A Diamond Talisman by Rejoice Chilembwa

A Diamond Talisman

byRejoice Chilembwa

Kobo ebook | May 7, 2017

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Take courage my heart: you have been through worse than this. 
           ~ Homer (The Odyssey, book 20) 

Upon encountering a “freshly” killed enemy warrior in the forest, the Manobos bagani, or tribal chief, will make his way to the body, draw a mid-sized sacred sword from a decorated sheath strapped to his hip, and delicately slice open the breast: thus, the gods are witness to the sole purpose of this particular sword. While the slippery rib cage is pried open by two Manobos warriors, the bagani will drop to one knee, and lean forward, extending his neck, enabling him to hover over the open chest. Around the neck of the bagani is a small, gold hand-carved talisman of an exalted god, attached to a pig-hide leather strap. He then gently lowers the special talisman into the wound....................... 

We all have a talisman—whether we are aware of it or not. Some of us even have two, or three. They are usually physical objects. Sometimes they are people—someone that is profoundly intrinsic to our survival and fulfillment. A talisman is intensely personal, bringing us essential comfort in order to face the world and what it may bring each new day; hopefully something good that creates relief or positivity. Perhaps “good luck” is not heaven sent. Perhaps it is a result of organization, planning, hard work, and creating ones own opportunity. All of this may be true. We want to feel at peace, and to be calm and content, so we can continue on with our day, and try to make every subsequent day slightly better than the one before—for ourselves, those around us, and those beyond us. But, maybe that happens through the efforts and breath of other people, living and long past—and intrinsically connected to us through a precious talisman. 

We do not have to scoff because our rational mind (rightly) prohibits belief in the paranormal, or feel lament that our talisman may have no power. Simply by its presence we feel better, magic or not. We can celebrate believing in them and possessing them. Why am I so confident about this and why should you be relieved, if you do not buy into “magical” powers (or religious significance)? Because, their power lies with the fact that we are affected by it, based on who they may have belonged to previously, where we obtained it, what experiences it represents, and who/what it represents as a whole. We simply feel good about having them; this notion is simple, easy to grasp, understandable, logical, rational, and secular. But, whether we agree or not, we really have no choice, because this predilection is simply human nature. We cannot escape the mental need—the security—of having a talisman…of creating them; or, do they create us? 

For most of us, and myself personally, we just like having them around; they make us feel better for the moment. Make no mistake, as mentioned before, this is no Proustian moment, despite the wondrous glory of those fleeting seconds, in and of themselves (e.g., a childhood memory; smelling the “roses”; a Thoreau-an walk on the emerald green common in the mist—all very important). However, the talisman conjures up a far more weighty and vital life force, in each and every moment that it serves us. And, sometimes those small moments in a long day—or every day—are just enough to see us through, and to live a full life with the power and virtue left (for us) from those who are no longer physically present. That little bit of extra power allows us at least a glimpse of genuine relief, and that provides the elusive happiness that we need to survive in this world alongside so many others who desire the identical feelings, despite our infinite differences........................

Title:A Diamond TalismanFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:May 7, 2017Publisher:DellWarrenLanguage:English

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