A Field Guide to the Reptiles of Thailand by Tanya Chan-ardA Field Guide to the Reptiles of Thailand by Tanya Chan-ard

A Field Guide to the Reptiles of Thailand

byTanya Chan-ard, John W. K. Parr, Jarujin Nabhitabhata

Paperback | February 24, 2015

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Thailand is home to over 350 species of reptiles, consisting of many kinds of turtles and tortoises, lizards, snakes and crocodiless. With its extensive network of protected areas, Thailand is one of the richest and most ecologically diverse countries in the world. However, many of thesespecies are being threatened more than ever before, including habitat loss caused by agricultural expansion and intensification, and from wildlife trade. For herpetologists and naturalists, understanding the reptiles of Thailand is now more important than ever before. With A Field Guide to the Reptiles of Thailand, Tanya Chan-ard, John Parr, and Jarujin Nabhitabhata present the definitive resource for identifying and understanding all known species of reptile in the region. It is the only updated and complete guide to the country's reptilian life in existence.The book contains an account of every species, complete with nomenclature, colour illustrations, and range maps of known locations. The accounts include discussion of behaviour, morphological measurements, and habitat, as well as the most current information on each species' conservation status. Theauthors explain the current system of classifying the threat level of endangerment, making the presented information and terminology understandable and useful. The introduction to the book discusses the history of herpetology in Thailand, as well as its climate, physiography, and zoogeography. A section on how to use the guide most effectively has also been included to make the book accessible to a wide range of both scientists and nature enthusiasts. AField Guide to the Reptiles of Thailand is the definitive and most comprehensive resource for herpetologists, naturalists, and conservationists working in Thailand.
Tanya Chan-ard is the Director of the Reference Collection at the Natural History Museum in Pathum Thani, Thailand. John W. K. Parr has worked in natural resource management in Southeast Asia for 25 years, specializing in protected-area management. He is a co-founder of the Bangkok's Bang Pu Nature Centre, Thailand's first urban nature...
Title:A Field Guide to the Reptiles of ThailandFormat:PaperbackDimensions:352 pages, 9.25 × 6.12 × 0.68 inPublished:February 24, 2015Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

ForewordAcknowledgmentsIntroductionHistory of Herpetology in ThailandPhysiographyClimateHabitatsZoogeographyThe Conservation of ReptilesThe Protected Area SystemHow to Use This BookSystematic SectionThe Plates1. Big-headed Turtle and leatherback2. Sea Turtles I3. Sea Turtles II4. Pond Turtles5. Pond Turtles6. Pond Turtles7. Tortoises8. Turtles and Softshell Turtles9. Softshell Turtles10. Gliding Lizards I11. Gliding Lizards12. Tree Lizards13. Anglehead Lizards and Crested Lizards14. Crested Lizards15. Water Dragon. Phu Wua Lizard and Earless Lizard16. Butterfly Lizards17. Snake Skinks and Legless Skinks I18. Legless Skinks19. Larut Skink, Striped Skinks and Slender Skinks20. Slender Skinks II21. Tree Skink and Skinks22. Slender Skinks and Ground Skinks23. Forest Skinks24. Stream Skinks I25. Stream Skinks II, Lizards and Cat Gecko26. Slender-toed Geckos I27. Slender-toed Geckos II28. Slender-toed Geckos III29. Rock Geckos30. Ground Geckos, House Geckos and Frilly Geckos31. Four-clawed Geckos and Dwarf Gecko32. Tockay Geckos33. Parachute Geckos34. Monitors35. Blind Snakes I36. Blind Snakes II37. Pipe Snake and Sunbeam Snake38. Pythons39. Slug Snakes40. Tree Snake, White-bellied Snake and Blackheads41. Trunk Snakes42. Red Snakes and Racers I43. Racers II44. Rat Snakes45. Wolf Snakes I46. Wolf Snakes II and Bridle Snakes47. Kukri Snakes I48. Kukri Snakes II49. Kukri Snakes50. Ringnecks51. Reed Snakes52. Bronzebacks53. Bronzebacks and Keelbacks I54. Keelbacks55. Keelbacks56. Mountain Keelbacks57. Cat Snakes I58. Cat Snakes II59. Whip Snakes60. Keelbacks and Tree Snakes61. Water Snakes I62. Water Snakes II63. Water Snakes III64. Kraits65. Cobras66. King Cobra67. Coral Snakes68. Sea Snakes I69. Sea Snakes II70. Sea Snakes III71. Sea Snakes IV72. Sea Snakes V73. Pit Vipers I74. Pit Vipers II75. Crocodiles