The History of the Kurdish People: The Survival of the White & Aryan Kurds in Last 12,000 Years by Hamma Mirwaisi

The History of the Kurdish People: The Survival of the White & Aryan Kurds in Last 12,000 Years

byHamma Mirwaisi

Kobo ebook | November 9, 2014

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The History of the Kurdish People The comprehensive history of the Kurdish people as members of the Aryan religion and worshiper of the only God known as God HU the creator of Human and everything in the Univers. The forefather of Kurdish people namely Median Empire lost the battle against the followers of Arimanius, who are known as Dêw (Devas). In last 2500 years, they had suffered a lot, but it is predicted 2800 years ago, that Kurd will return with forces to claim the land from India to Europe and from Egypt to Mongolia, which belongs them and their forefather. Indeed, Kurdish philosopher of our time known as Abdullah Ocalan who united Kurds and leading them to liberation. Freedom and peace will return to Kurdistan based on God HU wishes. Ahriman will be defeated; chain will be broken thanks goes to those who pay with their life for the survivors. Indeed, teaching Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan will be with Kurds forever. The women will be equal to man, which will lead to the stronger family unit as the backbone of Kurdish nation to live together in peace and freedom. The author of the book has a rich bank of knowledge about ‘White Race’ that is later on known as the ‘Aryan Race.' This transformation can be considered as the gift of the devastating flood Mesopotamia and migration of the White race to Bharat land. In the modern time either people are busy in developed countries, or they are involved in religious activities in many countries so much that they lose the cultural part, and they know very little about their ancestors for the sake of continuance of meaning of their life. In order to understand the cultural misgivings or even misunderstanding to harm the humanity up to several generations, this book has definite material. Thus, Mirwaisi’s book on ‘White and Aryan Civilizations’ will be enlightening. I understand that Aryan's (Iran) history starts much earlier with the Mede Empire. And in the year 625 BCE, Cyaxares, The Great, also known by the titles of ‘Kurdish: Kayxesraw’ and ‘Uvaxshtra, revolted against the illegitimate ruler of the Median Empire, the Scythian King Madius, who had dethroned him earlier in the year 633 BCE. As a result of the uprising, Emperor Kayxesraw was called as ‘Ahashverosh’ in the holy book Bible. The revolt firmly established the power of the Medes, the forefathers of today’s Kurds, over territories from the Halys River in the west to Sattagydia in the east. It had occurred only a few years before the King Astyages was born and in this reference story of King Astyages and Queen Vashti is well known to the world. Readers may also refer to ‘Isaiah: 13:17-20 of the ‘Old Testament’ where Isaiah had a bold expectation from the Medes. The title Mede represents a race that is derived from the name of the king of the ancient time, Ajamede.

Title:The History of the Kurdish People: The Survival of the White & Aryan Kurds in Last 12,000 YearsFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:November 9, 2014Publisher:Hamma MirwaisiLanguage:English

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