Tempestuous by Lesley LivingstonTempestuous by Lesley Livingston


byLesley Livingston

Paperback | December 28, 2010

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In the days after Darklight, the Avalon Theatre has burned tothe ground. The shadowy figure poisoning King Auberon isstill at large. And Kelley and Sonny are torn asunder—becauseof the lie Kelley told that changed everything.

Now Kelley tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered life,while Sonny takes refuge with a band of Lost Fae in an abandonedreservoir beneath Central Park. But those who wouldsteal the Green Magick are not finished yet. A final showdownis coming, one that will put Sonny and Kelley’s love for eachother to the ultimate test—if they survive that long.

A vivid cast of characters returns—among them, SummerFae Tyff, trickster Bob, Mabh and Titania, and the dangerouslyalluring Fennrys Wolf.

Lesley Livingston is a writer and actress living in Toronto. She has a master's degree in English from the University of Toronto, where she specialized in Arthurian literature and Shakespeare. She is the author ofStarlingandDescendant, the first two books in a darkly romantic trilogy set against the backdrop of Manhattan and Norse myth...
Title:TempestuousFormat:PaperbackDimensions:368 pages, 8.75 × 6.35 × 1 inPublished:December 28, 2010Publisher:HarperCollinsLanguage:English

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ISBN - 10:1554684552

ISBN - 13:9781554684557

Appropriate for ages: 13 - 17

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Rated 4 out of 5 by from Fantastic conclusion! A fantastic conclusion to the trilogy. This book of faeries and magic will captivate any faerie and fantasy fans. Wonderful book.
Date published: 2017-09-09
Rated 3 out of 5 by from A good ending to a good series! This third and final book was good! The final battle is very entertaining.
Date published: 2017-08-01
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Terrible ** spoiler alert ** I probably should have done this when I still had the book but I remembered I had an account and with someone now following my reviews so I thought ... hey why not? Or more realistically ... I hated this book let's ride! For those that follow my work you're probably wondering why I read books I seem to hate so much but there are reasons for that: 1. I like to complain. But not enough to bug people so on a site where opinion is encouraged is pretty well suited for a fine lass like me. And by lass I'm hinting that I'm short. I'm also female. But that's a side note. 2. Once I start a book series I feel obligated to the author to read it. They put the time and effort into planning and writing and getting it published so I feel like I owe it to them to at least finish the series. Even if I rant about how much I hated it afterwards. 3. It helps me figure out what NOT to do when I write. Seriously this stuff is great for writers. All the stuff not to do while being mildly entertaining. But onto the review! I read the first two books and since I got that far I thought that I should at least finish it off and wrap it all up in a neat bow. Or a ripped bow with mold on the sides. This book doesn't deserve a nice bow. Or scrap that. No bow. *say that out loud it's funny* 1. Fairies. I love fairies. I have a "fairy door" to put on my wall that only they can enter and fairy dolls on my dresser. I even had a canopy over my bed. Disclaimer: those things get dusty. So that's probably why I kept going because there are not a lot of books on fairies and even less that are good. Unfortunately this book falls into that category. I love reading about the fairies and their relationships though granted there was a bit of time between reading books so I forgot some details but I loved reading about them and their mythology. So there a positive! 2. Characters. None of them were well written. Kelley? making all these mistakes over and over and people recognized this which was a start but they forgave less then a minute later. "You betrayed me and wiped my mind and told me you never loved me ... but I love you so it's okay." Pretty much the whole book was like that. Or betrayals out of nowhere that went nowhere as well. Tatiana (?) was all evil but really under a spell. Caitlin the bad guy but two seconds later regretted it and never wanted it in the first place? Fenn betrayed them but wanted to help? It was very hard to keep track with all this back and forth and I had no idea what was going on and who was who or why or how! P.s I knew who the bad guy was the moment they mentioned vervain. It's not that hard people! 3. Plot. What plot? I feel like it didn't make sense and didn't go from one book to the other. He becomes a dragon and Sonny loses his magic and then ... I actually have no idea. If someone can tell me the actual plot I would be most obliged. 4. Romance. Kelley and Sonny. They fell in love within two days and start complaining that they don't know who the other person is ... well duh. I have known people for YEARS and I still don't know who they are. They probably don't even know who they are. It's a complex issue but seriously ... two days. And then the "I don't love you" it's New Moon all over again. Yes fairies can't lie but instead of talking about it like mature people in love (whoops they aren't) they leave and assume and then make out and "wait if you didn't love me why did you kiss me like that?' Lust. Look it up. And Fenn. I actually liked Fenn. He was interesting. Pictured him with dark hair and sonny with blonde but that is a minor detail. 5. The ending. So ... what? They ... what? Fenn "dies" (or whatever that is) and things are ... I just don't get the ending. Dragon is dead and the human world does not notice a thing ... again if someone could explain this I would be most obliged. So no it was not a good book. I have liked work from Lesley Livingston in the past so I'm not sure what was with this story. The Romance was too fast and made no sense (why did they fall in love? Where was the romance before the all consuming love?), Love triangle came from nowhere and went nowhere (my poor Fenn), plot (someone tries to take Sonny's power and he does and the veil breaks and ... I'm not sure. Again someone explain!), characters (no sense. None of them they just all bowed before Kelley with the occasional "I betrayed you! But I love you so here I am now kneeling) and I rolled my eyes so much I have a headache and it is not fun. But I am finished the series it is done and I can die knowing that Fenn might be there and the rest of the characters hopefully won't be. Adieu!
Date published: 2017-01-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from I. N.E.E.D. M.O.R.E.!!!!!!!!!!! An exhilerating conclusion to the Wondrous Strange trilogy... only it left me wanting... NEEDING... MORE!!!!!!!! Tempestuous starts off literally moments where Darklight left off. Kelley had just told Tyff (knowing that Sonny was listening) that she didn't love Sonny and never did... all in a ruse to drive Sonny and his green magick away for his own safety. The domino affect of this lie ripples right to the end of this trilogy. This last book ends triumphantly with all of our questions resolved. We find out who was behind all the diabolical events in the first two books and this one... who was behind the beckoning of the Wild Hunt in Wondrous Strange... who was behind Auberon's illness and the mystery of the death of the Greenman, among other wonderings. The story telling was so rich in Shakespeare and faerie folklore. Some characters that we thought trustworthy, were anything but. The loyalties of friends/allies were also in question... some were quite surprising while others I had suspected along the way. Aside from this awesome cast of characters, besides Sonny & Kelley... I think my favourite has to be Fennrys. His character had his faults yet wasn't too proud to admit his weaknesses and vulnerabilities in his wolfish way. He had me saying.... NOOOOOOO Fennnnnnn... at the end of the story... (I'll leave it at that!!) ;) The ending left me breathless.... I was desperating willing the book to materialize more pages... (as if "I" had magick?!!) I wanted so much more of Sonny & Kelley TOGETHER! Their reunion left me saying... YESSSSSSS... FIIIIIINALLY.... and they then went off to fight for the common good... albeit, separately. I get why... but they are just so magical together... I need more of them!! Their chemistry is palpable when they are in close proximity to each other... I WANT more of that... The cast of characters in Tempestuous and the other books in this trilogy are so richly written. You truly care for them... even the not-so-good-guys... because Lesley makes them so dimensional. I loved the wit and snarkiness throughout this entire story, too. There were a couple of *doors* left open, for which more of this story can be told... and that would make me so happy if Lesley did just that! Kelley & Sonny and their family and friends are charasmatic enough and have so much more stories to tell, to continue on... PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!
Date published: 2011-02-05
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Dreaming of Books Review I was so torn while read Tempestuous--not because it wasn’t good, it was great and then some but because its always sad to see the end of a series. Remember Darklight the second book in the series? Well that ended with one doozy of a cliff-hanger ending so of course I wanted to see what Sonny’s reaction would be and how Kelley will deal with the big lie she told. Tempestuous picks up right where Darklight left off so if you’re planning to read the series then reading them back to back would be a good choice. I read the other two in the series almost a year ago and I didn’t go back and reread them when I started Tempestuous so there were some little things like certain characters that I had trouble recalling. Other than that had no problems with the main story and plotlines. This book really showed Sonny’s vulnerable side. After hearing Kelley’s proclamation he leaves in a daze. With nowhere to go he coincidently stumbles upon a underground faerie sanctuary for the Lost Fae. More and more Kelley is coming into her own. She’s learning how to use her faerie powers and she’s one tough cookie. In her mind she’s doing all she can to protect Sonny. I did feel bad for Fennry’s after everything that happened and was revealed in Tempestuous. His feeling were genuine and I do like him a lot but just not as much as I liked Sonny. Like its two predecessors Tempestuous was action packed with romance, intrigue, and a couple unexpected twists. Its one of the few book series that I’ve actually finished reading so if you haven’t read it yet don’t let this series pass you by.
Date published: 2011-01-31
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Spoilers Alert!!! ( : Tempestuous: Tepestuous was absolutely awesome! i loved it! after reading Darklight i really wanted to read this right away because i wanted to know what would happen next. this is something i really love about Lesley Livingston's writing. you always want to know what is going to happen next. the beginning of Tempestuous was absolutely awesome. it was soo sad when Kelley turned into a kestral falcon. it broke my heart. i was soo happy when they came together. i was in class reading it and when i read that part i said "awww" outloud and evewryone turned and looked at me. it was veey embarasing but i was soo happy. i was also really happy when Emma and Herne met again. i was soo happy! i got really worried when Sonny found out the truth about himself.i was worried he wouldn't take it very well, but he too it very well whiich made me really happy. i also loved how Kelley accepted Mabh and Auberon as her parents. i was really really surprised to find out that Titania and Gwynn were behind the whole thing! Titania seemed so innocent and Gwynn seemed so trusting. it was just a whole new twist. i loved the ending too! i liked how Sonny saved his father. it made me soo happy! this the best book to end this trilogy!!! ( : bye!!! ( :
Date published: 2011-01-29