A House Divided

May 9, 2015|
A House Divided by Don Wigton
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It was November 3, 1992. President George Bush Senior had just done a good job of doing very little right in his campaign for a second term. A loud-mouthed Ross Perot managed to capture just enough votes, by proclaiming that he would clean up Washington, to make a mess of things. And before you knew it the era of Reagan was gone. William Jefferson Clinton took his baggage of lies, corruption and sex offenses into the White House to defile Washington in a new and unique fashion.

Those of us who were Reagan Republicans were angry and devastated. I was beside myself. I remember soon after we were having a discussion about religion and politics in Sunday school. When I brought up my contention that Christians should be involved in society and making a difference one young man asserted with all the authority he could muster up, "We need to focus on heavenly things!" as if the affairs of men are no concern to God. At the same time this same church was busily formulating an inclusive theology in order to conform to President Clinton's efforts to normalize homosexuality and give special rights to gays.

It was not long before I turned to Vanessa to complain about a society and church that would have sunk to such lows as to elect such a scoundrel. She could see my helplessness and responded, "So write a book."

This simple phrase changed the course of the next eight years of my life. I ended out spending the bulk of my free time during the Clinton Presidency logging down current events and researching subjects such as religion, politics and US/Western History to get to the bottom of the matter.

Out of this intense time came five books that I put under the umbrella of the title Gray Matter. The idea was that people ought to put their minds into action and think about what they are doing rather than just doing what the "feel" is right. For years this book has set on my shelf unpublished. It was just too long!

And then it was, in April of 2012, after more than a decade that I decided to dust off the pages and read the book once again. As I was once thumbing through those pages that I began writing nearly 20 years before I came to the realization that the story was really about a house divided. America is besieged by an malevolent faction that is driving us all apart, American against American -- Christian against Christian. As I delved deeper in this discovery I suddenly realized that if these evil doers are allowed to continue with their divisive schemes unchecked that our nation is doomed!

But thanks to the wonders of the internet and self-publishing I have finally been able to release the results of this intense effort. In wandering through these pages penned decades ago I have found that they explain a lot of what we see going on in America and the world today. As it turned out, the volumes of literature wound out being a prophecy of sorts as what I discovered was unveiling in our culture has finally come to pass.

With that in mind, I pray that the revelations that I uncovered during those morally dark times in American history will prove of benefit to you as well. So read on and take the journey that transformed my thinking regarding who God is and how He relates to individuals and the nations.
The first book looks into a pivotal moment in American history that changed the world forever. It was a time when the United States was on the brink of destruction. It was and era when an American prophet and patriot stood up to eco the words of Christ: "A house divided cannot stand." Today we live in a similar era today where America is torn asunder between truth and error.

May God bless your endeavors to find the truth.

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