Stumbling Upon My Purpose: A True Encouragement Story About Finding Your Life Purpose, Fresh Ways of parenting children with a by Christopher A. ChaplinStumbling Upon My Purpose: A True Encouragement Story About Finding Your Life Purpose, Fresh Ways of parenting children with a by Christopher A. Chaplin

Stumbling Upon My Purpose: A True Encouragement Story About Finding Your Life Purpose, Fresh Ways…

byChristopher A. Chaplin

Paperback | December 1, 2007

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In this Encouragement Story, a man learns that his son has been born with hemophilia and autism. The stress of the situation catapults the father into single parenthood and he is forced to endure a difficult court battle for sole custody of his disabled son. Through diligence and determination, he develops methods to further help his troubled child. More importantly, he stumbles upon what he believes is his personal calling in life and his purpose for living. With the realization that he has discovered unique methods and tools to cope with parenting difficulties, the man's focus is now fulfilling his dream of establishing himself as a writer of children's literature.

Christopher A. Chaplin was born in August 1970, and grew up in the west side of Toronto, Ontario, Canada .Christopher is a single parent of a child dually diagnosed with autism and hemophilia. He also has two older daughters. He graduated in 2005 as an Early Childhood Assistant and is, independently, studying child psychology and child...
Title:Stumbling Upon My Purpose: A True Encouragement Story About Finding Your Life Purpose, Fresh Ways…Format:PaperbackDimensions:140 pages, 9 × 6 × 1.25 inPublished:December 1, 2007Publisher:MasterpieceFactory Inc.Language:English

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From the Author

Stumbling Upon My Purpose is an abridged human interest story that includes over 40 original poems and synopses of stories to be published in the future. It was published primarily to raise awareness and support for MasterpieceFactory's publishing program.While very "personal," my abridged story is written in such a manner as to impart a lesson and to aid parents of physically/mentally/emotionally challenged children by helping them to cope with the situations they face. I am not necessarily saying that my way is the way, but rather I am saying, "Here are examples that you can use to help to 'imagine' coping mechanisms that will work specifically for your Book child."Christopher A. ChaplinOur Socially Considerate Encouragement Stories © Books fulfill the (autism) special needs, ethnic, and social diverse curriculum requirements that are much needed to provide a sense of inclusion while educating and desensitizing its audience. They will improve children's speech & language, social / emotional, Cognitive, creative, reading comprehension, critical thinking (theory) skills and more. .

Editorial Reviews

Review #1Reviewed by: Dr. Bob Rich - "The Australian Journal of Counselling Psychology" (number 7(2), page 16) has published a review of my book 'Stumbling upon my purpose'. Published by: ISBN: 1-897347-03-0 RRP: $17.49 I am a professional editor as well as a psychologist. Also, I am a professional grandfather, with a love of children. So, the little editing job I received via email was just right: a picture book for very young children who suffer from handicaps of communication. The concept and story line were excellent, but clearly this writer was very close to illiterate. Still, I knocked the language into shape for him. Since that first little book, I have worked closely with Chris Chaplin on a long list of projects: more picture books, chapter books to be read to older handicapped children, the design and wording of his web site (dedicated to helping multiple-handicapped children), and finally, on a book about how he coped with the problems caused by his son's haemophilia and severe autism this book. By the time Chris wrote Stumbling Upon My Purpose, his use of English was excellent. In his own way, this black man from the ghetto (his own description) is a genius. He is certainly very good at learning, and incredibly creative. The book starts as a very touching, beautifully written story of how Chris coped with little Christopher's problems, how he developed his own unique approach to doing far more than managing them: he has helped the boy to make gains that The Professionals would not believe. Time and again, Chris defied doctors, educators and other experts, went his own way and succeeded. But the book is not primarily biography. It is an inspiration and example to others who carry the load of caring for a handicapped child. While it is a sample of one, Chris is careful to point out that it is meant to be used as a starting point in developing a unique approach for a unique child. I think it is brilliant for this purpose. Many parents despair, feel resentful at fate, and buckle under the strain. Well, all of us are likely to do so from time to time. I am sure Chris has. However, he is a shining example of how to turn adversity into an opportunity for personal growth, giving and love. The second half of this little volume contains poems and short essays by Chris on a variety of relevant topics, and an outline of the contribution his various other books can make to the education of a multiple-handicapped child. Review #2Reviewed by: Jan Kovarik Copy Editor Published by: ISBN: 1-897347-03-0 RRP: $17.49 My association with the author, Christopher Chaplin, started when he approached me with a request to help him. He had a unique idea about writing children's books, an untapped market for these books, a definite goal…and neither the writing skills nor the money to make it happen. The only true possession he had was passion, and he convinced me to accept the challenge to help him “find his voice.” His passion fueled my own passion to become his writing coach, editor, and ultimately his friend. Stumbling Upon My Purpose is a story about a man faced with having a bi-racial son born with medical and psychological disorders, separation and then divorce from his son's mother, no money, no job, and the discovery that there were no social services available to help him cope with his son's emotional needs. Christopher managed to overcome these adversities by succeeding in creating an environment that is helping his son to overcome autism. It is from this environment that Christopher has created a series of clever and colorful children's books aimed at helping parents of children with medical, physical, and emotional challenges to cope with their own adversities. Christopher not only stumbled upon his purpose, but he also found his voice. It is a voice that is worth listening to. Review #3Reviewed by: Frances Savella Honours BSc, BEd, Specialist in Special Education Teacher Toronto District School BoardPublished by: ISBN: 1-897347-03-0 RRP: $17.49 Stumbling Upon My Purpose is an inspiring and reviting account of a father’s relentless will to help his much needy son against all odds. This is a heartfelt story of a father, already struggling with many obstacles including financial burdens, racial issues, an uneventful childhood and a divorce, who gives up his own personal freedoms to enrich his son’s life, who is diagnosed with Autism and Hemophilia, through a variety of unconventional methods. It’s a story that will teach and inspire anyone who believes “they can’t do it.” Review #4Reviewed by: A.LaRocque-Rooney ECE, CYW, DSWPublished by: ISBN: 1-897347-03-0 RRP: $17.49 Stumbling Upon My Purpose Is a brief autobiographical account of this parents struggle to cope and understand his child’s autism and hemophilia. The author takes the reader through his determination to learn the roots of Autism and the coping mechanisms for both himself and his young son. This remarkable story is an inspiration for other care-givers to expand their knowledge, and develop much needed coping and teaching skills to help those with Autism and Hemophilia The analogies are sensitive and thought provoking. Several poems speak volumes of the vast emotions and feelings the author has endured. Parents can take solace in the knowledge they are not alone, that other face similar challenges. The remainder of this book gives a further detailed view of each of the works written for children of all capacities, each bearing the unique stamp of Christopher Chaplin’s personal insight. A.LaRocque-Rooney, ECE, CYW, DSW