherwise.All thoughts fled when Aydan placed the pipe in front of me. Glass cooled quickly and I had no time to dwell on anything but shaping the molten ball. Using metal tweezers, I pulled and plucked. When the slug transformed into a recognizable image, I blew through the end of the pipe. The piece's core glowed as if lit by an inner fire.My one magical trick-the ability to insert a thread of magic inside the glass statue. Only magicians could see the captured light.Aydan whistled in appreciation of the finished piece. Technically his ability to light fires with magic made him a magician, but since he didn't possess any other talent he hadn't been invited to study at the Keep. I shouldn't have been invited, either. I could make my special glass animals at my home in Booruby."Damn, girl." Aydan slapped me on the back. "That's a dead-on copy of Master Jewelrose's red-tailed hawk! Did you make that for her?""Yes. She needed another piece." I never knew what I would create when I sat down at the gaffer's bench, but my time spent helping Master Jewelrose care for her hawk must have influenced me. The core glowed bright red and called to me with a song of longing. Each of my creations had a distinctive voice that sounded inside me. No one else could hear its call."See? That's another talent you have." He bustled about and placed the hawk into the annealing oven so it could cool slowly. "Magicians can now communicate over vast distances with these animals of yours.""Only those who have the power of mental communication." Another skill I lacked, mind reading. For those who possessed the ability, they only needed to hold one of my animals and they could "talk" to each other through the magic trapped inside. I'd admit to feeling a measure of pride over their usefulness, but I would never brag about it. Not like Pazia, who flaunted everything she did."Pah! It's still one of the most important discoveries of recent years. Stop being so modest. Here—" he handed me a shovel "—put more coal in the kiln, I don't want the temperature to drop overnight."End of pep talk. I scooped up the special white coal and added it to the fire under the kiln. Since Aydan sold his glass pieces as art, he only needed one-a small shop compared to my family's eight kilns.When I finished, my garments clung to my sweaty skin and strands of my brown hair stuck to my face. Coal dust scratched my throat."Can you help me mix?" Aydan asked before I could leave."Only if you promise to hire a new apprentice tomorrow."He grumbled and grouched, but agreed. We mixed sands from different parts of Sitia. A secret recipe developed generations ago. It would be combined with soda ash and lime before it could be melted into glass.As I tried to trick Aydan into telling me where the pink-colored sand came from, a messenger from the Keep arrived. A first-year student, he wrinkled his nose at the heat."Opal Cowan?" he asked.I nodded and he huffed. "Finally! I've been searching the Citadel for you. You're wanted back at the Keep.""Why?""I don't know.""Who wants me?"He glowed with glee as if he were my younger brother delivering news of my impending punishment from our parents."The Master Magicians."I had to be in big trouble. No other reason for the Masters to send for me. As I rushed after the messenger-an ambitious fellow to be running errands for the Masters in his first year, and who'd already decided I wasn't worth talking to-I thought of the mishap this morning with Pazia. She had wanted to get me expelled from my first day. Perhaps she finally succeeded.We hurried through the Citadel's streets. Even after four years, the city's construction still amazed me. All the buildings had been built with white marble slabs streaked with green veins. If I was alone, I would have trailed my hands over the walls as I walked, daydreaming of creating a city made of glass.Instead, I ran past the buildings as the brilliant color dulled with the darkening sky. The Keep's guards waved us through-another bad sign. We vaulted up the stairs two at a time to reach the administration building. Nestled in the northeast corner of the Citadel, the Keep's campus with its four imposing towers marked the boundaries. Inside, the buildings had been constructed from a variety of colored marble and hardwoods.The administration's peach-and-yellow blocks used to soothe me, but not today. The messenger abandoned me at the entrance to the Masters' meeting room. Hot from my sprint, I wanted to remove my cloak, but it hid my sweat-stained shirt and work pants. I rubbed my face, trying to get the dirt off and pulled my long hair into a neat bun.Before I knocked, another possible reason for my summons dawned. I had lingered too long at the glass factory and missed my evening riding lesson. In the last year of instruction at the Keep, the apprentice class learned about horse care and riding to prepare us for when we graduated to magician status. As magicians we would be required to travel around the lands of the eleven clans of Sitia to render aid where needed.Perhaps the Stable Master had reported my absence to the Masters. The image of facing the three magicians and the Stable Master together caused a chill to shake my bones. I turned away from the door, seeking escape. It opened."Do not hover about, child. You're not in trouble," First Magician Bain Bloodgood said. He gestured for me to follow him into the room.With curly gray hair sticking out at odd intervals and a long blue robe, the old man's appearance didn't match his status as the most powerful magician in Sitia. In fact, Third Magician Irys Jewelrose's stern demeanor hinted at more power than Master Bloodgood's wrinkled face. And if someone passed Second Magician Zitora Cowan in the street, that person would not even think the young woman possessed enough talent to endure the Master-level test.Sitting around an oval table, the three Masters stared at me. I quashed the desire to hide. After all, Master Blood-good had said I wasn't in trouble."Sit down, child," First Magician said.I perched on the edge of my seat. Zitora smiled at me and I relaxed a bit. We were both members of the Cowan clan, and she always made time from her busy schedule to talk to me. And, at twenty-five years old, she was only six years older than me.I glanced around the room. Maps of Sitia and Ixia decorated the walls, and an oversize geographical map with its edges dropping off the sides covered the mahogany table."We have a mission for you," Zitora said. She had twisted her honey-brown hair into a complex braid. The end of the braid reached her hips, but she fidgeted with it, twirling it around and through her fingers.A mission for the Masters! I leaned forward."The Stormdancers' glass orbs have been shattering," Master Jewelrose said."Oh." I relaxed in my chair. Not a magical mission."Do you know how important those orbs are, child?" Master Bloodgood asked.I remembered my lessons about the Stormdance Clan. Their magicians-called Stormdancers-had the unique ability to siphon a storm's energy into an orb. The benefits were twofold: tame the storm's killing winds and rain, and provide an energy source for the clan's other industries. "Very important.""And this is a critical time of the year. The cooling season is when the storms from the Jade Sea are most frequent and strong," Zitora said."But doesn't the clan have master glassmakers? Surely they can fix the problem?""The old glassmaker died, child. Those left behind were trained to make the orbs, but the glass is flawed. You need to help them find and correct the problem."Why me? I was still learning. "You need to send a master glassmaker. My father—""Is in Booruby with all the other experts, but" Master Jewelrose paused. "The problem might not be with the glass. Perhaps the old glassmaker used magic when he crafted the orbs. Perhaps magic similar to yours."My heart melted as if thrown into a kiln. Events had become too hot too quick and the results could have cracks. I had worked with glass since I could remember, yet there was still so much to learn. "Whenwhen do we leave?""Today," Zitora said.My alarm must have been obvious."Time is of the essence, child." Master Bloodgood's tone saddened. "When an orb shatters, it kills a Stormdancer."

Editorial Reviews

"As the final book in the series Spy Glass does not disappoint" –