A Prayer Book for the 21st Century

March 1, 2004|
A Prayer Book for the 21st Century by John McQuiston II


For thousands of years men and women found meaning and a deep sense of belonging though faith in God. But today, traditional images of God (as an all-powerful father figure) and much standard prayer and worship language are no longer plausible for many believers. Yet the hunger to know – and communicate with – the Sacred in some form remains strong. In this unique prayer book John McQuiston, bestselling author of Always We Begin Again, provides morning and evening devotions for two weeks, plus complete Morning and Evening Prayer services, along with a Service of Commemoration for Our Union. All use a language for and about God that reflects contemporary understandings of God and God's actions in the universe. This pocket-sized devotional is an excellent resource for individuals and congregations who are seeking to worship in a language that acknowledges today's realities and theology. "I have faith that the whole of reality is God relating to God, That we are to God as a wave is to the sea. God is the thinker and the thought, The force of gravity, The wind on the waters, The process of change, The air we breathe, The water we drink, The bread we eat. God is the nameless origin of names, Acting in all that is, Evolving and unchanging, Uncreated, ultimate, unfathomable, From whom all things proceed, Of which all things are, To which all things return." --From A Prayer Book for the 21st Century

Title:A Prayer Book for the 21st Century
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:March 1, 2004
Publisher:Church Publishing Incorporated
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780819225771

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