A Dangerous Age

September 21, 2021|
A Dangerous Age by Bette L. Cahill


“Fishermen have a powerful bond, a brotherhood that extends well beyond their own community. Flares from their trawlers soared high into the sky, helping to illuminate the search site. Out of the fog appeared a fishing vessel heading straight for us. It looked as though it was going to hit us broadside when it turned at the last minute.”

While investigating the mysterious death of a scuba diver in Bear Cove, Nova Scotia, journalist Luke Hayes and his partner, Julie Danforth, uncover highly confidential documents confirming that medical researchers have made a miraculous discovery in the darkest reaches of the ocean – one that will enable people to live well beyond 120 years and remain healthy and disease free. As Hayes and Danforth dig deeper, they discover a team of scientists are preparing to launch North America’s first-ever human clinical trials on aging in New York City. Enamoured with the idea of living thirty to forty years longer than the average life expectancy, they apply to become participants.

When they discover unethical practices threaten the legitimacy of the trial and result in the death of a participant, their own lives are threatened. Before their journey is over, they’ll come close to losing everything, and everyone, important to them. A Dangerous Age is a gripping medical mystery about the race to prevent the effects of aging, at any cost.

Title:A Dangerous Age
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 21, 2021
Publisher:Pottersfield Press
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781989725726

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