A Maverick Investor's Guidebook

March 15, 2011|
A Maverick Investor's Guidebook by Mal Spooner


Maverick (mav-er-ik mav-rik) (plural mav-er-icks): an independent thinker who refuses to conform to the accepted view on a subject. Originally the term referred to an animal that strayed from the herd. Our instincts drive us towards the herd believing theres safety in numbers. Mal Spooners new book exposes the bull dished out by decades of advertisements the press and others who profit from perpetuating bad investment dogma. The founder of former mutual fund company Mavrix Fund Management Inc. he is well known across the country for his maverick investment style enthusiasm for Harley-Davidson motorbikes and his rock & roll guitar licks in support of numerous charitable causes. How does this relate to investment philosophy theory and practice? In order to be successful investing your money or someone elses money or your companys money its absolutely crucial to strip your mind and spirit of emotions but remain passionate. Investing is like life and life is like touring on a Harley. Theres an infinite array of places to go and as many routes to choose from that will get you there.

Title:A Maverick Investor's Guidebook
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:March 15, 2011
Publisher:Insomniac Press
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781554830374

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