The Bro Code by Barney StinsonThe Bro Code by Barney Stinson

The Bro Code

byBarney Stinson

Paperback | October 14, 2008

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From the hit TV show How I Met Your Mother comes Barney Stinson’s words of wit, wisdom, and awesomeness, The Bro Code—the New York Times bestseller (really!) with more than a million copies in print all around the world.

Everyone’s life is governed by an internal code of conduct. Some call it morality. Others call it religion. But Bros in the know call this Holy Grail The Bro Code.

The Bro Code is a living document, much like the Constitution. Except instead of outlining a government, or the Bill of Rights, or anything even resembling laws, The Bro Code provides men with all the rules they need to know in order to become a “bro” and behave properly among other bros. Historically a spoken tradition passed from one generation to the next and dating back to the American Revolution, the official code of conduct for Bros appears here in its published form for the first time ever. By upholding the tenets of this sacred and legendary document, any dude can learn to achieve Bro-dom.

Containing approximately 150 “unspoken” rules, this code of conduct for bros can range from the simple (bros before hos) to the complex (the hot-to-crazy ratio, complete with bar graphs and charts). With helpful sidebros The Bro Code will help any ordinary guy become the best bro he can be. Let ultimate bro and coauthor Barney Stinson and his book, The Bro Code share their wisdom, lest you be caught making eye contact in a devil’s three-way (two dudes, duh).
Barney Stinson is an awesome dude who lives in New York City and appears weekly on the hit CBS show How I Met Your Mother. Matt Kuhn is one of the coolest staff writers for How I Met Your Mother and helps write Barney’s Blog on the show’s website. He lives in Los Angeles, California.
Title:The Bro CodeFormat:PaperbackDimensions:208 pages, 8.25 × 5.5 × 0.7 inPublished:October 14, 2008Publisher:TouchstoneLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from great if your a himym fan if your a big fan you will love this. also recommend the play book
Date published: 2017-03-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Suit up. "It’s gonna be legend-... wait for it… and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!" Live your life by the Bro Code and nothing else.
Date published: 2017-02-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from First Amendment The First Amendment seems like a cheap attempt to nullify Article 150 due to the author's personal infractions. I mean, if the chick isn't capable of initianting sexual interactions and-or isn't really really hot, why else would his Bro have ever dated her in the first place? The exception due to alcohol abuse present in other parts of the text seems sound, as long as it does not constitute of a premeditated situation (also covered by the text). However, risky behaviour should not be tolerated while in the presence of a Bro's ex. Article 150 is a delicate matter and should be treated as such. After all, if we can't put our fellow Bro's interests ahead of our own and at least give the courtesy of consulting said Bro before acting on reproductive instinct, we'd be ignoring the most sacred and fundamental Article there is: Bro's before Ho's. Sometimes even if they're really really hot.
Date published: 2013-12-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Awesomeness This is a book that all bros and guys should live by
Date published: 2013-02-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Obvisouly signed Barney Stinson To read the book, you need to know the "How I Met Your Mother" television series. Everybody knew that Barney quoted articles from the Bro Code, without knowing it really existed. The Bro Code is constituted of 150 articles of pure bro-ness. After reading it, you understand why and how Barney Stinson is actually thinking that differently from a common human being. While reading the book, you can't say that it isn't signed Barney Stinson! It is simply a perfectly representative book of the Stinson lifestyle. The book is great and it fit very well with the character of Barney Stinson. It is written as if it was a legal text book, with the articles, the amendments that completes each articles by giving specification or situation of exception and you kind of want to follow the Bro Code. It is well written, it is funny and it is completely Barney Stinson. The book is, without a doubt, legen-wait for it-dary and awesome.
Date published: 2012-04-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from AWESOME! Everything you've ever wanted to know about being a "bro". The legend - wait for it - dary book was out of this world awesome! I absolutely adore the TV show "How I Met Your Mother" and this book, which has been mentioned more than once was, was everything I had hoped for. I feel as though I am now fully equipped to handle being a wing-woman and can easily spot a true bro and a faux bro. For those of you that are fans of the show or Neil Patrick Harris I cannot state enough that you MUST read this and also get the audio book.
Date published: 2010-01-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Broticulary Brotastical, broticulate, and most of all brosome
Date published: 2009-11-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from One word Legand.... wait for it.... DARY
Date published: 2009-07-17
Rated 4 out of 5 by from A must read for 'How I Met Your Mother' fans This book is filled with promotions of irresponsible sex, insulting stereotypes, and immature behavior but that is what Neil Patrick Harris' character Barney Stinson is all about. The humor will be lost on anyone who doesn't watch How I Met Your Mother. However if you're a fan of the show, you'll likely hear Neil Patrick Harris' voice in your head as you read the book cover-to-cover. Not only does Barney supply readers with ample material to laugh at and enjoy, he also rewards loyal fans with references to things that have occurred throughout the series' colorful seasons.
Date published: 2009-04-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Legen... Wait for it... Dary!!! The Bro Code can be looked at from two angles, the Bro's perspective, and those who attempt at being a Bro but fail miserably. This book is simply a humorous take on the philosophy that is Barney Stinson (portrayed by the well known NPH, and for those not in with the Bro you shall know him as Neil Patrick Harris, in the TV show How I Met Your Mother). While I may not speak of the contents within the book due to risk of betraying article four, I can let you know that this book is made up of a series of laugh worthy passages that will leave readers begging for more and often bringing up quotes to fellow Bros. To anyone that is a fan of the TV series... this is a must read, and to anyone else, who is male due to article four, this is not only a Bro Code, but it is a way of life. Read it and enjoy!
Date published: 2008-10-24

Read from the Book

INTRODUCTION Whether we know it or not, each of us lives a life governed by an internalized code of conduct. Some call it morality. Others call it religion. I call it "the Bro Code." For centuries men have attempted to follow this code with no universal understanding of what such an arrangement meant: Is it okay to hug a Bro?* If I'm invited to a Bro's wedding, do I really have to bring a gift? Can I sleep with a Bro's sister or mother or both? Now, for the first time on paper, I have recorded the rules of social decorum that Bros have practiced since the dawn of man...if not before. The Bro Code previously existed only as an oral tradition (heh), so I have journeyed the globe to piece together and transcribe the scattered fragments of the Bro Code, pausing only to flesh it out myself (double heh). While not intending to write a "Guide to Being a Bro," if men should treat it as such and pass this compendium of knowledge from one generation to the next, I have little doubt it would bring a tear to my eye. But not out of it. That would be a violation of Article 41: A Bro never cries. It is my hope that, with a better understanding of the Bro Code, Bros the world over can put aside their differences and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood. It is then, and only then, that we might work together as one to accomplish perhaps the most important challenge society faces -- getting laid. Before dismissing this pursuit as crass and ignoble, consider this postulate: without the sport inherent in trying to bang chicks, would men willingly have sex for the sole purpose of producing smelly, screaming babies? Centuries from now, when a Bro applies the rudiments of the Bro Code to score a three-boobed future chick, the only thanks I'll need is the knowledge that I -- in whatever small capacity -- Bro'd him out...though if he could figure out how to bring me back to life, that would be pretty awesome, too. -- Barney Stinson ™ & © 2008 by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.