A Different Plan: A True Story An Adrenaline Junkie Who Found God's Plan...and Lived by Johannes AdendorffA Different Plan: A True Story An Adrenaline Junkie Who Found God's Plan...and Lived by Johannes Adendorff

A Different Plan: A True Story An Adrenaline Junkie Who Found God's Plan...and Lived

byJohannes Adendorff

Paperback | December 3, 2015

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Thrust into the horrible hallways of pain at a tender young age, Johannes Adendorff begins a journey that immediately takes him into the cruel chambers of a reality that beats his spirit down with the hands of heartless lessons. Broken but not defeated he battles through one painful bruise and wound after another only to end up at a brick wall, which leads to destructive and dangerous addictions including drugs, loose relationships, and alcohol.Educated, brilliant and brave, Johannes elevates his outward appearance onto a level of high success, while on the inside spiraling downward into a dark pit of misery and sorrow that haunts his every step. Perceived as a man of promise and confidence to the world, Johannes secretly hides his inner pain as he struggles through one day to the next, alone, and invisible to hope.Then Jesus steps into Johannes life and begins lifting him up in ways that astound Johannes. He begins to see miracles take place right before his very eyes while accepting a healing love he never knew possible. Captured by a past scarred with pain and hurt, Johannes is thrust forward into a future filled with hope and a promise that is alien to him.Will Johannes dark past defeat the powerful steps that Jesus created for him to walk, or will he take the powerful hand of faith and overcome his addictions, pain, nightmares, and agony? Will the love of one special woman finally lead him away from the arms of others? Will faith lead him away from drugs and alcohol? Will Jesus heal his tormented heart? Or will the past yank Johannes down into a bottom dark pit?
Johannes Adendorff works as a software engineer in Germany, living with his wife and children. Formerly a military man and skydiving professional, he has set down his wings in order to follow his call of faith by spreading God's message and encouraging others to give their hearts to Jesus Christ.
Title:A Different Plan: A True Story An Adrenaline Junkie Who Found God's Plan...and LivedFormat:PaperbackProduct dimensions:308 pages, 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.8 inShipping dimensions:8.5 × 5.5 × 0.8 inPublished:December 3, 2015Publisher:BookBabyLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from I loved it! Just one look at the cover of this book and I could easily write a couple of pages… While I don’t usually judge a book by its cover, only by looking at this one I was all anxious to see what’s hidden inside. The first pages have probably been the most difficult as I kept expecting to read about the powerful man I’ve seen on the cover; I wanted to know more about him and what made him kneel down. Soon, I realized that I was actually reading about him, even if the description was about a little boy scared, afraid and hurt after being bullied day and night by his colleagues. It is not easy for me to review this book as it is extremely complex and the feelings that invaded my heart while reading it have been various. I went from anger (when Johannes was struggling to survive Winterberg) to awe (paratrooper training): “I was my own man in charge of my own destiny”. I feared for his life at some times, but also felt joy that he eventually found what was missing from his life. The author did an incredible job of making me feel like I was part of the plan, there with him at all times, witnessing firsthand his (or was it mine?) journey to discover God and His plan. “A different plan” by Johannes Adendorff tells the story of a boy, the author himself, who got hurt badly at a young age and his cry for help remained unanswered. Or at least, this is what we are led to believe at first. Because later on, this tormented young man turns into a strong-willed man who joins the paratrooper elite unit in the army, becomes a skydiving instructor and a successful software engineer. As he says, “For me, quitting was not an option… maybe I saw a young man full of potential, who deserved his Golden Wings. We all have reasons why we push ourselves to our limits.” The book manages to capture in detail scenes of great impact: being bullied while in school, being robbed with knowing that your parents were almost killed and fighting cancer. But it is not a dark book, as you might think. Actually, it’s exactly the opposite as you can see the light, the joy and the miracle of having God at your side at all times. “A different plan” is a book for all those who want to find out who they are and what their limits are. For those who believe in God and are following His plan, also for those who believe, as the author did say at some point: “The church was dead, I thought, and the faith behind the church doors false and hopeless.” It’s a book for those looking for light in a world dominated by shades of gray and darkness.
Date published: 2016-01-14