A New Century of Inventions: Being Designs & Descriptions of One Hundred Machines, Relating to Arts, Manufactures, & Domestic Lif by James White

A New Century of Inventions: Being Designs & Descriptions of One Hundred Machines, Relating to Arts…

byJames White

Kobo ebook | June 17, 2013

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1 Adding Machine; or Machine to cast up correctly large columns of figures.
2 Air Pump; essay towards completing the vacuum.
3 Barrel Spring, to lengthen the going of Clocks and other spring-driven Machines. 26
4 Boats (serpentine) for lessening the expence of traction.
5 Bobbin or Lace (Machine for making) and for covering Whips, &c. with great rapidity.
6 Bowking Machine for Calico Printers.
7 Bucket Wheels (a combination of) to raise water.
8 Canals (open) as Hydraulic Machines of great force.
9 Canter, or inclined Plane for Draymen. 72
10 Chain to act equably on my wheels.
11 Chocolate Mill (rotatory.)
12 Cocks (equilibrium) to avoid leakage.
13 Colour Mill for Calico Printers.
14 Compasses (bisecting.)
15 Cotton (Machine for batting.)
16 Crane, combining variable powers with speed and safety. (rewarded by the Society of Arts.) 57
17 Crank (epicycloidal) or parallel motion. Rewarded by Bonaparte. 30
18 Dash Wheel for Calico Printers, acting with greater rapidity than usual.
19 Differential Wheels for gaining immense power. 54
20 Doffing Machine, of great force for taking Cylinders from their Mandrills.
21 Draw-bench for my twisted pinions.
22 Dynamometer, for measuring powers and resistances in motion. 15
23 Dynamometer, second kind.
24 Engine for cutting my Patent Wheels in small and middling dimensions.
25 Engine for cutting my large bevil Wheels and wooden Models, either on my System, or the usual one.
N. B. These objects will occupy considerable space in the work.
26 Engraving Machine for Calico Printers, being an important application of my Cog or toothed Wheels.
27 Engraving Machine for large patterns.
28 Essay to derive power from expanding Solids.
29 Evaporation (Machine to promote.) 78
30 Eyes (Machine for making rapidly.)
31 Fire escape (on a retarding principle.)
32 —— (by breaking the fall.)
33 Fires (Portable Engine to extinguish.)
34 Fires (Watch Engine always ready for.)
35 Flax (Machine for breaking) with rapidity.
36 Forging Bar iron and steel (Machine for.)
37 Friction (to prevent.)
38 Friction (to prevent) Thoughts on.
39 Geering and ungeering (Machine for).
40 Do. Do. for swift motions.
41 Grating or cutting green Roots, Tobacco, &c. (Machine for.) 79
42 Helico-Centrifugal Machine, for raising water in large quantities.
43 Horse Wheel for saving room and gaining speed. 53
44 Horse Wheel (reciprocating) for Mangles, &c.
45 Horse Wheel, with means for turning the Horse when he acts in two directions.
46 Horizontal Pump of large produce, driven by wind.
47 Hot Air as power, while heating liquids, rooms, &c.
48 Lamp for the Table; suspending the oil by it’s weight.
49 Lithographic, or Copper-plate Press, with several curious and useful properties.
50 Machine for clearing turbid liquors.
51 Machine for driving Boats on Canals, under Tunnels, &c. without disturbing the Water.
52 Machine to assist in taking Medicine, Pills, &c. (Humani nihil alienum.)
53 Mangle (perpetual or rotatory).
54 Marine-Level (two essays on a.)
55 Micrometer for measuring very minute spaces. 83
56 Mirrors to collect Solar Heat, (method of forming.)
57 Mover, by dropping weights. 76
58 Nails (Machine for moulding.)
59 Nails (Machine for forging.)
60 Pencyclograph, or Instrument for describing portions of Circles, and finding their centres by inspection. 51
61 Peristaltic Machine, for raising much water, to small heights. 69
62 Persian Wheel modified, for raising water.
63 Pitch-fork, for musicians, with variable tones.
64 Power-wheel by heated Air. 43
65 Press, direct and differential. 66
66 Press (eccentric Bar.)
67 Printing Machine (two coloured.)
68 Protracting Motion (Machine for.) 49
69 Pullies (my Patent much improved.) 33
70 Pump (my equable.) 45
71 Pump, triple, in one column.
72 Pump (portable) worked by pedals.
73 Punch Machine for Engravers.
74 Punch Machine on another principle.
75 Do. rotatory, for my Engraving Machine.
76 Reciprocating Motion, (long) for Mangles, &c.
77 Reflector parabolico conical, or plano parabolical for light houses, &c.
78 Regulator: (not centrifugal) for Wind or Water Mills, Steam Engines, &c.
79 Retrographic Machine (Machine for Writing backwards) for Engravers.
80 Rotato-gyratory Churn.
81 Screw, with greatly diminished friction. 81
82 Screws, (Machine for forging) &c.
83 Spinning Machines, (my Patent), Eagles, &c.
84 Spinning Machinery: another system, adapted chiefly to wool.
85 Spring, to keep a door strongly closed, yet open easily.
86 Steel Yard, differential: for weighing vast weights with short levers.
87 Syphon, (mechanical) to expel part of the water at the highest point.
88 Tallow (Machine for cutting and trying.)
89 Tea-table (commodious help for the.)
90 Ventilator, rotatory, yet by pressure.
91 Vessel (expanding) for Pumps, Steam Engines, &c.
92 Washing Apparatus: for Hospitals, &c. confining the offensive matter until cleansed away: thus promoting salubrity.
93 Water-wheel, (horizontal) probably the best of the impulsive kind.
94 The same, for high falls.
95 Water-wheel, (inclined) employing the weight of the fluid.
96 Water, (Machine for raising large quantities.)
97 Weaving by Power: manner of driving the Shuttle, (executed A. D. 1780.)
98 Wedge Machine (perpetual.)
99 Wheels (my System of cog or toothed.)
100 Windmill of great power.

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