A Leaf That Floats Upstream by Alastair Batchelor

A Leaf That Floats Upstream

byAlastair Batchelor

Kobo ebook | April 25, 2013

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“A Leaf That Floats Upstream”
The theme throughout this writing is all about you and me, and it is about choice. Our planet, our environment and our society are reaching the point of no-return, if Earth and humanity are to have a future, a change in thinking and direction is urgent. Yesterday
It would first appear as if the author has assumed a position of superiority, has mounted a lofty dais solely, with the objective of raining condemnation and criticism down upon his fellow man. Nothing could be further from the truth. The motivation for producing this work is love and caring for humanity and for our planet. The writing is, from a position of humility and is directed as much towards the author, as it is toward all mankind. Responsibility is shared equally, as are the solutions.
This book, examines in detail the looming crisis we face as humanity and the devastation being caused to the planet by civilization.
Although the work is written with a philosophical approach, it is in plain language, readable by all who have concerns for their existence and is applicable to every living creature on Earth. Albert Einstein once said. “Everything should be made simple, but not simplistic.” The intention throughout this work has been to adhere to that principle.
Undoubtedly, the message is contentious and controversial, intentionally so, since the objective is rouse the average person out of their complacency and accept responsibility for their actions. It is also motivational; the theme is to encourage people to make a united stand against the destruction of the environment, immorality, the increasing burden of debt being borne by individuals and society as a whole.
The following is an excerpt from “A Leaf That Floats Upstream.”
Civilization has created a colossal machine in its own image. It is a gargantuan, greedy, gobbling machine, designed to satisfy all the desires of mankind. It is fueled by avarice, lust, power, and acquisition, in fact, everything man considers necessary, even essential to compliment his extravagant way of life. It gobbles up all the natural, finite resources it can find; it consumes intelligence, morality, money, human production and the dream of eternal life, for every creature that inhabits this planet. It is insatiable, relentless and it is out of control. But, hold on a minute, since it is created in the image of man, it will adopt all the functions of man. Whatever nutrition, the Cordon Bleu cuisine you put in your mouth today is tomorrow’s shit. This machine is formed in our image, whatever it crams into it’s cavernous maw today is tomorrow, excreted as debt, pollution, toxic waste and the mountains of rubbish, that are currently strangling our existence potential. Who would create such a destructive device, how could anyone be so selfish and uncaring, to allow such a monstrosity to even exist? The answer to that is so simple, no doubt you already have the answer and yes, it’s you. Of course, if this machine is created in all the ways we have been conditioned to accept, it will have built-in obsolescence. Yep! It will self-destruct; cease to operate, when and only when mankind is extinct. Life will have been trampled into the morass by the excesses of mankind’s way of life.

Title:A Leaf That Floats UpstreamFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:April 25, 2013Publisher:Alastair BatchelorLanguage:English

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